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ZenStages by artdude543

Advanced CraftTweaker Classes to allow making Staged Modpacks that much easier.

Zencessories by SkySom


Utility set by Zeno410


Enter short description here

Zenotek by Zeno

From Stone Age to Redstone Utopia, In Style

Zero CORE by ZeroNoRyouki

Zero Mod by subzer0mc, minegames121

Zeronium doesn't combine with coffee...

Zero Quest by QueenViper21, NViper21

More Mobs, Blocks, Items and Dimensions!

ZeroPoint's Teacher Appreciation Week Gift by Zero Point

Made during Teacher Appreciation week - in school, no less!


This is an expansion for Zethy's MS that adds sources of coal

Zeuscraft by jwdjwd, fisherman77

Greek mythology in Minecraft.

Zev's Additions by Zev613

Zev's Additions to Minecraft, vanilla-style.

Zevac's Coordinates by Zevac

Where am I?

Zevac's SurvivalFlight by Zevac

Do you want to fly in Survival mode too?

Zevac's ToolSaver by Zevac

No more broken tools!


Super Picareta

Zildium by Zilkoniss

This mod add technology, new biome, new dimensions, ...

ZipChat by PaperMage

Chat compression mod.

Zipline by GotoLink

Zoestra // Valoeghese's Basic Expansions by Valoeghese

A bunch of basic additions, especially in the field of biomes

Zoids Minecraft Mod by Tyrannos23, Ashten_Pyrono

Extremely Early Version of the Mod, Still a Work In Progress.

Zollern Extras by ZollernWolf

An extras mod that changes the world and adds new things to it.

Zombie Apocalypse by pdogmuncher

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

Zombie Awareness by Corosus

Smarter more aware zombies (and skeletons), they track you down via blood scent, sound, and light source awareness, config lets you pick and choose what features to have.

Zombie Brains

Tame and train hostile mobs

Zombie Infection by Six-One-Three, Zalthrion

The infection has started

Zombie Leather by Murder_is_Tasty

Add's the ability to smelt Rotten Flesh into Leather!

Zombie Players by Corosus

Spawns a Zombified Player when a player dies

Zombie Steak by Jagm

Adds some early game food items, and more things to do with all your useless rotten flesh.

Zombie Sunscreen by lasa

The mod that makes zombies and skeletons immune to sun


Adds more zombies!


Mod adds colored zombies.


This mod adds the power of a zombie in a helmet

ZombieRain by shadowfacts

Raining zombies!

Zombies Mod by Reflxction

A Hypixel mod specifically designed for Zombies.


This a more dump zombie bet better drops.


This is an example mod


Adds more zombies to minecraft

Zoo and Wild Animals Mod: Rebuilt by George Kazanjian (SoggyMustache)

Animal Mod


A mod which brings Zoo in minecraft.

Zoom by tonius11

Adds binoculars to Minecraft

ZoomIt by OndraSter

Simple Forge-compatible zoom mod.


Zoom like optifine.

Zoooooom by Vanhal

Mod that provides item, fluid and rf transport

Zora no Densha by ZnDevelopment

Zora no Densha adds tracks, trains, and lovely track-related decoration to Minecraft. This mod comes with a default Track Pack.

Ztech by Zuxelus

Collection of Outdated IC2 Addons

Ztones by riciJak


Ztones Reloaded by AarronMC

A Decrative Minecraft mod.

ZwangCraft Mod

The ZwangCraft Mod

Zyczu Unown Balls by zyczu

PokeBalle do kasyna

Zyczu Unown Balls by zyczu

PokeBalle do kasyna

Zyin's HUD

Adds various utilities and enhancements to make your life easier. Designed with the advanced Minecrafter in mind

[1.11.2] Potatorium 1.0.1 by _chuchu_, MCreator

A mods for potato and fries lovers.

[1.6.4] Aluminosity (v1.1.0) by Kart_Racer63

Adds various realistic metals and minerals as well as adding crafting/smelting recipes.

[C] SkyZzz Help special mod, which make players life more easy for play.

[Christmas mod KK] by KingstoneKingdome

Merry Christmas to everyone! ;) -KK

[Fizzy drinks mod] by KingstoneKingdome

Make your own fizzy drinks and teas!

[G+] Misc Items by [G+]

A mod by [G+] with random ores and items.

[Genuine] BattleText by GenuineSounds

[Genuine] BattleText displays damage and healing as floating combat text.

[Genuine] Screen Size by GenuineSounds

[Genuine] Screen Size is a client mod that allows you to change the game size both windowed and fullscreen.

[Genuine] World Tooltips by GenuineSounds

[Genuine] World Tooltips is a client mod that adds in-world tooltips over items on the ground... So you can see what you're picking up.

[Ice cream mod] by KingstoneKingdome

Tasty Ice cream!

[Mystic Mushrooms mod] by KingstoneKingdome

Explore a new unique world named 'Mushroom Galaxy'!

[SBM] Merpig by Darkguardsman

Ridable sea creature

[SBM] Snow Power by DarkGuardsMan, Hennamann

Using thermal delta to produce power from snow and lava

[SL] PokeItems by Squareland Development Team

Simply Pokemon Items.