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mod_CatCraft by Jake Stringer, MCreator

Added the Yarn Gun!!

mod_ChainsawMod by EpicPieSlap, MCreator


mod_ChocolateMod by EvilDarkSword123

Added More Stuff

mod_ChocolatesMod by DoMin0o your website:, MCreator

This is small plugin. Created by DoMin0o.

mod_Clothing by Oblisgr, MCreator

Clothing items

mod_CoalApple by , MCreator

mod_CobblestoneArmor by cocut, MCreator

My first mod

mod_Coin by Snackro, MCreator


mod_Companion_Cube by Killian Wilson, MCreator

mod_Compressedmod by Franc40, MCreator

This mod will allow you to reduce the need for space.

mod_ConcreteStone by xXjackathyxX, MCreator

Adds concrete to Minecraft

mod_CraftBack by Esteban Perez

read the forum

mod_CraftableBedrockMod by 99EXTRASTUFF, MCreator

This Mod let you craft bedrock and do all the fun thing with it :)

mod_CraftableChainmail by smashinbedrock, MCreator

adds craftable chainmail to minecraft

mod_CraftableFeather by MegaCorentin69, MCreator

You can now craft a feather ! Enjoy

mod_CraftableGrassMod by 4DaDiamonds, MCreator

Craft grass!

mod_CraftableObsidian by Shane_jen, MCreator

You can craft obsidian :D

mod_CraftableSpawnEggs by Wyatt Wheeler, MCreator

mod_Craftblechiseledtonebrickmod by Leoncino5, MCreator

mod_CraftdemPearls by CreeperSuicide, MCreator

Craft some endy pearls

mod_CrafttheUncraftable by Mrcafecito1212, MCreator

Craft things that don't have a crafting recipe by default!

mod_CrazyCraft by SONIC_CRAFTX, Forever Alone

Thx To Download Crazy Craft :D Enjoy

mod_CreativeModPart2 by SuperCoolRobots, MCreator

More recipes. OP!

mod_Creativemod by SuperCoolRobots, MCreator

Mod with recipes for mobs' drops.

mod_CreeperWorld by Hexagon, MCreator

I just want one big BOOM!

mod_CrystalToolsMod by Bloomy, MCreator

New ore, new tools.

mod_CrystalWing by DaftPVF, bspkrs

Crafted using 3 gold ingots, 2 feathers, and an ender pearl, this magical wing will transport you home!

mod_D by d, MCreator


mod_DIMplus by 6aholiday server Owner, MCreator

improved DIM

mod_DUELMONSTERS by TFGalvatron, MCreator



Rajoute des blocks, des items et des craft !

mod_Damage by GobBob

A new way to describe weakness...

mod_DarkCraft by InacSlayer, MCreator

mod_DarkMod by Slendeer_Games, MCreator


mod_DemonMod by EpicPieSlap, and WarHammer13, MCreator

Half of a mod i'm working on.

mod_DemonTools by Golokios, MCreator

Demon Tools 1.1 new Blocks

mod_DestroyerCraft by Thedestroyer600, MCreator

E' in prova

mod_DestructionMod by hotrodman106, MCreator

Allows you to destroy things and be a general Minecraft bada***

mod_DiamondApple by By AyMaN-ViRuS, MCreator

Diamond Apple V1.1-Forge-1.6.4

mod_DiamondBiome by terminator9756, MCreator

This is a basic mod I made with MCreator before you critisize me for whatever reason it is a really buggy program and there is no coding which means it's harder to make things cool.

mod_DiamondDimensionMod by martino2003

This mod add the Diamond Dimension

mod_DirectionHUD by bspkrs

Provides a HUD with your magnetic compass heading.

mod_DirtCraftsDiamondsMod by StanLeonard, MCreator

Why go down those caves just to not find diamonds? And when you do find it, You have to smelt it, and first you have to risk your life near lava and climb up and things. Well turn that useless brown dirt into usefull diamond gems!