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Sky Resources by Bartz24

The skyblock companion mod. Everything comes from nearly nothing.

Sky's Butter Mod by Romejanic

Adds majestic butter stuff to Minecraft




No Description

SkyBlockWorld by Rilai



Skyblock is more cool

SkyClaims by Mohron, Cossacksman

SkyClaims is an Island Management plugin that integrates with GriefPrevention.


Revamp of original SkyCraft mod.


This is an example mod


This mod adds a new cow into the game that looks like SkyDoesMinecraft

SkyFactory 2 World Generator by ExampleDude



Adds Stuff


This A Skyfactory Mod


This is an example mod

SkyLandsForge by Asd1995sse

Asd1995sse mod, specially for World of MinmaX

SkyMercy's Safewalk

A modification to the game which will make the user sneak when near the edge of a block.


Just SkyStone

SkyTech by Aero

SkyTower by zetaPRIME

Custom things for the SkyTower pack


Every Skyblock Need Possible

Skyblock Extra Crafting Mod by Danielshe

In skyblock, some items are impossible to obtain. And this mod added more recipes

Skyblock Utility by GustoniaEagle

A small server-side mod to add Skyblock-based commands.

Skyblock recipes by MatsuoKaito

This mod adds various items and recipes for skyblock worlds.


Made By FidgetyModder


Every Skyblock Needs This

Skye's Donuts by Skye97, MCreator

Adds donuts into the game.

SkyeHUD by Skye


This Adds Lots Of Addons To Skyfacotry

SkyfactoryManager by xAdler

Managed alles um Skyfactory


Adds the Skyland dimension.

Skyland by kegare

Adds the Skyland dimension.

Skylands by Frinn

Generate Skylands World

Skylands Mod by LolHens, th3falc0n

Adds back the skylands from beta 1.6 as a seperate dimension.


It's a mod for my modpack!

SkypeToMC by SuperMarvin, iTitus



Skyrim in Minecraft. A re-creation of the game Skyrim, in Minecraft.

Slabcraft by Blubbeltasche

The Mod adds 75 new Slabs in the Game.

Slabify by OlivBEL

Block cutter to cut blocks in the world into stabs

SlashBlade by Ferne

Built against Forge

SlashBlade in TFC by M_M_F,Syameimaru_Zheng

SlashBlade in TFC,WOW.

SlashCMD by GGCrosby, MCreator

Adds alot of useful commands.

Sleep by Arcaratus

Sleep tight!

Sleep Tron 2000 by Vanhal

Automatic Sleeping Machine

Sleep time by ChaosDeathFish

Stops you from logging in late at night.

SleepHealing by eyeq



Vote to advance through the night by sleeping in a bed

Sleeping Bag by shadowfacts

A sleeping bag

Sleeping bags mod by Digital Dragon Studios

Sleep anywhere in many beautiful colored sleeping bags!

SleepingOverhaul by CosmicDan

Replaces 'skip-to-day' with a realistic time-lapse sleep, among other configurable enhancements.

Sleepy Night by Ato

Mr. Minecraft is very sleepy at night. He sleeps in a near bed at his discretion.


Enter short description here

Slender by iChun

Adds the Slender gameplay into Minecraft

Slender Man

Look behind you...

Slender Man by colossali

Look behind you...


Be Ready for Slender... HE Will get You...




Add Slenderman to the game

Slice'n Chips by TheDiabeticStreamer

Basic mod for extending the use of potatos. 3 New items (1 tool - Potato slicer, 2 items - Sliced Potato (raw chips) and Potato Chips)

Sliced by TheGuyRunningSouth

Food Slicing mod

SlideSidebar by mikroskeem

Allows you to move scoreboard like a boss

Slime Chunker by ScarabCoder

Simple tool for checking whether you're in a slime-spawning chunk.

Slime Compendium by Nikkzilla(Soraniki)

Adds many types of Slimes w/ more features to come