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BloodyLib by BloodWorkXGaming

Library mod that is used in mods by BloodWorkXGaming.

Blow Me! by sep87x

Extinguish fires around you by blowing into your microphone.


Fully customizeable decorations!

Blue Magic by LTLightning

Harness the power of blue magic, and destroy all!.


Adds a Blue Cookie!


This is a working progress mod


This is an example mod


This is an second upgread


Just like the red mod but with a sword!

Blue_Stone by Skill_Devilz, MCreator



This is an example mod


Add Rb And BlueCreeper...


A tools mod


Adds the Old Vedning Machine

Blur by tterrag

Adds a blurry background when viewing GUIs

Bmd for ever by BMD

Something to save your ass, and more...

BnnWidget by Kamesuta, sjcl

Easy but powerful GUI widget


This mod add new ore armor and tool

Board Game Extension by FEX___96

A Mod adding some Board-Game based blocks and features.

Boat Lantern by InfinityRaider, Wiresegal

Your guiding light at sea

BoatCraft by k2b6s9j

This mod will overhaul your oceans and how you will experience them.


More foods!


This is the Terraria Mod

Bobys Extras by Bobynoby

Little extras Boby wants to have

Boku no Hero Academia Mod by Maki325

My Hero Academia mod for Minecraft

Bombastic Solution by xXEpicAleXx(Trackinator06), MCreator

The Best Solution for Gunpowder Crafting

Bomber Mod by shu3

You can set a bomb on an entity



Bone Armor Mod by monkeyfunk26

Adds new craftable armor sets and tools. Introducing: Bone and Withered Bone armors! Look like a Skeleton, or a Wither Skeleton - but wait, there's more! Recipes, natural drops, balanced armor (with effects), swords (one with a potentially life-threatening effect imbued) can be made. Oh, but it's not that easy. The Withered Bone armor and tools can only be made by applying some Solution of Wither, something that isn't too easy to come across. Enjoy!

Bone Meal-able Babies by Xbony2

Makes baby animals grow with Bone Meal.

Bonfire by yousui115

add bonfire.

Bonfires by Wehavecookies56

Bonfires from Dark Souls.

Bonsai Trees by Davenonymous

Tiny trees

Bony's Desertcraft

Survive in deserts! Yahoo!

Book Burning by BobChao87

Allows books to be used as fuel!

Book Display by Astavie

Displays books while you're playing!

BookOTD by windy

Simple plugin for displaying a "message of the day" to players as a book.

Bookshelf by Dyonovan, pauljoda

Library of useful functions used by TeamBR

Bookworm API by SoggyMustache, Knightworm

Model handling resources as well as other resources


This is the boomcraft mod

Boop by pie_flavor

Notifies you when you're mentioned in chat.

Booster MOD

Add Boosters like The Cave Story Booster


Puts ye olde minecart boosters back in the game. Adds a minecart collision handler - not compatible with any other mod that does so.

BoosterUnit by mes

adds booster unit to minecraft

Booze by rbdyck

Allows you to brew beer and wine, adds grape vines, hops, and heather. Wine and 4 varieties of beer: normal, pre-11th century ale, Irish stout, and Scotish beer (heather ale).

Border by StarTux

Limit the size of worlds


Borderlands in Minecraft

Bork IRC by MattDaJoo, MageProto, MintyGoddess, MrXeon20

An IRC mod that does just that, and nothing more.

Born To Be... by RealGecko

Spawn non vanilla villagers in the world

Boss Tools by nokturnusmf

Adds powerful tools to the game, earned by defeating Minecraft's bosses


Linkseyi's ModMaker


More Bosses For your minecraft!


This is an example mod

Botania by Vazkii

Botania is a mod that adds nature magic to Minecraft.

Botania Enchanted Soil Mover by Alter

Adds a Terrasteel Shovel to safely move Enchanted Soil.

Botania Needs These Things! by Workbench61

Mod adds things that in my opinion that Botania needs

Botania Tweaks by quaternary

Small tweaks to Botania for packmakers and players.

Botania cool sky by RCXcrafter

The fancy sky rendering stolen from Botania.

BotaniaBecameBetter by CatDany

B^3 and Botania suddenly became better!