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mod_craftablebedrock by RunemanAKAcopoman, MCreator

3rd version of craftable bedrock

mod_derp by derp, MCreator


mod_diamondstoemeralds by Pirosmani, MCreator


mod_dirtygold by shadowgamer129, MCreator

mod_emeraldpackITA by paolo marini, MCreator

aggiunge l' armatra , gli attrezzi e spada di smeraldo

mod_f by f, MCreator


mod_foodbattery by J_, MCreator

Eat a battery

mod_genesebosses by Masster_Adam, MCreator

add genese bosses,swords and biome(genese and terribly)

mod_harshlandsmod by thy lunyverse, MCreator

mod_iPhone by Sdrogomico, MCreator

This mod add an iPhone

mod_j by j, MCreator


mod_jj by jj, MCreator


mod_jtull by jtull, MCreator

a puregol mod

mod_kap by carlos2002, MCreator

mod_keg by jtull, MCreator

a keg of powder

mod_leathersaddle by Benjamint22

Adds a recipe for crafting Leather Saddles!

mod_lol by , MCreator

mod_megarpg by , MCreator

mod_moo by MAX, MCreator