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Multiplayer Profiles

Organize your servers by group, and have the profiles update automatically.

Multiple Camera by Nokiyen

Multiple Camera adds a camera block.

Multiple Lights by JOB

Adds more lights to the game.

Multiply Mod by Alex Socha (Player in Distress)

The Multiply Mod. Multiply your items!

Multishot by masa

Automatic screenshots and motion for timelapses or other stuff

recording timelapse opensource

Multislab by Kerberos


Multithreaded Noise by Blargerist

A mod for multithreading some of the noise used to generate the overworld

Multiverse Pouch by qwebnm6

Add a pouch sharing items between the world.

MultiverseChest by qwebnm

MumbleLink for Forge

A client-side Mod so that Minecraft now natively supports Mumble's positional audio feature. This means: Directional and positionally attenuated VOIP in relation to the game world. This is the forge based version. Uses JNA (

Mumbo's Redstone Additions by supercat765, MumboJumbo

A mod of Mumbo's redstone aditions. As well as any others I find/choose to make/think of miself

MumboTweakoni by StrikerRocker,KaptainWutax

A mod made for ModJam inspired by MumboJumbo video.



Mundane Redstone by svennieke, Mrbysco

Replacing Vanilla Redstone ore with non-shiny redstone since 2017


a new dimention, slimy stuff, and not a whole lot more

Murdered By Zombies by Imel

Zombie Fun With Guns


The Murm mod, bringing Wurm Online to Minecraft

Mushroom Adventure by Voidaloz, MCreator

Ready for Mushroom World!!

Mushrooms Mod by MushroomManToad

Magic from the Practical

Music by gdenga

music mod

Music Choices by Tmtravlr

Lets you change the music that plays in different dimensions and biomes, including modded ones. Also lets you play music in the menu. Put the music files in a folder 'MusicChoices' in the config file, in the folder with the number corresponding to the dimension ID (for example, the folder '-1' for the Nether), the 'Menu' folder for menu music, or the folder in one of the 'Biomes' or 'Biome Types' folders with the name of the biome / biome type you want them to play in.

Music Fix

Fixes the music overlap in 1.7.2, specifically with background music and records.

Music Layer by APengu

A mod that adds an easy layer of music that can be manipulated/chosen by multiple mods.

Music mcMML

Instruments & MIDI mod.


This is an example mod

MusicCraft by Ktos94852

'Note Blocks? Haha, very funny. I've got real instruments!'

MusicPlayer Mod by Created by AbstractNull

Play Musics(.wav file).

MusicReader by TheMarkuz

Music Reader

MusicSetting by Giccqer

Control client background music,if you need more information,double click the .jar file.

Musical Energy by Trentv4

ModJam 2018 entry. Cast spells using music by playing various instruments and notes!

Muskmelon mod by ibalaki

It's a Maskmelon. ...isn't it?

Muslim by Hasan, MCreator


Mutant Chickens Mod by ZombieEnderman5

Addon for Animals' Revenge Mod, adds more types of chickens, as the name suggests.

Mutant Creatures by thehippomaster21

A mod that adds a few mutant mini-bosses of the original Minecraft mobs.



Mute by bl4ckscor3

Adds a keybinding to mute/unmute the game without needing to open the menu.

Mution Mod by CJ Burkey

This mod adds needed crafting recipes for modpacks.

My Creative Tools by Remain_Indoors

A Random Mod for safer Creative mode building.

My Own Music by pir2

Use your own playlist accordin to current minecraft ambiance

My Pet Sushi by Robert

Tame, name and interact with your favorite Living Sushi! Also Craft Sushi to learn more Sushi Skills. Much thanks to Victoria and Melanie for their support and helpful suggestions and for putting up with my neurosis. Check out victoria's YouTube at


HALO dreams


adds superpowers to minecraft


Allow you set your home

MyM-WorldDownloader by Knoxz, Idlehumor, Slind

MyMNetherOreAdd by Knoxz

Adding own Ores to WorldGeneration


This is an example mod

MyNamesEly's Random Items Mod by MyNamesEly

This mod adds a bunch of random and funny items to play around with.


This is a mod used for permission stuff!

MyPermissions by Legobear154, AfterWind, Dariusc93

Universial Permission System.


This is an beta mod

MyTown by AlphAest, Legobear154

Adds the possibility to create towns in Minecraft server that protect the players and the player builds.

MyTown 2 by Alpha, Legobear154, AfterWind

Create towns, protect your stuff! Continuation of the original MyTown by Alpha!


Your world, your way.

Mybukkit Commands

Server Commands für unseren ModServer


Adds Many Different Types Of Cannon To The Game And Structures Too

Mynko Collectibles by DarKnighT_0_9

Collectible Minecrafter Figures from blind boxes!

Myst Highlights by Mysteryem

Mod for displaying and modifying vanilla block and entity highlights


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

MystTech by TechDweebGaming

TechDweebGaming's first attempt at a FML mod!


This is an example mod

Mystcraft by XCompWiz

Mystcraft brings elements from the Myst series of games and books to Minecraft, as well as allowing players to actually write and travel to their own Ages.

dimensions teleport

Mystcraft BoP Disabler by TheFloydman

Automatically disables BoP Biomes in Mystcraft Dimensions.

Mystcraft Exacting Research by theorbtwo

This mod attempts to add two things to your mystcraft experince: symbols to let you more exactly specify the attributes of your age, and devices to allow you to get symbols via careful research, rather then by luck