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Bork IRC by MattDaJoo, MageProto, MintyGoddess, MrXeon20

An IRC mod that does just that, and nothing more.

Born To Be... by RealGecko

Spawn non vanilla villagers in the world

Boss Tools by nokturnusmf

Adds powerful tools to the game, earned by defeating Minecraft's bosses


Linkseyi's ModMaker


More Bosses For your minecraft!


This is an example mod

Botania by Vazkii

Botania is a mod that adds nature magic to Minecraft.

Botania Enchanted Soil Mover by Alter

Adds a Terrasteel Shovel to safely move Enchanted Soil.

Botania Tweaks by quaternary

Small tweaks to Botania for packmakers and players.

Botania cool sky by RCXcrafter

The fancy sky rendering stolen from Botania.

BotaniaBecameBetter by CatDany

B^3 and Botania suddenly became better!

Botany by Binnie

Adds breedable flowers.

Botaunomy by oneandonlyflexo

A Botania addon focused on automation tweaks.

BottleMail by yousui115

add bottlemail


My first mod:D

Bottled Animals by Ermans

Manage your animals like items in a noiseless way!

Bottled Milk by Ferrettomato

Put your milk into easy-to-carry bottles. Drink them yourself or toss them!

Bouncing Balls by Rexbas, Asterions/TrezionTvS

Jump around the world with Bouncing Balls!

Bouncing Block Mod by TechnicalParadox, Gim949

Adds new blocks to the game that enable even more possibilites!.

Bouncing Blocks by TechnicalParadox, Gim949

Adds new blocks to the game that enable even more possibilites!

Bound Blocks by GamersMods

Adds Bound block to the game!

Bounding Box Outline Reloaded by irtimaled

Shows the bounding boxes of structures and features.

Bouyomi Chat


Bow Of Death by safe7229, MCreator

OP bow

Bow Overhaul by FatherToast

Changes the mechanics of bows, allowing headshots and reducing the damage arrows deal at close range.

Bow Scope by noung, ghost

this mod is scope for bow how to use press num + or num - and press z for use.

Bow-Swords by Jagm

Adds multi-purpose weapons which can double up as either a bow or a sword.

Box by Rumaruka, AlmCreeper

Boxes luck

Boxes by Matchlighter

Boxlin by ocpu

A language adapter for mods coded in Kotlin + some utility functions.

Brad Mason's Fishing Adventure! by Kim Boulton

Heroin, but worse.

Brain Stone Mod by The_BrainStone, The_Fireplace

This mod adds a mysterious substance called BrainStone.

BrainTech Agricultures Datachip Package

Greetings, employee! With this expansion to your database you can increase the time testing and decrease the time spent dealing with moving lifeforms.

Brandomine's Extra Items by Brandomine

Fill your inventory with all of the clutter thats useful!


This mod adds ME.

BrassKnuckles by loukl

a loukl mod

Breadcrumb Trail by quaternary

Adds breadcrumbs!

Break Cancel by momnop

Allows for modification of breaking blocks and outlines of those blocks.

BreakEvents by k0jul

Random chance of a command firing when a certain block breaks.

Breakable Tables by Funwayguy, Darkosto

Crafting tables with limited uses


Breakfast Revival mod, adds breakfast items to minecraft! for example, bacon, fried eggs, waffles, pancakes, and much more! :D

Breaking Bad by kjmaster1

Adds a village structure and meth

Breanna's mod by ExampleDude

This is for you

BreedingViewer by cruXcon

Shows a colored pillar or the breeding item if the mob is ready for breeding. Default Key: F6

Brewery by TjKenMate & WhiteAutumn

Custom Potions

Brick-a-Brac by Saikou

A small mod that adds some decorative blocks to Minecraft. For now, just metal bricks, but there's more on the way soon!

Brickmotion Mod by Brickmotion

The Brickmotion Mod adds a variety of new Items and Blocks, mostly food and ores but also a few new crafting stations.

Brierie Tooltips by pushedx

A simple mod to add Brierie specific tooltips to items.


This adds brightly colored blocks

Briman's Item Search by briman0094

util HUD opensource

Bring Color to my Sky by heldplayer

Adds night-time auroras to the Minecraft world

BringLifeMods by killeur54

Mods qui ajoute quelque minerais dans votre espace de jeu.


Automatically make broadcasts to your server.


Adds some simple broadswords.

Broken Wings by quaternary

Disable flight in certain dimensions.


it is the broly's armor and also arel

Brown Mod by Skek

Adds a Brown ore, along with tools and armor.

Brown Mooshrooms by quaternary

Adds a brown mooshroom! #CoryYes

Browncoal Mod

A Mod which adds Browncoal to Minecraft with you can smelt and do other things...

Browser Compass by LP76, MCreator


Brutal Zombie Siege by Micmu

Improves the horribly flawed vanilla Zombie Siege mechanic, adjustable parameters.

Bryte Mod by SuperGezellig

Superdikke Mod.


This is an example mod

Bucket Storage by Lothrazar

Stores milk, lava, and water buckets (not just the liquid, the bucket too). Does not work with other modded liquid, tanks, or pipes like buildcraft, this is intended for a more vanilla feel. Just hit the block to add or remove.

Bucket o' loot by sssssh, MCreator

Buckets full of loot