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YNot by asie

Compatibility add-ons for XNet? YNot!

YUNoMakeGoodMap by LexManos

Adds a new World Type option to generate nothing except for a inital spawn platform, useful for creative players who want to make Skyblock style maps. 2.0 reduces the spawn zone to 1 block, 2.1 is updated to 1.5.2 and srg names, *should* never need a update again ;)

YagmaCraft by Serto_Yagma

This is the first Mod of Serto Yagma and I hope you´ll enjoy it THX for Reading (:

Yamazakura by Yamazakura


Yami's BB MOD by Yami_0625

Add the (Yami's BlockBreaker) Blocks!

Yanma Tweaks by Yankas

Various tweaks for the yanma mod pack..


This Mod Adds More Armor

Yarn by KuzmaS

Yarn spinning and other peaceful recipes.

Yarr Cute Mob Models - Remake by yarrmateys

Replaces the vanilla mobs with designs used in MobTalker by AT2. Remake of the abandoned japanese mod, with all new stuff by me. Note, this is a different mod than the original. Send all questions and reports about this mod to its curseforge page, don't bother original CMM author with them.

Yastm by UnRealDinnerbone

Yet Another Simple Telrpoter Mod

Ye Gamol Chattels

Adds a number of mostly decorational items to the game, with a focus on keeping the Minecraft aesthetics both visually and thematically.

Ye Olde Tanks by Shadowfacts



A mod that adds many kinds of middle ages drinks and brewing. Also, you can eat a chicken dinner!


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Yellow Coal by AmazigJj

Yellow coal for your reactor


Just like the blue and red


Yellow Is Your Color


BS3 Yellowcake mod

Yes it emulator real life(YIERL) by _Goder_

Yes it emulator real life.

Yet Another Backup Mod by Szernex

Yet another Minecraft Backup Mod

Yet Another Backup Mod 2 by Szernex

Yet another Minecraft Backup Mod, version 2

Yet Another Core by RicardoTheCoder, iamshift

Used for all my mods and others that find it useful

Yet Another Food Mod by airbreather, skidznet

Adds some more food to the game. Yeah yeah, it's been done before, just not by me. Icons by skidznet.

Yet Another InputFix by RecursiveG

InputFix MOD using ASMTransformer.

Yet Another Leather Smelting Mod by airbreather, skidznet

Adds recipes to allow smelting Rotten Flesh to Leather. It's been done before, I just haven't seen it for 1.6.4. Idea taken from EpicBlargh's Rotten Flesh to Leather mod. Patchwork Flesh icon by skidznet.

Yet Another Random Mod by UnRealDinnerbone

A lot of random stuff in a mod :P


Adds coal tools, hardened redstone sword and a pickaxe, Ruby and sapphire pickaxes to Minecraft!


The Yibbit Mod!


This is an example mod


This is an example mod


QQ1093663086 YoHern制作


This is an example mod



YopliTweaks by Yoplitein

Various odds and ends that make Minecraft that much better

Yoplichunks by Yoplitein

Loaded chunks are happy chunks.

YoshiCraft by palmerjj01

Do you like Yoshi? Lets go on an adventure to Yoshi Land!


All you can eat!

You Ate my Mother by empiricist

Animals are more observant now.


Now You Can!


Made by Peach

YouShallNotStack by InfinityRaider

Modify stacksize of items

YouTube Chat by jimrogers

Enables interaction with YouTube Gaming chat.

YouTube Chat by SteveKunG, PeregrineZ, jimrogers

Enables interaction with YouTube Live Stream Chat.

YouTube Stuff Mod by thvardhan ALSO KNOW AS Serial Player

This Is A Mod

YouTuber's Lucky Blocks Mod by thvardhan (AKA Serial Player), spikespaz

YouTuber's Lucky Blocks Mod by @thvardhan. RNG blocks for every YouTuber!


Yoo Wanna Play With Youtubers Indo Here I Just Make A Cool Mods Ehehehhehe... Can Play With Youtubers Now Lol Hope You Guys Like It !!

YoumuKonpaKu by Ayou

KeystrokesMod , ReachdisPlayMod , SprintMod , FPSMod , CPSMod , MotionblurMod

Your Mod Ideas by 98_Mods

Your Mod ideas.

Your Ore by Phobophobe

Adds a new ore which can be crafted into a block, and tools, every aspect of this mod is configurable.

Your Records Mod by Arkif

Add your own music to custom records in the game!




The Ultimate Harry Potter Mod


Upload your own custom paintings to minecraft server!


This is an example mod

Youtuber Items Mod by 314owen

A Amazing Mod That Adds Items for the Best of Minecraft Youtubers

Youtuber Structures

Generates structures of famous youtubers!


A mod that adds youtubers items


Espadas con poderes de Youtubers :V

Youtuberlar Modu TR

Batuhan Celik tarafindan olusturulmustur.

Youtubers+ Mod

This mod adds youtubers and other people into minecraft


Thanks for download the mod :D hopy enjoy

YuTanLib by Txur'itan, yu02241

Lib for the YuTan mods.


Modyfikacja dodajaca plecaki z pokemon. Z modyfikacji moze korzystac tylko serwer PokeCountry

Yummy by KuzmaS

More realistic food.


Made in Russian

Z Crystal by Akasata Nahama

Let's Fly!!

Z weapoins by ZeroJak, MCreator

Enter short description here


This is an example mod


Addon do paczki

ZCoins by Kiamate

Adds Z-Coins for Trading