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Eat your own cooked flesh and make leather out of it!


This Mod Allows You To Craft Leather.

Flex Mod by mrgwbland, MCreator

Improvements to Phil Swift

Flex Tape by MoriyaShiine

The ultimate repair kit!


Second Auth plugin for Sponge minecraft servers


Guns mod 1.2.2, adds guns; Auto Rifles, Rifles, and Pistols. It also adds traps like Stick Traps and Spikes!

Flight Boost by xalcon

Flight Patch by Lomeli12

Fixes mining while flying.

Flight Tweaks by Winter Grave

Adds extra support for flight.

FlightHelper by Giselbaer

Helps setting your pitch when Elytra gliding/using fireworks




This is a My Little Pony mod


Use flint for many things!

FlintStone Tools

This Mod adds flintstone tools to Minecraft

Flintngun by Mega_LP4F

Leichteres bekommen von Flint, Gravel und Gunpowder

FlipTop by b0undarybreaker

Launch your enemies into the sky!

Floatable Rails by MG001Maya

Floating Island by tuyapin

Add the new world type "Floating Island" to your Minecraft."Floating Island" is generated floating island on Overworld.

FloatingRuins by DaftPVF, bspkrs

Floating islands taken from the ground with ruins on top.

worldgen ruins dungeons serverside opensource

Floaty by quaternary

What's gravity anyways?

Floaty Armour

Bouyant Armour! Swimmers Beware!

Floocraft by FredTargaryen

Thank you for using Floocraft! This mod aims to add a little magic by implementing the sooty joy of Floo-powder-based travel.

Floocraft by FredTargaryen

This mod aims to add a little magic by implementing the sooty joy of Floo-powder-based travel.

Flood Escape 2 Mod by xFrostbitePlayx (Frostbite)

This mod adds in a lot of geometry and platforming features from the popular ROBLOX game Flood Escape 2.

Flood Lights

Adds Flood Lights to Minecraft


Enter short description here

Flopper by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

A hopper for transferring fluids

Flora & Fauna by WenXin2, MCreator

A mod that will add plants and animals

FloraandFauna by WenXin2, MCreator

Mod that adds flowers and mobs.

FloraandFuana by WenXin2, MCreator

Enter short description here

Floralchemy by SkySom

Assorted Additional Flowers for Botania

Floricraft by Hosta, OkapyXX

Ornamental Horticulture mod.

Florite Mod by Nevermind3476

A mod centered around florite, a living ore based on Terraria's chlorophyte. Includes a variety of plant and nature related content.

Flour by Azulaloi

Simple wheat to flour.

Flour Power by Anteater46

Simple mod for smelting flour into bread.

Flourishing Foliage by Stormwind99

Can't keep a tree down! Tree leaves regrow outward after harvesting if enough tree trunk is left.

Flower Creepers by TTGImp

Make Love not War.

Flower Tea

This is a simple mod that adds a couple of new drinks improving vanilla food and the use of the flowers. This new drinks can heal or poison you but always feed you when you need.


More flowers for your first skyblock days

Flowercraft by Blubbeltasche

The Mod adds 15 new Flowers with dyerecipes.A new Biome ((Phantasia)) and 17 BigFlowers, 12 FlowerHedge and 12 FlowerVine.

Flowing Blocks by Elucent

Adds solid liquids. Wha?!

FlowingQuicksand by ExampleDude


Flowstone Mod!

Flowstone by nivoridocs

Where lava and water meet.

Flowstone Energy by poppypoppop, Tombenpotter, TehNut, Mr_ComputerGhost

The newest energy mod.

Fluid Converters by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Declare and convert Fluid groups.

Fluid Cows by FTB_lag

Cows with fluid!

Fluid Funnel by Lemons

Fluid Funnel

Fluid Generators by BrickMaster5000(SteveBeeblebrox), MCreator

Make water and lava!

Fluid Icon Fixes by Taelnia

Scans the FLuidRegistry after a resource pack load to ensure that all Fluids have an Icon set. Prints warnings to the log if it makes any changes to the fluid icons. Built against Forge version or higher.

FluidTank by Kotori316

Add large fluid tanks.

FluidTransformTweaker by xt9 (IterationFunk)

Crafttweaker integration that lets you add Fluid in-world trasformations.

Fluidity by The_Fireplace

Adds all kinds of content that should only exist when certain mods are loaded together.

Fluids++ by Veritius, MCreator

All the fluids you know and love -- and those you don't!



Flux Ducts by FyberOptic

Simple RF power transfer ducts.

Flux Networks

Create Wireless Energy Networks

FluxHeater by EXTER

RF powered fuel.

FluxPads by EXTER

Charging pads for RF items.

Fluxed Solars by PRIMETOXINZ


Fluxed-Core by Jaredlll08

Mod that holds methods that are used in all GetFluxed mods.

Fluxed-Crystals by Jaredlll08, Darkbyte

RF-Powered Crystal Farming!

FluxedFeederUnit by tonius11

RF-powered feeder unit for Railcraft powered rails