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KaroglanSignEditor by Tollainmear

Make sign edition esaier!

KaroglandSignEditor by Tollainmear

A plugin to edit the sign



Kasslim's mazes by Kasslim

This mod generates good mazes.

KatLib by Katrix




Kathairis by Krevik

Kathairis is a whole new dimension with a rich back-story, many new mobs, and so much more!

Kawo LMM Extension by dhs_lo_jd


This mod added a lot of new weapons!

Kbz's Bundle Pack by Kbz

The Bundle Mod for Hypixel.

Kd's Food Mod by kd8lvt

A mod that adds nothing but food. Because why not?

Kd8lvt's Stone and Wooden Armor by kd8lvt

It adds what it says on the tin, nothing more, nothing less.

Kebab Mod by Hydroxios, Darkteam24

This mod add Kebab !!!

Keddy's Mod by keddy_cn

addon something interesting~


KeeganCraft Mod

Keep Hunger by Terrails

It saves your hunger when you respawn

Keep Inventory by TheAwesomeOne36, Calenria, Rediomand

Keep your inventory!

Keep Items On Death

Turns on keepInventroy gamerule

Keep My Keys by IamBlueSlime

A mod who permits to load a Minecraft configuration file to import your keys mappings.

KeepInventorySponge by runescapejon

Let players keep their Inventory if they have permission - Spongepowered

KeepTiled by eyeq


Keeper Core Library by KeeperofMee

A library containing essential classes/reflection for some of my mods.

Keeping Inventory

When you die your inventory will be kept.


This is an example mod

Kelpie by Darkhax

A the kelpie from scottish lore to mc!


Bouboule Simulator 3 Mod

Kenshiro Mod

Unleash your Manpower in dangerous bursts. Made of fists.

Kerberos's MOD Core by Kerberos

This MOD is Kerberos's MODs core module., This MOD does not add a Block!

Kerency Space System by §aMarco - Nick: TheBlasterEnd

Tengo a precisare che questa è la mia prima mod(addons) e quindi non sarà perfetta, ed ho deciso di dedicarla ai Kerency per il loro duro lavoro su YouTube. Spero che l'addons vi piaccia!!

KernCraft by R3DKn16h7

A simple Chemistry mod.


This mod adds cool 3d Weapons in to minecraft


Ore Plants!

Kether by Krevik

Mod that adds a whole new world.

KewaiiLib by KewaiiGamer

A library mod for most KewaiiGamer's mods.

Key Bindings Overhaul by Elix_x

Overhaul minecraft key bindings system...

Key Combinations by AustereTony

Key combinations from newest versoins for MC 1.7.10.

Key to TP by circularmoonray

Press key to TP like a compass


Lock up everythin'

KeyBindings Mod by Kihron, cowslayer7890

Adds many features to make your life easier on the Hypixel Network.

KeyCraft Rewrite Ver. by Kanbe Kotori, xfgryujk, SalimTerryLi

A Minecraft mod especially made for V.A.Key lovers.

KeyMod by Reximian9k

A creative addon to your gui

Keybind Fix by dewgs

Just makes it so you can toggle on and off inventories yet keep holding a key bind down.

Keybinder by kapiteon

Allows you to bind commands on keys.

Keyblades by eyeq


Keyboard Wizard by MrNerdy42

A simple that makes finding and fixing key bind conflicts a lot easier

KeyboardMaster by SkyStardust



Make the Ultimite Sword!

KeystrokesMod by Fyu

Displays your keystrokes on screen.

KeystrokesModPlus by Fyu, spiderfrog

Shows your keystrokes ingame. | Updated and modified by spiderfrog


YOLO! Ich, die _Keksmaschine KIBO habe ein ULTRAGEILEN mod erstellt!


Kiboverse KatanaZ mod - KATANAS, BLAUBEEREN = AWESOME!!!!

Kill Effect Mod by crazysnailboy

Spawns iconcrack particles when a player is killed by another player

Killer Minecarts by Enosphorous

Making minecarts dangerous for about a week!

Killer Pacman mod by FiskFille

Killer table by Alexiy

A reimplementation of Peaceful table


HE will find you HAHAHA

KillerHUD by Mixac1


Adds a killfeed to Minecraft.

Kiln by archiebaldry

When furnaces just don't cut it.


Give me an ohhhyah

Kind of Magic by MrRiegel

Kind of magic.

Kindred Legacy by SpikybumJolteon

KinetiCraft by Mengy007

Adds a kinetic way of generating and storing small amounts of RF for early game.

KinetiCraft2 by mengy007

Adds a kinetic way of generating and storing RF power.

Kineticraft by Cakestory

Ol´fashioned Energy Systems

King Hogarth's Armor Mod by NB_urton

The First of King Hogarth's mods. This adds some new ores and tiered Tools, Weapons, and Armor.


This is a Currency mod made by me for fans of my Mods


This is an example mod

Kingdom Hearts Re:Crafted by TheTrueRoxa1/TheTrueRoxas/sorasheartless

A KH mod.

Kingdom keys by Wehavecookies56

Adds keyblades from the game series Kingdom Hearts with 3D models