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Better Records

Adds records that can play songs via URLs.

Better Sand by GotoLink

Changes sand into a mix of fluid and solid

Better Signs Mod by Poersch

Better Signs is a small mod which improves the handling and visuals of the standard signs.


Better Slabs Mod by TheTrollguy

Adds vertical slabs to the game.

Better Sleeping by OndraSter

Overhauling how sleeping works. Sleep during the day but not too much!

Better Slime Mod by Zybus

Gives Slime more ingame uses!

Better Snow by Reoseah

Allows placing snow over fences, slabs and bushes.

Better Sprinting by chylex

tweak clientside util

Better Strafe by NoHacks

For pot cheaters

Better Sugar Cane

This mod aims to give a use to all that sugar cane you've been farming for no reason.

Better Survival by mujmajnkraft

This mod adds additional weapons and enchantments to minecraft.

Better Teleporting by isteinvids

Better, more seamless teleportation. Now compatible with multiplayer! (Just make sure you have Forge server installed)

Better Than Mending by legobmw99

A small tweak to improve Mending

Better Than Weagles by DarkMorford, qrpth

A LoadingReadyRun joke mod.

Better Title Screen by Girafi, Amadornes

Better Title Screen is a client-side mod that provides options to customize Minecraft's title screen.

Better Tools

What does it do? Exactly it adds better tools.

Better Tools Mod by Neuro

Ever dread the thought of having to dig out a large quarry with your measly, flimsy pickaxe? Well dread no more! With more tools to choose from with greater durability and speed, any project is never too big.

Better Uranium by UntouchedWagons

Lets you use IC2 Uranium in Big reactors and vice versa.

Better Villagers by Reksi0

Adds custom trades for various villagers. Works with villagers from other mods.

Better Villages Mod by Jstorey97, GotoLink

Beautify vanilla villages

cosmetic worldgen

Better Warehouse by cam72cam

A mod which adds full scale warehouse style storage to minecraft

Better With Engineering by primetoxinz

Add Better With Mods compat to Immersive Engineering and other tech mods

Better With Harder Steel Recipe by kreezxil, MCreator

I different way to get stone buttons and pressure plates.

Better With Lib by primetoxinz

Oh no a core mod

Better Without Elves by BeetoGuy

A Better With Mods/Botania bridge.

Better Wood

A mod which allows you to craft items with different types of wood

Better World Mod by KidComm

A vast assortment of vanilla-ish stuff

Better World Roof by WiNeTel, MetaDark, Kaevator

Betterworld Roof give you 11 different Blocks to build Rooftiles or Slopes

Better crates by TheTestMod

Better storage of your items

Better mobGriefing GameRule by Judge40

"Better mobGriefing GameRule" is a Minecraft mod which improves the "mobGriefing" game rule, allowing separate values to be specified for individual types of entity.

Better with Addons by BordListian

Ports of various Better than Wolves addons.


This is an example mod


Bedrock Is Flat


Bedrock Is Flat

BetterBlockExchanger by TotalHamman

Creating a Better Vanillay Block Exchanger for 1.10.2

BetterBoilers by b0undarybreaker

Multiblock boilers and more!

BetterChests by Aroma1997, Noisyboy, TechMac

This mod was created during ModJam, August 2013 by Aroma1997. This mod adds a new type of chests, that is mostly adjustable. You can put some upgrades into the chest and personalize the chest to how you want it to be.


BetterChunkLoader by KaiNoMood, Rob5Underscores, KasperFranz

BetterChunkLoader Forge Lib by KaiNoMood

A lib for BetterChunkLoader

BetterChunkLoader Forge Lib by KaiNoMood

BetterChunkLoader forge server library

BetterClient by §aKleinerBrummer

§dA mod about client debugging and more...


Give coal more use!


The semi-total conversion that is designed to enhance Minecraft in many aspects


The Core Of The BetterCraft Modpacks



BetterDeathScreen by BlayTheNinth

Adds a chat box to the death screen, among with some useful commands. Companion mod to Hardcore Revival.


In this mod you dont only have desert stuff but, EnderStuff Betta Sword and an....... BANANA


This is an really good mod


The better diamonds mod adds new tools, armour and much more.


This mod adds better diamond stuff and more


This is the better Emeralds Mod! Textures by Zombiecrafter Konsicrafter: Zombiecrafter:

BetterEnhancement by Watschman

Mod for various items

BetterFurnaces by TheFrogMC (froschi3b,TheFMinecraft)

The Better Furnaces Mod adds more Furnaces to the game in order to help you save time and fuel, or you can double your ore income.

BetterGeo by Nicklas Lof, Mathias Lindfeldt, Kaarina Ringstad, Josephine Biro, Jo Uhlback, Pontus Westrin, Nelly Aroka

BetterGeo is a mod that puts more geology into Minecraft by adding more blocks, resources and things to do with your findings.


Moar Gold Toolz!

BetterInventoryMod by MCmodding4K

Du wolltest schon immer besondere Blöcke im Inventar haben, die andere nicht haben? Jetzt hast du die Möglichkeit dazu!!! Um an die Items zu kommen wird nur der §aCreativ-Modus(gm1)§r benötigt, §c!!! KEINE OP-RECHTE !!!

BetterLAN by AJWGeek, Kovu, Kicjow

Adds an internal Bukkit server to your Minecraft installation.

BetterLeather by FluidGaming, tattyseal, Fuzew

Leather but better. FluidGaming : Code Tattyseal : Textures & Code Fuzew : Textures

BetterMinecraftChat by BlayTheNinth

Emoticons, Image Preview, Tabs and Filters. Client-side only.

BetterNights by MazeXD

Makes the night even darker and harder

BetterRottenFlesh by Jonessc2016

Yet Another Rotten Flesh To Leather Mod.


Example placeholder mod.


Use only for skyblock!!

BetterSpawnProtection by TheCodedOne

BetterStorage by copygirl

Adds more storage related blocks and items to the game.


BetterTabOverlayMod by Yario

A mod for funcraft with a better tab overlay with ratio kills deaths and ping.

BetterThanBunnies by iChun

Better Than Bunnies! #BlameQuetzi #BlameRaj

BetterThanLlamas by iChun

Better Than Llamas! #BlameWyld