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Mine Small Ores


Adds a bit of survival.


This mod tweaks a few things and adds a couple items. More features will be added soon. Thanks for downloading!

Smart HUD by InsomniaKitten

A dynamic HUD for displaying inventory items.

Smart Hoppers by The_Wabbit

Smart hoppers for compact storage systems. Smart hoppers can auto-filter, auto-pack, auto-craft, and even recycle your items as they move through.

Smart Moving

The Smart Moving mod provides various additional moving possibilities: * Climbing only via gaps in the walls * Climbing ladders with different speeds depending on ladder coverage and/or neighbour blocks * Alternative animations for flying and falling * Climbing along ceilings and up vines * Jumping up & back while climbing * Configurable sneaking * Alternative swimming * Alternative diving * Alternative flying * Faster sprinting * Side & Back jumps * Charged jumps * Wall jumping * Head jumps * Crawling * Sliding

Smart Moving Ladder Registry by KotoroShinoto

Allows registration of vines and ladders so smart moving recognizes them

Smart Render

Replaces the vanilla render model for the player with a much more useable one: * implement better animations with less code * attach additional renderers wherever you want * only worry about the animations of your own renderers

SmartTech by ProxCentauri

Expanding your technology to a new level!

Smarter Saplings by Lothrazar

Saplings plant themselves when despawning. Saplings only grow in their native biomes, otherwise the eventually turn to dead bushes.

Smash Bats NE by Tsuteto, kegare


Smelly by Buuz135

Makes mobs follow you depending the items in your inventory

Smelting Overhaul by Badgerable

A mod that adds faster furnaces!

Smiley's Multiverse by TheSmileyMan, oaster2000

A mod for LucraftCore and all his superhero mods which brings in dimensions and other stuff.

Smiths Core by TimtheBrick, OrionOnline, SmithsModding Team

Core Mod for all SmithsModding affiliated mods

Smoke Monster Mod by killerwaddledee

Have you ever wanted a giant column of black smoke added to Minecraft? Me neither. But I added one anyways! This Smoke Monster just happens to be from the show Lost. This mod also has items of Darkness then Redness then Whiteness (Tobuscus reference).

Smoke Wheat Everyday by Mixothelys

With this mod, you are able to smoke wheat and other crops, yielding potion effects.


this mod adds a block to filter coal out of the smoke above a fire

Smokefilter 1.12.2 by Peridot / MaincrafterDE, MCreator

get fuel by filtering the air

Smoking Block Mod! by loki352

A mod that adds two smoking blocks (powered by redstone), which can be used to make a HOT TUB!

SmoofyDungeon by Yeregorix

An advanced dungeon generator

Smooth Bedrock by Samtrion

Smooths out those annoying bumps of Bedrock. These will be replaced with high probability by stone or lava. There is a minimal chance of a diamond.

Smooth Font by bre2el

Draws all fonts smoothly in any scale and also system fonts can be used.

Smooth Highlight by MrSpring

Makes the block highlights smooth!

Smooth Unicode Font by BRE

This mod allow you to read very small unicode fonts.

SmoothWater by asiekierka

Smooth water rendering for Minecraft.

SnCraft by Snooker147

Just a normal mod

SnCraft IC2 Addons by snooker147

Addons for IC2 Experimental

Snad by TheRoBrit

You're finally able to have your sugarcane grow faster. What could possibly be better than that?

SnapDoors by blueyu2

Adds new doors from the 1.8 snapshots.

Snappy by Nibato

Snaps camera angle to the nearest ninety degree angle

Snapshot by Six-One-Three

Adds things from minecraft snapshots to 1.7.10


Fnaf world mod snapshot 4


Items, Blocks, mobs, and more!

Snitch Master by Mr_Little_Kitty, Gjum, ProgrammerDan, Scuwr, TealNerd

A mod that handles JukeAlert Snitches

Snitch Visualizer by Scuwr

A Snitch Visualizer Mod

Snitchcord by Gjum

Snorkel Mod by Exline

Snorkle Mod by Exline

Adds a craft-able snorkle which allows you to breathe underwater!

Snow Accumulation by Crazy Crafter

Makes snowfall accumulate

Snow Deeper by つてと (Tsuteto)

雪が積もるようなって、降雪バイオームが雪国らしくなります。 Make snow get deeper and make snowy biomes even snowier.

Snow Time

Happy New Year!

Snow Variants by Trikzon

Submission for 2018 MMD Winter Jam

Snow! Real Magic! by Snownee

Tweak vanilla snow layer.

Snow++ by Garik

Das ist Schnee

SnowCat's Library by SnowCat

This mod doesn't do anything, except that it provides utilities commonly used by mods created by me. Though I hope that other people can share their library so that I don't need to create my own.

SnowCat's Slime Block From The Future by SnowCat

This mod features the Slime Block from Minecraft 1.8. It also adds some other piston-mechanic-related blocks which can be optionally disabled.


This mod adds Snow Lapis Tools that works well with the snow dimension mod.

SnowVillage by svenhjol

Adds villages to ice plains and cold taiga

Snows Deeper

雪が積もるようなって、降雪バイオームが雪国らしくなります。 Makes snow get deeper, makes snowy biomes even snowier.

So Much Armor

This mod adds many different types of armor with different abilities

So Much Stuff by TwiLordMC

A Great Mod That Adds Great Things To Your Game.


More Swords in Minecraft

Soccer Mod by MrCrayfish

A mod developed during Mod Week Season 2. <description>

SocialConnectMod by

Ce mod permet de rester connecté avec toute la communauté socialcraft et bien plus !

Socratic_Phoenix's Randores by Socratic_Phoenix

The mod to end all mods.

Soda Craft by Phobophobe

Adds many different drinks into the game, as well as a soda machine.

Soda Drinks 2 by VeloceHD, crazybram

A mod that adds several drinks to the game

Soda n Stuff by Bam300, MCreator

A mod that ads Soda and Candy


This mod adds soda