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Harder Peaceful

Increases the difficulty of peaceful by removing health and food regeneration.

Hardware Plus by WiseNoobCrusher


HariboteAirCraft by yamato(waco)

Moving craft that making by blocks

HariboteWheels by Ferne

Built against Forge


Adds voice control for Minecraft - mainly for accessibility, but fun things happen if glasses are worn.

opensource accessibility

HarkenScythe by Jade Knightblazer

Introduces Scythes, Soul System, teleportation, resurection and cake!

Harmony by IntFox

Obtain Mob drops through alternate means


This is an example mod

Harry Potter Wands

Brings a touch of Harry Potter magic to Minecraft.

Harshen Castle by kenijey, Wyn Price

Rituals&souls&blood, big structures with powerful bosses&mobs&traps, armors&tools&accessories, new dimensions and more

Harvest by JT9

Adds a variety of plant life to your world

Harvest Festival

A Mod inspired by the Harvest Moon series of games

Harvest Moon

A Mod inspired by the Harvest Moon series of games

Harvest Scythe by JorVa

A simple item to harvest a 3x3.

Harvest Tweaks by boni

A small mod that allows to customize harvest levels

HarvestCraft Waila Fixes by squeek

An add-on for Pam's HarvestCraft that fixes a few missing names/icons in Waila tooltips

opensource survival addon

HarvestReader by Jaredlll08

Gives information about Harvset Festival Crops!

HarvestTooltip by raspen0

Displays Tool Harvestlevels.

HarvestTooltips by raspen0

Displays Tool Harvest levels.

HarvestWithDispenser by defeatedcrow

Harvestables by TechnicianLP

Harvest your crops by rightclicking

Hat Chest by DjGiannuzz

Move chest easly!

Hat Stand Crafting Mod by manmaed

Addes a Crafting Recipe for iChuns Hat stand (And Other Things)

HatStand by iChun

Addon for Hats, a Hat Stand block to display hats.

Hatari - Minecraft Hack by adiantek_ovh

Hatari - Minecraft Hack with custom GUI

Hatchery by GenDeathrow

Dont waste those eggs anymore! Become your own chicken farmer!

Hats by iChun

Adds a bunch of hats, as wells as the ability to add more, into Minecraft

Hats Mod

Put any block on your head with the press of a button! (H)

HauntingMod by Tim Maughan

Custom costume mod built for Project HAUNTING

Haven by enc0d3r

WIP Haven


Mod de HavenRP


Enter short description here


Enter short description here

HeadPets Mod by suppergerrie2

This mod adds head pets.

HeadRecipe by Ch1a

Headcrumbs by ganymedes01

Adds heads!

Headcrumbs Advanced Modification by Wealthyturtle

Mod that Allows for Advanced Modification of Headcrumbs!

Healer by Freemanovec

Item that uses Mekanism energy and uses it to heal the player.

Healing Altar

Mod is made to cover the gap for early game healing in hardcore worlds.

Healing Altar

Mod is made to cover the gap for early game healing in hardcore worlds.


Generates HealingFountains

Health Bar by maxpowa, connection_lost

Code From TUKMC,

Health From Armor by pilotofsomething

Changes how armor works. Instead of reducing damage taken by 4% per point, armor now increases max health.

Health Indicator by Jaredlll08

When you are low on health, a sound is played.

Health and Hunger Tweaks by CerulanLumina, 66GearHead66

Modifies the way Minecraft manages food and the corresponding health regeneration


A Sponge minecraft server plugin for displaying the health above an entity.


Adds some health related things!

Heart Drop by Konlii

Mobs drop hearts when they die, which heal you when you pick them up.

Heart Drops by DeflatedPickle

A Minecraft mod that adds hearts that may be picked up for extra health.

Heart Health by MrFancypants

Add craftable extra health hearts and damage buffs.

Heart Levels by FireController#1847, 073TheBoss

A remake of More Health Enchanted! :D

HeartGem by Mcreator, Geroan

This mod adds two new heart items to regenerate or heal your life in minecraft. (This mod is in beta version, is not complete, very simple mod)!

Hearthstone by Xeladaren

The mod adds two useful items, the Hearthstone and the Scroll of Recall, this two items have the same utility, but one is for single use and the other can be used infinitely. These items allow you to teleport to the last recorded bed, but if you don’t have bed, or if your bed is obstructed, the Scroll of Recall and the Hearthstone doesn’t work.

Hearthstone Mod by Sythiex

Adds an item that allows the player to teleport to their bed.


Shadow Cunt

Hearts by NukeDuck

Hearts 'n' stuff

HeatAndClimateLib by defeatedcrow

HeatAndClimateLib by defeatedcrow

HeatAndClimateMod by defeatedcrow


Adds Heaven dimension

Heaven and Hell by Pazze, supersonic2001, Hamadaz

This is a mod about holy and unholy things.

Heavy Inventories by

Add some weight to those items!

Heavy Ores by Typheus

Limit stack size of ores to create new and interesting transportation problems to solve.

Heavy Rain by Deadly_Cupcak3, MrWif

It's raining nuggets! No, not chicken nuggets. Sorry.


HeisenUI is a library that aids in the development of GUIs.

HeldCore by heldplayer

Just some utilities I use when making mods, makes it easier for me so I don't have to re-distribute them all the time.


Hell Ore Mod by ImperialSage

Hell Stone can now be found in the game and used to create new tools and weapons.

Hellfire's Playground by TheNumenorean

Doom, death and destruction