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mod_HealMod by The_Almighty_One, MCreator

Running a little low on health? Heal up!

mod_Hello by Nassbrock, MCreator

mod_Hodgepodge by , MCreator

mod_HolyTools by thisISNOTalex26, MCreator

Power Of The Gods

mod_HotDogMod by TeamFordDkPlayer

This mod is made by TeamFordDkPlayer hope you like it:D

mod_Humans by , MCreator

mod_Hwand by PinguRares, MCreator

Herobrine's wand, right here for you!

mod_IDK by SHUT THE FUCK UP, MCreator


mod_IMPCallofDuty by Imperial, MCreator

adds call of duty itens and guns

mod_Icedtools by Nanyashi

add icedtools

mod_Imperial164 by , MCreator

mod_InFAMOUS3 by kenkojuko, some texturers, MCreator

InFAMOUS: Second Son in Minecraft

mod_InFAMOUS3v102 by kenkojuko, some texturers, crazen_raven, MCreator

InFAMOUS 3 in Minecraft

mod_IndustrialMod by Eubje1943, MCreator

High voltage!

mod_IngameInfo by DaftPVF, bspkrs, Lunatrius

Provides the ability to display many different player and world details on the in-game screen. ALT + I toggles info.

mod_InstantMedievalStructures by Benjerji, MCreator

Instant Medieval Structure!

mod_IronOreFanbusMod by fanbus, MCreator

Fanbus Iron Ore to add the spawning rate

mod_JourneyMap by Mark Woodman AKA TechBrew

Real-time map in-game or in a web browser as you explore.

mod_KagicwandsMod by kondzio1092001, MCreator

Wands Wands Magic Wands

mod_KotshoCoins by MrKotsho, MCreator

mod_LaminatedWood by TheChunkWorld, MCreator

Adds Laminated Wood

mod_LiteLoaderForModLoader by Verdana and friends

Ponify your Minecraft (without changing gameplay elements). You're running the ModLoader / FML version. This mod includes LiteLoader by Mumfrey.

mod_MCU by Funny_DJF01, MCreator

Amethyst stuff for now

mod_MajorlandsPurgatoryDimension by thebluecrusader, MCreator

A sub mod of Majorlands, Purgatory adds a whole new dimension with mobs, items, weapons, trees, fruit and more!

mod_Maplestory by EnotS, MCreator

EnotS's Maplestorymod

mod_MaquinasExpendedoras by Kautro, MCreator

mod_MatojejeDragonFighter by Matojeje / Matuli Yoshi

mod_MatojejeLK by Matojeje / Matuli Yoshi

Adds two ligtning keybinds.