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Alpha stage of the Icy Ice mod!

IeyeMod by kaoronne

Mod add a eye.

Igneous by playing_w_blocks

Intended to enchance the skyblock experience by giving access to blocks other than stone - as products of new lava blocks!

Igneous Extras by Cruz Bishop

Extra igneous blocks for your Minecraft adventure

Ignite by Deadzoke

A RPG style HUD for Minecraft.

Ignite HUD by Deadzoke

A RPG style HUD for Minecraft.

Iguana Tweaks by iguana_man

Various tweaks for vanilla

Iguana Tweaks for Tinkers Construct by iguana_man

Rebalances and adds new features to Tinkers Construct

Illuminated Bows by Michael Lydeamore

Light up your world with shootable glowstone!

Illuminati Mod by Hytear

The power of Illuminati between your hands !

Illustrious Lanterns by bettercraftbr, rahkun

Illustrious Lamps adds 18 high res country themed lamps to your Minecraft


This is an example mod

Ilya's Mod by Ilya Pirogov

Simples Mods from Ilya Pirogov

Image Utils by DarkEyeDragon

Share, view, manage your pictures with ease!

Imaged Creative Tabs by LNDF

This mod changes de creative tab background images. (For updates chek in MinecraftForum or PlanetMinecraft)

Imaginary by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.




Basic Extension to Vanilla MineCraft

Immersive Cables by SanAndreasP

Adds IE-style wires and blocks that integrate with other mods

Immersive Craft by McJty

Immersive Craft

Immersive Engineering by BluSunrize, Damien A.W. Hazard

Immersive IO by MrLador

Mod adds a smooth transition from Immersive Engineering to Ender IO.

Immersive Integration by UnwrittenFun

Adds ME wire connectors to use IE style wires with AE

Immersive Magic by TheCrazyGrape, Sandvoxel

Adds fast-paced, affinity-based magic to your Minecraft experience.

Immersive Petroleum by Flaxbeard

Adds oil and oil processing features to Immersive Engineering.

Immersive Posts by TwistedGate

Gives the ability to extend the wood, aluminium and steel posts.

Immersive Tech Ore Dictionary by LizNet

Adds Immersive Tech salt to oreDictionary

ImmersiveFood by hedgehogpie12

A mod that adds some food that doesn't seem out of place

Immibis Core by immibis

This is like CodeChicken Core, Buildcraft Core, RedPower Core, and so on - it provides requirements for other mods.


Immibis Core

Required for some other mods to load.

Immibis's Macroblocks

Adds some procedurally-generated brick types

Immortal Object Tip by danny50610

Show "Immortal Object" Tip

Immortal Obsidian by DAEXDO 3240, Sirito6K66

Impart by The_Icy_One

Impart your will upon the world.

Improbable Plot Machine by Arekkuusu

Eons ago, a highly advanced civilization once ruled this land, their deep understanding of everything led them to create technology so unthinkable, even today it would be considered magic. So much time has passed, and the remainings of their creations are long gone, but their knowledge, written in stone, will last for ever...

Improvable Skills by APengu, EndieDargon

Boost player's abilities using single book and your XP

Improved Backpacks by DreenDex, _Socol_

Adds backpacks to your Minecraft world.

Improved Commands by Filloax

Adds various commands.

Improved Crops by Hyago Santer

A little mod that change your crops!

Improved Extraction by _Socol_, DreenDex

Mod for fixing vanilla mining.

Improved Soil by _Socol_

Improved Tools by xXEpicAleXx aka AKAlex

Adds improved Tools.

Improved Villagers by OrangeVillager61

This mod improves villagers.


Cheers for the mod creator!


moar diamondz




This is based in FNaF1, 2, 3, 4 & SL.

ImprovedHoes by Furgl

Improved Hoes makes farming with hoes much quicker and easier. Each type of hoe has a specific range of blocks that it can work with. Within this range, the hoe can till land, harvest crops, or harvest and replant crops. Shifting while using the hoe will operate the hoe normally.


Better than the last!


This mod adds in unbreakable blocks.


This is a beta mod.

Improving Minecraft by pifou92000

A mod adding little things and fixing inconsistencies in Minecraft

Impurity Capes by Reflxction

A mod which gives special capes to Impurity members.

In Character by Mario90900

A mod for a more roleplay-focused chat system, supporting whisper, talk, yell, emotes and OOC chat.

In-GAMEMods by Lucas_Gamer13

Junte o fórum mais o servidor! veja seus alertas em tempo real!

In-Game Account Switcher by The_Fireplace

Allows you to change which account you are logged in to in-game, without having to restart Minecraft

In-Game Documentation by macc188

Provides documentation for mods installed

In-Game MCEdit Filters & Scripts by Davidee

Adds Javascript support to Minecraft via Mozilla Rhino. Users can write their own scripts to run in-game on either the client or server and also use filters to directly modify their world. For more information, visit the URL above.

In-Game Mod List (1.6)

This mod provides an in-game interface for the mod list hosted over at

opensource util

In-Game Mod List (1.7)

This mod provides an in-game interface for the mod list hosted over at

opensource util

In-game Account Switcher Version Checker by The_Fireplace

The version checker for In-game Account Switcher

InControl by McJty

Be In Control

InGame Info XML by Lunatrius

Display extra information on top of your ingame screen.

opensource clientside HUD