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This is an ewwwxample mod


This is an example mod


This is an example mod




Die benötigte Mod für Obliviscate Folge 1-25

ModPack Basic Tools by GenDeathrow

Adds Change logs, info, and bug reporting tab.




This is an example mod

ModTweaker by joshie

ModTweaker is an addon for MineTweaker, providing additional support for various different mods.

ModUtilsLib by gottsch

Base API for all my mods.


This is an example mod


Adds stuff for a fun survival


este mod lleva un mineral nuevo con el cula puedes hacer espadas palas picos ETC asta armadura y lleva un extra el cual es un hot dog y ademas todos los items y armaduras estan muy potentes

Modding Test by WesternFreak

WesternFreak's modding test mod

Model Citizens by FyberOptic

Allows placement of posable character models containing items.

Model Colle by Epix Zhang, Miguo

Collection of Models

Model RailWay Mod by mrminecraft3333, Darthrafael, vincentmet.

This mod adds model railways to minecraft! Allowing you to build a fully functional railway, right in your back yard!

Model RailWay Mod by mrminecraft3333, Darthrafael.

This mod, adds model railways to minecraft! Allowing you to build a fully functional railway, right in your back yard!.

Model Railroads by vincentmet, MrMC, DarthRafael

This mod adds a whole range of track pieces, locomotives and rolling stock. You can build you own layout, and run trains, in your attic, without taking up too much space!.

Model Trains by Zenith08

Adds model trains to minecraft

ModelLoader by cout970


3D Models

Modern Alchemy by Dyonovan, pauljoda, sotetsu, Dominance

Mid to End Game Item Replication Mod.

Modern Creator by noung

Nice cosmetic mod.

Modern Items Mod! by mr.lumpkins, MCreator

Cell Phones, French Fries and more!

Modern Lights by Acness

Modern lights for your modern buildings.

Modern Materials by sweethart, MCreator

Made with love. <3

Modern Metal Golems Addon by sky01

Make golems using Modern Metal blocks!

Modern Metals by cyb3rkat

Modern Metals Addon

Modern Nature by matty, MCreator

Enter short description here

Modern Tech by MrSalimoc

Modern Tech is a minecraft tech mod, with some multi-block structure and other many things.


Adds a new ore and some cool stuff to craft with it! Also adds a new mob. Still in development :D

ModernConverter by CsokiCraft

Adds a block which can convert to and from energy systems.


This mod adds roads.


This mod adds roads.

ModernCraft|Core by CsokiCraft

Provides the vital inner-workings of ModernMods.


Power lines in Minecraft


Traffic signals, signs, and roads!


Traffic signals in Minecraft


This is an example mod


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

ModifierItemName by A.K.

Rename Enchanted Item

ModifyWorld2 by AlphAest

Uses PermissionsEx nodes to block certain actions

Modinstaller Mod by ItsAMysterious

This is the automaticly installed MC-Modinstaller Support Mod.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Modpack Info by OreCruncher

Provides modpack info via log files and in-game commands

Modpack Version Checker by Silk

Checks whether the modpack version is the correct one when connecting to the server


This is an addon for my own modpack

ModpackHandler by Darkyoooooo

For all the modpack developer

ModpackInfo by jk-5

Shows some information about the modpack on the main menu

ModpackTweaks by ljfa, CoolSquid

A collection of specialized tweaks for our modpack


This is an example mod



Mods Sync by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Modular Armour

A Mod that makes a modular armour set, with upgrades

Modular Chest by Darkhax, Ghostrec35, Thisguy1045

Modjam 4 entry, more info soon

Modular Chests by vovapolu

Modular Chests!

Modular Diversity by BordListian

An addon for Modular Machinery

Modular Drills by nhave

Simple Mod about Modular Drills.

Modular Electro-Mechanical Enhancement Systems by Phanta

Electrically-augmented tooling!

Modular Flower Pots by jaquadro

Adds versitile larger flower pots.

Modular Force Field System by Calclavia

Modular Force Field System is a Minecraft mod that adds force fields, defensive systems and world shaping mechanics to Minecraft

Modular Furnace by pauljoda

Build your own furnace!

Modular Machinery by HellFirePvP, wiiv

A modpack-maker toolset to create custom, massive, unique and complex machines and recipes from scratch with JSON.

Modular Machines

Customize your machines

Modular Music! by MrPonyCaptain

Modular Music!

Modular Pipes by LatvianModder