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WaterPower by huanghongxun

It adds many watermills, turbines, water-power machines and many materials.

Waterfree Farming by RaphiiWarren

Plant crops without the need of watering the farm.

Watering Can Mod by Dirichlet, RWTema

Simple Extra Utilities watering can

Watering Cans by Wes Cook

Wonderful watering cans! Adds 4 watering cans to help farm crops, or quickly put out fires.

Watersink by Tictim

Nice shit for you

Waterworks by Terpo

Waterworks adds serveral water collecting mechanics and other gadgets.


A mod for adding waypoints and navigation to Minecraft.

Waypoint Compass by Shadowfacts

Compass with a changeable position.


Adds a waypoint system that lets instantly cross large distances around the world.

Waystones by BlayTheNinth

Teleport back to activated waystones. For Survival, Adventure or Servers.

WeHateMrCrayfish by Dr_Schnauzer

Removes a few of the many OP Item recipes (currently: Soap, Printer, Computer, cooling Pack)

WeLoveBat by minaduki

We Love Bat!!!!!

Weak Drop Tweaks by Ironically

A slight rebalance to as many drops as possible :)

Weak Drop Tweaks by Ironically

Tweaks the Weaker Drops.

Wealth of Underground by Tristrian

Add new ores and alloys with new tools !

WealthyturtleLib by Wealthyturtle

A Mod that is Required by Many of Wealthyturtle's Mods


This is an example mod

Weapon Levels by kenijey

An enhanced, unique leveling system.

WeaponCaseLoot by Iskall85, Winter_Grave

Weapon Cases!

WeaponMod+ by general3214

A Balkon's WeaponMod add-on


This mod adds a mob for weapon testing


Upgrades for weapons and tools.


Dieser Mod fügt ein Waffen Upgrade System ins Spiel ein ,welches ihnen erlaubt die Schwerter bis hin zu Level 5 abzugraden


More weapons for Terrafirmacraft.

Weapons+ Mod

A Minecraft Forge Mod That Adds An Extensive Amount Of New Weapons To The Game.


Weapons 'n Drills


Weapons Mod 2 a New Awesome Weapons mod!


This is an example mod

WearMC by cjz__

A hat? A backpack? A whole spacesuit? Customise your Minecraft character with anything you can imagine using WearMC! Create an account on the website in seconds, then choose as many customisations as you want from the gallery, or create your own!

Wearable Backpacks

Minecraft mod which adds beautiful, balanced backpacks

Wearable Blocks by ExampleDude

Do you want to wear dispenser? Now you can!

Wearables by gegy1000, TheJurassicAlien

Entry to the ModOff modding competition that adds customizable wearables.


It adds stuff

Weather Carpets

Control extreme weather from your fingertips... or your feet! (ModJam 3 Submission)

Weather God by RadekWeather, MCreator

Mod adds the weather god.

Weather and Tornadoes

Wind! Leaves! WAVES! More intense storms! Tornadoes!


A mod that just adds a block to stop rain

WeatherConfig by Dries007

Config the weather. It's that simple really.


Changé le temp sans triché!


Changed language to English.


This mod in the current version adds one item that allows the user to change the weather and time to their liking.

Web Displays by BuildLight (Montoyo)

A Web Browser block in Minecraft; and more...

Web-API by Valandur

Access Minecraft through a Web API

Web-API API by Valandur

API interface for the WebAPI

WebDisplays by montoyo

Web Screens! Yayyy!!

WebShooter by Joseph C. Sible

Makes spider attacks cause their target to get covered in a cobweb


Copyright © 2016 Weeb Network - All Rights Reserved


Copyright © 2016 Weeb Network - All Rights Reserved

Weeping Angels by sky01

Remake of Weeping Angels by TheTemportalist.

Weighted Inventories by

Re-Write of Weighted Inventories 1.3.2

Weird Mobs Mod by Coder: Jonathan , Modeler / Texturer: Alve

This mod adds tons of weird mobs to your game

Weird Mod by TheSparkMods, TheSparkGames

A Weird Mod That Was Made For No reason At All.

Weis Mod by mrRaduga

Weis Mod

WeissCore by Weissmoon

Base Mod for my other mods.

Welcome to the Jungle by Salvestrom

An update mod for jungles


Alpha Build

Werther's OriginalMOD by CatastropheNagaoka

You can make Werther's Original.

Wes Tutorial by Wes

A Basic Mod

Wesserboy's Overlays by Wesserboy

Adds some helpful overlays to the game.

WetSuit by Schr0

Schr0`s MOD

Wetstone by legobmw99

A mod that adds some blocks which can turn lava into obsidian and act as farmland.


A mod that adds whales and more!


Dans un sombre future il n y a que la guerre

What Is Its EMC? by Lomeli12

Shows you the EMC of a block and if you can learn it.

What The Ore! by TBiscuit1, MCreator

A mod with a lot of WTF ore ^^

What does the spider think? by montaigne128

Spiders have thoughts

What's That Slot by gegy1000

What's That Slot (WTS) allows you to check what items can be put into hovered slot with a single press of a key!

Whazaaaaa's Mod by Whazaaaaa

Whazaaaaa's First Mod.