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Dropt by codetaylor

Configurable block drop rules.


Enter short description here

Drugs And Pills by Libroru, MCreator

Drugs mod by Aden, MCreator


Drugs Galore Mod for 1.10.2


Pills, Drugs

Druid's Bookshielf by Ezsk

add advanced bookshelf that have 8 times enchant power.

DtG by Unslaad, MCreator

Enter short description here


This is an example mod

Dual Hotbar by RebelKeithy

Gives you double the hotbar space.

Dual tool mod

Mod that allows the player to merge tool heads to make tools with multiple ablities.

DualCraft by Bats

Swapping between workbenches is a thing of the past.


Duck mod

DuckCraft by ThunderBadge

This mod added ducks and duck related things!

Ducky Mod by BDS Integrations

Black Duck Ducky mod for minecraft

Dude! Where's my Horse? by Noobanidus

Swiftly return your missing steed, no matter how far(*) it wanders! (*) Configurable range!


version 1

DukeCore by duke605

Core library used in Arcane Scrolls and other mods



Duland Armor


Dumb Ideas created by crowd of people!

Dummy Mod by abc

Dummy mod that does nothing when unmodified.


Core library for Buffed Tools


Dump OreDictionary by Lunatrius

Dumps the entire OreDictionary into a CSV and JSON file.

Dump The Entity List by Syndaryl

This mod introduces a creative-only tool that, when right-clicked, dumps a full list of the loaded entities to a text file. This bypasses the late-loading issue.

DumpItemData by Okkapel683

/dumpitemdata to print info about the held item to the server log. /dumpblockdata for blocks: run the command and right-click on the block.

Dumpster Diving by Servant_Girl

Dig in garbage to find useful bits and bobs! Reuse! Recycle!

DunGen by Ethanh59

Adds dungeons and other related stuff.

Dung Pipe by BordListian

A pragmatic solution to pulling items out of stubborn machines.

Dungeon Crawler by FatherToast

Ever wanted to be that one guy that survives by using paper clips? Well fret no more! This mod may not include paper clips, but it does include just about everything you need to survive in a world without the comfort of having a home.

dungeons util

Dungeon Mobs

Dungeon Mobs is intended to be a more dangerous analogue to Mo' Creatures.

dungeons mobs

Dungeon Realms Unofficial Mod by xIGBClutchIx

Dungeon Realms Unofficial Mod.

Dungeon Realms Unofficial Mod by xIGBClutchIx

Easily compare item stats and more!

Dungeon Tools by Letiu

Adds helpful things for dungeons.

Dungeon Tweaks by jredfox

Configure Dungeon Mobs with nbt and jockie support

Dungeon Tweaks by jredfox

Modify Dungeon Mob Entries and Add NBT Ones As Well

DungeonDQ by Guriguri

It is MOD to add about 90 large, medium and small dungeons, streets and other buildings.

DungeonPack by Stuuupiiid

DungeonPack adds a lot of new dungeons.

DungeonSpawnerManager by Casstle

Control the spawners used by Vanilla Minecraft

Dungeoneer by Muddykat

A mod that add's Worthwhile dungeons to mincraft. if want a copy of the source code for Dungeoneer please email me at

Dungeons! by gottsch

Dungeons2! by gottsch

DupeChest by 0_GhostFire_0

Duplicating Chest!

DupeMod by ScribbleLP

Enables duping in Minecraft Forge

DupleCraft - Duple your World!

This awesome mod lets you duple, or double, items!

Duplicate Entity UUID Fix (DEUF) by CAS_ual_TY

Changes UUIDs of loaded Entities in case their UUIDs are already assigned (and removes log spam)

Duplicator Mod by Arthur Von Groll dos Santos

A mod that duplicates what is in the first hotbar container if you have the dupplicator

Durability Check by dJomp

Warn if a tool is at low durability

Durability Notifier by Mrbysco

A minecraft mod that notifies you when your durability gets at a certain percentage

Durability Show by Six-One-Three

Shows durability of tools with advanced tooltips off.

Durability Viewer by Giselbaer

Creates a HUD that shows current item durability, arrow count, and inventory slots


This is an example mod

Dust by Mowmaster

Crystals spawn naturally in the world,they can be used for all manner of things.

DustBox by eyeq


Dwarven Candles by EnderiumSmith

Adds Dwarven Candles for easier explosion mining

Dwarven Proc by Blitzsy

Recreates the previous incarnation of the proc from Robert "Urealms" Moran's Minecraft game Dwarves Vs Zombies.


Adds Dwarven Weapons and Armour to the game! As well as Tools!


This is an example mod


The completed update to my mod based off of Highschool DxD including items and armors fromall three seasons!

Dyable Planks by Maat, MCreator

Adds Dyed Planks

Dye Seeds by M4thG33k

Adds a dye crop, allowing you to save time hunting random dye components! Inspired by Magical Crops.

Dye Trees by Reika

DyeTrees adds one color of tree for each dye. These trees spawn in the world, somewhat rarely, and can generate with any log material, either vanilla or from mods

Dyeable Beacons by nxsupert, Core Modding

Make your beacons colourful

Dyeable Beds by VozValden

Spruce of your Minecraft world with some dyeable beds!

Dyeable Beds by VozValden

Spruce up your Minecraft bed with some color!

DyeableGlowstone by DemoXin

Multi-colored Glowstone! For all your decorative needs!


You can dye wood logs and make planks. More to come!


Use dyes to make OP Armour

Dyetopia by Ipsis

Liquid dyes


Mod add dymonic items!!

DynIMC by Lunatrius

Send custom IMC messages loaded from config file(s)!

Dynamic Blocks Mod by mvdhoning

Configurable blocks that can change appearance on surroundings

Dynamic Craft by BrazillianForgers Team, Whyssky_BR

Dynamic Craft mod!

Dynamic Crafting Systems by DocRedstone, OpaqueMango

Dynamic Crafting is a mod that is based around performing advanced autocrafting operations in a very compact space, the minimum space that can be used is one block and the maximum can be an entire network. The crafting is designed in a modular manner that can allow you to do basic crafting, to multiple crafting with schematics, to smelting and crafting in the same block. This wiki will provide all the information that you will need!

Dynamic Dynamos by Aesen

Adds fancy animations to ThermalExpansion dynamos.

Dynamic Earth by Karuberu

A mod that adds life and variety to dirt in Minecraft. Now it's actually useful!

Dynamic Elevators by Ironclad49er

Dynamic Elevators adds an easy to build, redstone free option for your vertical travel needs. Simply place an elevator block and it will automatically detect all of the possible floors it can travel to. Add multiple elevator blocks next to each other to make bigger elevators. Right click the elevator to bring up a floor selection screen. Place elevator call buttons to bring elevators to your current floor.