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Footpaths: Creates paths where you walk often!


Mod dla ludzi z klanu RP i wszystkich znajomych klanu. Mod for people from RP-Clan and for all friends of the clan.

ForageCraft by theishiopian

Makes surviving easier and more realistic by giving various blocks extra random drops.

Forbidden & Arcanus by stal111, Xesar_Zorak


Forbidden Books of Sorcery by F(Twitter:@plusplus_san)


Forbidden Industry by SiroLDT

Example placeholder mod.

Forbidden Magic by SpitefulFox

Forbidden Magic is an addon to add many dark-themed things to Thaumcraft.

magic opensource enchanting

Forbidden Quests by rero78, MCreator

Used for Rero's Modpack

Force Blocks by Ryozuki

This mod adds blocks that will apply a force to you when walking over them.

Force Feed by Sir_Boops

Why eat manually?

Force of Will by Billeh007

The adventures of a man learning Java

Forecaster's Backpacks by Vexatos

Adds some new Forestry Backpacks.

Forest Spread by GiantNuker

FORESTS SPREAD :D and trees die if crowded


This is an example mod

Forestry Extras by Wasliebob

Forestry Addon

addon bees opensource

Forestry Questing by Tao

Better Questing Forestry Expansion

Forestry for Minecraft by SirSengir

Trees, bees and more.

bees worldgen

Forever Enough Items by Elix_x

FEI === NEI for 1.9 === JEI + Chunk Edge Indicator + Light Level Overlay Reloaded + More

Forge Analytics by TamasHenning

Basic analytics mod sending data for Forge. All sent data can be viewed under the config section and individually opted out. To fully disable remove the mod or disable snooper.

Forge Auto-Shutdown by RoyCurtis

Automatically shuts down the server by schedule, or by player vote.

Forge Creeper Heal 1.0.0 by EyZox

Heal terrain after explosion

Forge Endertech by Endertech

This mod contains all shared classes for Endertech mods

Forge Essentials by luacs1998, AbrarSyed, Malkierian, dries007

A suite of server mods for Minecraft Forge.

Forge Hack by ExampleDude

It's a hacked client, loaded by Forge.

Forge Microblocks by ChickenBones

Microblocks for Forge Multipart.


Forge Microblocks

Microblocks for Forge MultipartCBE.

Forge Mod Loader by cpw, LexManos

The Forge Mod Loader provides the ability for systems to load mods from the file system. It also provides key capabilities for mods to be able to cooperate and provide a good modding environment. The mod loading system is compatible with ModLoader, all your ModLoader mods should work.

library opensource

Forge Multipart by ChickenBones

Open source library for facilitation of multiple functional parts in the one block space.


Forge TeamSpeak Integration by DjGiannuzz

TeamSpeak 3 chat in Minecraft.

Forge Updater

A small API that allows mods to automatically check for updates from Don't worry though, this can be disabled in the config file

Forge Your World by AlasDiablo, Rom279 & sebpap974

this mod is cool

Forge Your World Armory by AlaDiablo, rom279, sebpap974

Welcome to the battlefield.

Forge Your World Core by AlasDiablo

The core library for ForgingAura's mods.

Forge Your World Decoration And Stuff by AlaDiablo, rom279, sebpap974

Add some thing.

Forge Your World Factory by AlaDiablo, rom279, sebpap974

Is for create a nuke ahahahhahah! .... eh no is just simple factory stuff.

Forge Your World Foods by AlaDiablo, rom279, sebpap974

have a good meal.

Forge Your World Mystical by AlaDiablo, rom279, sebpap974

look it's magic.

Forge Your World Resource / Core by AlaDiablo, rom279, sebpap974

I'm going mining some resouces. / I'm work in my library

ForgeAmidst by Sedridor

Use AMIDST mapping from within Minecraft. Mainly intended for Climate Control.

ForgeAnvil by Mitchellbrine, LexManos (Jk, but don' t rage)

A Utilities mod so I don 't reinvent the wheel OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

ForgeConomy by jamiemac262

Simple Economy mod providing players with Wallets.

ForgeCore by Forge

Forge Core

ForgeGroove by Xbony2

Allows you to program Minecraft mods in Groovy.

ForgeHax by fr1kin, Babbaj, Chunkr

Hax 4 forge


Forge IRC is a 100% MinecraftForge compatible minecraft IRC client. Easily connect your entire server or just your client to an IRC channel

ForgeLottery by Gamenew09

ForgeLottery is a mod that allows a lottery system inside of minecraft using Forge. This version of the mod is used for the online series Mansion Builders. No one that is in the public should get this unless mistaken.

ForgePerms by Legobear154

A basic permission manager for Forge Mods. Uses AlphAest PermissionEX as a fallback.


Move blocks from one place to another

ForgeSubWhitelist by Dries007, DoubleDoor team

Automatic sub login checker for Twitch, GameWisp, Beam, ...

ForgeWurst by Alexander01998

Wurst Client for Minecraft Forge.

ForgedCarpet by DeadlyMC

A Powerful Toolbox for Technical Minecraft

ForgedPerms by kremi151

Linking the Forge permission API to the one of SpongeForge


Steel Swords Adventure

Forgiving Void by BlayTheNinth

Makes the void hate you a little less (and vice-versa).

Forgotten Items by Tschipp

Forgotten Items adds special Items that are crafted in a unique way

Forgotten Nature by Nightshade_Proleath

A nature mod that adds trees, crops, flowers, stones, food, biomes and many other things that pertain to nature to Minecraft

Forgotten Relics by Integral

...or Grand Theft Texture VII. You face an addon to Thaumcraft 4 and Botania, that adds tools and accesories, generally oriented on expansion of mid- and end-game content, offering you weapons of unmatched power. It all mostly goes to Thaumcraft side, but some relics are supposed to be a logical inheritors of Botania's things. There's also a variety of stuff inspired by and based on Terraria and Terraria's mods, especially Calamity and Thorium.


La mod ufficiale di ForgottenWorld

FortCraft Alpha 4.6 by DaMythicalYT, MCreator

Fortnite In Minecraft!!

Fortnite Compass Mod by canelex

Renders a HUD that displays your current direction just like in the game Fortnite.

Fortress Mod

Allows you to turn structures built of cobblestone, glass, nether brick, and/or doors into an unbreakable version while burning glowstone dust in a fortress generator.

Fortune Box

Check up the good luck.


Ores are now able to benefit from Fortune! UPDATED TO 1.7

Fossel Finder by Gnomorian

pressing the magic button tells you where fossels are in the area

Fossil Food by CursedFlames

A spiritual successor to Breadstone.

Fossil/Archeology by Microjunk, Shadowbeast007, tyranno66, 4f6f3b, honeybeargaming, artomata, whitejoshman

Adding dinosaurs, fossils, and more to Minecraft.

Fossil/Archeology: Reported by Flammarilva, Team July, CannibalVox

Rebuild & hatch dinosaurs, plus a ton of other crazy things. Based on Fossils & Archaeology by Team July

Fossils Utils by Alexthe666

Extra Utilities for The Fossil PTS server.




Foundation mod

Foundry by EXTER

Liquid Metals

Fov Tweaker by TheAwesomeGem

Tweaks the Fov settings in certain circumstances.

FovControl by eXe


This is my First Mod

Fox's Epic Mod by TheFox

epic gamer moment

FoxBlade Extra by LT_lrsoft

ExtraMod for SlashBlade