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Tinkers' Steelworks by Toops

A steel-based expansion for Tinkers' Construct. Now you're tinkering with steel!

Tinkers' Yoyos by Jozufozu

Projectile melee weapons!

Tinkers' in the Sky by codycoolwaffle

A mod for adding exnihilo's hammer and crook to Tinkers' Construct tools


A TinkersConstuct Addon.

Tiny Improvements by TrickyPR

Tiny improvements to minecraft baised on a video made by SimplySarc.

Tiny Mob Farm by David Ma

A Minecraft Mod that adds single block mob farms that generates mob drops passively.

Tiny Reactors by ArclightTW

Build a tiny reactor... Or a massive one!

Tiny Storage by TintheBrick

Smaller, cuter, more compact storage options!

TinyCarts by immibis

TinyPockets by samtrion


Hope you like this mod

TipLine by WidgetInteractive

Display tips on the Minecraft loading screen.

TipTheScales by Jared

Allows for more control when adjusting the GUI size.

Tipped Arrow Fixer by Lightwave

Fixes Healing and Harming Arrows

Tips by Darkhax

Adds information tips to loading screens.

Tiquality by Terminator_NL

Evenly distribute tick time amongst player, its time we all tick equally!

Tiredness by kjmaster1

Adding consequences for not sleeping enough.


Titan Mod Für ThorOdin


Test MOd

TitanOre Mod by Dr_Detonation

TitanOre adds a new ore that can be used to create weapons and tools. More is on the way!


Enter short description here

Titanium Expansion by alexbinind, Ender_Pug_Sam

Titanium Expansion (Tex) simply adds titanium tools and armor for anyone who wants to put specifically titanium into their minecraft game. It is the first mod in a series adding many materials for whoever may need them, and our first mod!


Adds Titanium into your game!

Title Changer by maxwell-lt

Changes the Minecraft window title.

Title Changer by Nucha

You can change your Minecraft window name

TitleMOTD by rojo8399

TmTmc-Gravels by smmmadden, MCreator

Take Me To Minecraft - Gravels

TmTmc-OresAndMore by smmmadden, MCreator

Take Me To Minecraft - Ores And More

Tmtravlr's Arrow Trails by Tmtravlr

Adds some simple arrow trails. 'Paint' them onto your bow using a Bow Painter and dyes or a few special items.

Tmtravlr's Timer by Tmtravlr

Adds a simple timer set by commands. All commands start with /timer, so type that and press tab to see what's available.

TnTTag Timer by Explode

A timer to display the time left before explosion.


TnT mob go Boom


Enter short description here

To the Bat Poles! by Seth0067, EnderLanky

A mod for sliding down the poles.

To the Bat Poles! by Seth0067, EnderLanky

Craftable poles for sliding and climbing

To-Do Mod List by Shirkit (shirkitx)

ToLaserBlade by Iunius118

Adds a Laser Blade.

ToMe Setup by ToMe25

ToMe25(0)'s Setup Mod.

ToMeSetup-MoreStartItems by ToMe25

an Addon for ToMe25's Setup Mod to add more Start Items.

ToMeTinkers by ToMe25

ToMe25's Tinkers Construct Addon.


When you bake Bread in the Furnace it will make Toast

Toast Control

Control what toasts are enabled, because some of them are useless.


Adds sliced bread and toast!


A mod that adds various items related to toast and tech.


Toasted Bread Swagness

Toaster Hat Mod by Litl_Toast

A toaster hat...

Toby Mod Chest by Toby

Lock your chests

Today Is A Gift by Wyn Price

Whats special about today?

Tofu Factory by シフト (Shift)


TofuCraft by つてと (Tsuteto)


TogetherForever by Buuz135

A Team API that allows you to sync a bunch of stuff between players

Toggle Blocks by MrSpring, TheApathetic

An updated version of TheApathetic's mod Toggle Blocks.

ToggleChat by Fury

Toggles chat on and off

TogglePvP by IamRob_

Toggle your own PvP state. Made for EquaCrack server.


ToggleSneak v2.3 - Now with ToggleSprint and Forge support!

ToggleSneak Rainbow by M4ssivo

ToggleSneak Rainbow v1.0 - Created by: M4ssivo!


Tokyo Ghoul 1.7.10 Minecraft Mod

Tolkien Tweaks Mobs by GreatOrator,

Various mobs for map building

TolkienCraft Theme [BQ] by Funwayguy

TolkienCraft theme for Better Questing

Tolly's Mod by xxKingCreeperxx, MCreator

Adds many things from Commands to a new Dimension.