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Mesh Mobs by derek, MCreator

Adds a few extra Mobs

MeshMod by Meshinator, MCreator

Adds extra mobs and items

Mess Around by ManIkWeet

A mod made for messing around with stuff.

MetaChanger by GoblinBob

This mod was created for all the people who struggle with building using texture packs by the likes of Conquest. Features: - Use the Meta Cycler item, and cycle through hidden metadata of blocks to present alternative textures provided by a texture-pack of your choice. (LMB - backwards, RMB - forwards) - Use the Meta Cycler item, and cycle through all variations of an already placed painting. (LMB - backwards, RMB - forwards) - Use the Biome Cycler item, and cycle through biomes of a specified pillar of blocks to change their look according to the texture-pack of your choice. (LMB - backwards, RMB - forwards) - Use the Biome Setter item, assing a biome to the item from a list by holding Shift and pressing the Right Mouse Button, and set that biome to as many pillars of blocks you want! (RMB + Shift - select biome, RMB - set biome) - See what biome/metadata a block has by simply looking at it with according tools (listed above) in your hand.

MetaDump by megasys

Dumps block and biome information to JSON text files when Minecraft starts.

Metal Game Craft by NateJohnson

This mod adds alot of tools armor and other stuff to the game.

Metal Golems Addon by sky01

Add-on for Extra Golems to support metals from popular tech mods

Metal Magics by tjb12

Magic with metals!

Metal plate by Mairan, MCreator

Enter short description here

Metal++ by CodingCrusader

Adds a bunch of new metals to discover in your Minecraft world.


The Metalite mod adds specials things to your game such as metalite ore.


This mod is called Metalium. It adds a new ore to the world and stuff. Donat support: WMZ147623581516 WMU122200313636

Metallic Crops by knoxhack

Metallic Crops

Metallitech by Lemon_Juiced

A Mod About Metals And Machines

Metallurgy 3 by Shadowclaimer, Rebelkeithy, Freyja, Glassmaker

The Metallurgy metals

Metallurgy 4 by Team Metallurgy


Metallurgy 4: Reforged by ItHurtsLikeHell, Davoleo

The Unofficial Port of Metallurgy 4

Metallurgy Bees by ElConquistador, lclc98, Shadowclaimer

Metallurgy Addon for Forestry to add bees

Metallurgy Chisel by Team Metallurgy

Metallurgy Chisel integration

Metallurgy Classic Machines by Team Metallurgy

Metallurgy Classic Machines, also known as the Tier machines from Metallurgy 3

Metallurgy Core by Team Metallurgy

Metallurgy Core

Metalworks by canitzp, Gamer025

Metamorph by mchorse

Morphing/shape-shifting mod for newer minecraft versions


This is an example mod


Minecraft Metin2 Modu

Metroid Cubed 3 by FirEmerald

Metroid!!! In MineCraft!!!

Mexican Mod by MxModTeam

Armaduras, Estructuras,Entidades, Herraminetas, Bebidas y Comida.



MeziCraft 1.12.2 V4 by DinoGames0039, MCreator

Dinosaurs AND prehistoric creatures!

Mianite Mod by LRA10

Adds weapons and more from the Realm of Mianite. Based on a series by CaptainSparklez, iiJerichoii and Syndicate.

Michael18751's Engender Mod Companion by Michael18751, MCreator

Adds new content for the engender mod! (witherstorm tentacle textures by xwan)

Michael18751's More Wool Mod by Michael18751, MCreator

Adds more wool to Minecraft!

Michel Forever by Alex, MCreator

Micro's Mod by microhacker

Micro's Mod adds in a lot of random things into minecraft

MicroUkr by Yorri

Ukrainian Mod (national folk themes).

MidFagFood by Bioxx, Dunkleosteus, Kittychanley

Survival Mode as it should have been.

Midas by Torquebolt

Turn trees to gold.

Middle-Earth Extras by Sangarin

Extra content for Middle-Earth


debut du seigneur des anneaux

MidiOut by icret

Midnight by Martacus, Gegy, cipherzerox, Endergized, Lachney

A spooky biome

MiestrokesMod by Fyu , Edit Mie

Shows your keystrokes ingame.

MightyEnderChicken by iChun


MightyLoot by Arckenver

A treasurehunt-like sponge plugin.

Mike Addon by mike_ultimate2

its an addon for kagic mod.

Mike Dongles by MrAmericanMike

Mike Dongles mod.

Mike's Mods Lib by pkmnfrk

A base dependency for all of Mike's Mods.


This mod is going to add tons of new items that are going to help you in the gameplay. This mod adds 3 new dimensions, 3 new mobs, lots of new wepons and armor!


This is an example mod


This mod adds milanesas! milanesas are a food from south america made out of breaded meat

Military Equipment by javidg96

Adds military equipment to Minecraft. This was originally created as a complementary mod for the Heuristix Gun Mod.


Plane Axe, MRE, Military Knife

MilkFix by Peffern

This mod makes the TechNode milk bottle work correctly.


This is an example mod


This mod adds a recipe for milk

Milksnake by Pyrofab, RiverLeviathan

A wrapper for LadyLib and ModWinder, featuring a fancy menu retexture.