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New Fixed?

StoneCrack by XBagon

Get ores by mining stone!

StoneShooter by f04041


StoneStuff by FireCubex

This mod adds two stone armors and some new stone recipes.

Stonehenge by Mylimo

A Minecraft Mod that adds miraculous things!

Stoneless Mod by darkracers

Make a stoneless survival map

Stones & Bricks by KreatorB, MCreator

Stones & Bricks - The Missing Vanilla Blocks


This mod addons Granite, Andesite and Diorite.


Stone to Cobble

Storage Boats Mod by MrTutankhamun

This mod adds boats with chests for storage!

Storage Cabinet by AshIndigo

Adds a storage cabinet for all of those enchanted books or partially damaged tools you have!

Storage Drawers

Multi-drawer storage blocks for quick storage and retrieval.

Storage Drawers Extras by jaquadro

Additional drawers from third party materials.

Storage Drawers Unlimited by Raptor__

More Storage Drawers variants!

Storage Drawers: Biomes O' Plenty Pack by jaquadro

Adds additional wood styles from the Biomes O' Plenty mod.

Storage Drawers: Erebus Pack by jaquadro

Adds additional wood styles from the Erebus mod.

Storage Drawers: Forestry Pack by jaquadro

Adds additional wood styles from the Forestry mod.

Storage Drawers: Misc Pack by jaquadro

Adds additional wood styles from various mods including ExtraBiomesXL, Highlands, Thaumcraft, and Witchery.

Storage Drawers: Natura Pack by jaquadro

Adds additional wood styles from the Natura mod.

Storage Network by MrRiegel

Connect your inventories and manage your items easily.

StorageCraft by xandayn

A mod for storing items and liquids more efficiently

StoreableLevel by f04041


StoreableLevelEasy by f04041



This is an example mod


Do you know the game called Minecraft Story Mode? Good, because now it comes to minecraft as a mod! This mod adds the main characters like: Jessie, Axel, Petra, Lukas, Olivia, Gabriel, Ellegard, Magnus, Soren and Ivor. It also adds some items and blocks like Formidi-Bomb, the weird Commandblock or Enderman suit. More comming soon :)

Storyoflife by veesus mikel here, Anomalocaris101, DinosawrBirb

Story of Life mod

Strait by gibraltar

Frames Made Flatter



Strange by Crueltyinc (Tim M)

What is this strange thing?

Strange Craft by MrOlegTitov, MCreator


Strange Zombies Mod by bigboypadilla9, MCreator


StrangePickaxe by eyeq



This mod adds five bedrock tools.


StyleGame's SVP Mod


This is an example mod

Strata by blueyu2

Adds layers of stone, called strata, into the world.


First Person Real Time Tactics for Minecraft, adapted from the RTT game Kernel Panic. See for instructions!

Straw Golem by NivOridocs

A mod that add a straw golem, it's a farmer.

Streak by iChun

Streak mod, a clientside trail-rendering effect for players.

Streamy by OCDiary, Bright_Spark, UpcraftLP

Are you a modpack maker? Do you also stream on Do you wish more people could find your channel easily if they enjoy your modpack? If you answered yes to the above questions do not worry... WE HAVE THE ANSWER!!!

Stredge Universe:The end of all things. Endless stars by

Stredge Universe:The end of all things. Endless stars.

Strength Alert by AHK1221

Shows a tag above a player if he has strength, after killing a player.

StriMod by Striladen by Striladen

Un petit mod




New boots, basically :D


Strife with weapons from Homestuck!


This is an example mod

Strike A Chord by MrSourceCoded

Want more sound in Minecraft? Want to show off your wonderful music skills to the whole server? Well, now you can!


This is an example mod

Stringy Shears by NaNa_BathMan

Hold a shear in your main and subhand to receive string from wool.


Strowberry mod

Struct Pro by Ternsip

This mod spawns schematics in the world according to schematic plan. It also can generate structure clusters.

StructPro by Ternsip

World structure generation

Structural Relocation by bright_spark

A mod to teleport blocks, or areas of blocks to a new location.

Structure Generation API Demo Mod by coolAlias

A mod demonstrating the capabilities of coolAlias' Structure Generation API.

StructureTweaks by A.K.

Tweak Cave, Ravine and Structures.

Structured Crafting by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Craft stuff in your world, automatically.


This is an example mod

Stubborn Pipes by Chocohead

Adds FU carrying BuildCraft pipes

Stuff ++ by Dude_808

Adds Stuff.

Stuff A Sock In It by Darkhax

Stops logs from being annoying

Stuff For MC by Pythonschlange

This mod adds items to Minecraft...SURPRISE

Stuff Plus by Thaun_

Added alot of Stuff stuff!

Stuff We Wanted in Minecraft by Zeus_TGV

An assortment of things we, well, wanted to have in Minecraft.

Stuff Worth Throwing (Renkin42's Base Mod)

Adds 20 new items, 16 of which can be thrown for damage, status effects, and general pleasure. Also includes 2 new blocks and 3 new mobs

Stuffed Animals by lKinx

Enjoy your fluffy friends!

Stupid Things by Furgl

Adds a bunch of random, stupid items. Enjoy!

Stupid fourth wall by StarTheWolfMom, MCreator


Stygian End by SuperFluke

End Biome Expansion

Style by Zeus, Mellon

DoggyStyle, KittyStyle, BirdyStyle, etc.