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PvPEssentials by StarZorrow, blowsy, dewgs, 2Pi, Fyu, Powns, OrangeMarshell, Sk1er, OFP, prplz, spiderfrog, Yario, Extazz, canelex

Includes essential forge mods for Minecraft PvP!

PvPTime by Guichaguri

Lets you choose what in-game hours you want PvP enabled. Perhaps you want to give the players yet another reason to keep indoors during the night?

PwnFilter Sponge Plugin

A Regular Expression (REGEX) Chat Filter For Sponge with many great features

PyCraft by kapiteon

Allows you to use python in console(example: / print 'Hello, world!').


This mod add Pylo Si Stone


This mod add Pylo Si Stone

PymTech by Lucraft

Go subatomic using Pym Technologies

Pyramid Plunder by Laton95

A treasure mod inspired by the Runescape minigame Pyramid Plunder.

Pyroclasm by Grondag (aka Zaerudath)

Volcanos, lava, fiery ruination. You didn't like that base anyway...

PythonTool Mod by Alvaro Perez, Hans Fangohr

Interactively alter your Minecraft world in real time, using Python!

Pyxis Lib by ProspectPyxis

Yet another library mod for me to have an easier time managing my mods.

Q Silk Spawners by quaternary

Break spawners with Silk Touch


Provides a variety of colorable backpacks for convenient portable storage and sorting.


Linkseyi's ModMaker


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Qoins by quenti77

Money of hypixel

QuackLib by the_real_farfetchd

Utilities to make a modder's tasks easier.

Quality Of Life by _Bloop

Simple quality of life changes.

Quality Order by Ruukas/Zjaelden

Takes creative tabs to new heights! This version was backporter from 1.10.2 so some features might be missing-

Quality Tools by Tmtravlr

Gives tools, weapons, and armor a randomized 'quality', much like tools in Terraria.

Quantimate by ZeraKanzen7/Saiber Rida, MCreator

Quantimate mod

Quantom Zone by Stereowalker

Finally, Variety in Minecraft. Just Try Not To Get Infected or Eaten. Beware of THE Beast

Quantum Anomalies by SourceCoded

Quantum Coins by Mint

Extremely customizable physical currency mod. Aimed more at server economies then SP use.

Quantum Generators by Prototype

Infinite energy source for IC2

Quantum Lights by DarkMorford

A large-scale light source.

Quantum Stars by Rouhol

QuantumFlux by Jotato

Wireless Redstone Flux

Quark by Vazkii, wiiv

Small things.

Quarry Craft by bor295

a mod initially made to provid some purple and gold decorationblocks grown out to be a quarrymod. weird huh?


QuarryPlus is an add-on for Buildcraft that adds Advanced Quarries and various other items

Quartz 'n' Steel Mod by redstoneCircutor, baddaspig

A simple mod that adds a few more quartz-related items! - Original Version

Quartz Plus

Adds quartz ore to the overworld which is useful for when you don't have access to the Nether, and adds quartz tools and smoky and rose quartz variants.

QuartzDustConvAE2 by hex



This mod adds in quartz armor and tools!

Quartzium by coderbot16

Revival of the decoration blocks of XyCraft 1.4.7


Adds some new quartz blocks to Minecraft.


Quartztools est un mod qui rajoute des outils, armes et armures en quartz.

QuasarCraft by Nath99000

Utilize Quasars, the most energetic celestial body, in minecraft!

QuazarCraft by Qwiddle

This mod adds Quazar, a technologically advanced metal/crystal with magical properties. This ore can be used to make many decorative blocks and a multiblock 3x3x3 crafting table. Plants, World Gen, Armor, and Weapons have been added or will be soon. Machinery will come eventually.

Qubble by iLexiconn, gegy1000






This is an example mod

Quest by quequiere

Quest mod for pixelmonmod

Quest Mod by Rilai

Quest Mod Created by Rilai

QuestUtils by McJty

Quest Utilities

Questionably Immersive by Flaxbeard

A general-purpose addon for Immersive Engineering.