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The Instant House Mod by JavaBuckets - Thom

The Instant House Mod adds in Items and Blocks which canbe used to create Instant structures meaning you don't have to build them yourself!

The Iron Apples Mod by FleaRex

Adds a variety of effect giving apples.

The Jack in a Box Mod

The Jack in a Box Mod adds in a variety of boxes used to generate random objects

The Jam Machine by WorkshopCraft, AtomicBlom

Update Me when surprise ruined.

The Kitchen Mod

The Kitchen Mod allows you to make fully customizable modular sandwiches. With each layer you put in it, the more it heals your hunger. And you might be lucky to uncover on of the special cominations.

The LIFE mod by ItsAMysterious

This mod makes Minecraft more like the Real Life! Later you will be able to communicate through a completly new ingame-communication system with TV,Telphone...

The Last Sword You Will Ever Need by dracominer, IncertusDei

A mod that allows you to harness the power of the ender dragon using swords. These swords are an endgame tool so you wil need to beat the ender dragon multiple times

The Last Sword You will Ever Need Mod

As if it isn't obvious... It adds the last sword you will ever need.

The Lion King Mod by Mevans

The Lion King Mod adds another realm to explore: the Pride Lands, complete with new blocks and items, animals, ores, biomes and much more, based around the Lion King. Meet characters, trade for unique rewards, undertake quests and defeat enemies in an adventure like no other!

The Lion King Mod

The Lion King Mod adds another realm to explore: the Pride Lands, complete with new blocks and items, animals, ores, biomes and much more, based around the Lion King. Meet characters, trade for unique and valuable rewards, undertake quests and defeat enemies in an adventure like no other!

The Little Things by Chamiel

This mod adds various blocks, stairs, slabs, walls and other things that are missing in Minecraft.

The Lord of the Rings Mod by Mevans

The Lord of the Rings Mod adds the world of Middle-earth to Minecraft, with many new blocks, items, weapons, mobs, and more. Explore the regions of Middle-earth, discovering unique structures and resources, mining new ores, meeting both friends and foes. Trade, earn achievements, even hire and command your own army. Choose your side - will you fight for good or evil?

The Lost Cities by McJty

The Lost Cities World Generator

The Lost Quiver by lavX64

The Lost Minecraft Quiver

The Majestic Project by spence707

Its all about DIAMONDS! or not!

The Math Mod by javaforfun

A mod filled with math stuff!

The Matter

The Matter for the chunk eater's

The Metal Works by SubZer029

My New Project.

The Middle Torch by Henry Loenwind

Places a torch on key (e.g. the middle mouse button)

The Miners Friend by Eurymachus

Assisting your Mining since 2013

The Mod by A Mad Robot

Its The Mod

The Morbid Reborn by FiskFille

Adds the Morbid Harvester into your game.

The More Bricks Mod by thehen101

A simple mod that adds more bricks of different colours.

The Mystic Silvers Mod by KonnerKraft

Adds various deifferent silvers (currently four)

The Nether Mod by XavierDD

this mod is a work in progress.

The Nexus Multi World by supercat765

Adds Many configurable Worlds to the Nexus

The One Probe by McJty

A Probe to rule them all!

The One Wrench by nhave

The Ore Sniffer by Xcisso

A block that scans for useful materials, and displays them in the world.

The Origin by XBagon

Adds The Origin

The Overpowered Fertilizer Block Mod

Adds a Over-Powered Fertiliser Block...

The Package Mod by whizzball1

Factorio-style recipes and research.

The Pineapple Mod by Masterzach32

The Pineapple Mod is a mod that adds pineapples to Minecraft. Pineapples spawn on sand in clusters (like pumpkins) and can be broken to get pieces of the pineapple block. Build tools and Armour with pineapples and rule your world with the most powerful material in Minecraft!

The Pre-Historic Mod by ProPercivalalb

Travel Back in Time to find a world with inivative terrain generation, amazing creature, intuative blocks and Much More!

The Purple Stuff by MrPurple6411

Total Cheat Stuff

The RC Mod Demo

The RC Mod is an advanced Remote Control vehicle addon for the game Minecraft.

The Revival

Introducing a way to go back and use some of the simpler stone.

The Riot Mod by dracominer

start a riot!

The Ritual of Chess by Katrix, Arekkuusu

The S'mores Mod by ComputerFreakDelta

Adds S'mores, Marshmallows, Chocolate, Graham Crackers, and a few other items to the game!

The Sabotage Mod

Have you ever wanted to prank your friend, or mess up an enemy's base? This is the mod for you! Adding poison food and trapped Crafting Tables and Furnaces, this mod is perfect for your pranking needs.

The Scaffolding Mod

Adds cheap scaffolding to Minecraft.

The Shredder by 33kingkiller

This mod adds a new block into the game called 'Shredder' that allows you to shred useless stuff into useful stuff.

The Sixth Sense by

Alerts on entities, blocks and players in the neighborhud

The Sod Mod by Wizard, PurpleChin

Making dirt a little more useful.

The Spice of Life by squeek

Encourages dietary variety through diminishing returns.

The SpotLight Mod by kevin_68

The Star Wars Mod by - JavaBuckets Corporation

The Star Wars Mod V.5 is out!

The Star Wars Mod by JavaBuckets


The Stone Eater by TheVirtualGamer

Extremly durable pickaxe for VeinMining

The Stuff Extension by lillobby6

A mod adding tons of stuff!

The Titans Mod by Enderman_of_D00M

A mod that adds 18 gigantic Titan mob bosses to your world.

The Tool Charging Mod by mardiff712

In another super OP mod, you can now charge your tools for the simple price of 133 iron and 4 diamonds!

The Tool Tooltip Tool by thor12022

Show tool stats in the tooltip

The Twilight Forest by Benimatic (Ben Mazur)

An enchanted forest dimension.

worldgen dimensions

The Twilight Zone Mod

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is an area we call the Twilight Zone.

The Universe by The_Nick, NobodyMiner, zackyboy18, Hjalma

A mod which adds a lot!

The Vegan Option by squeek

Adds vegan alternatives for the various animal products used in Minecraft.

The Veggie Way by kwpugh, MCreator

Veggie foods

The Void by Herobrine027, AKA Nimbleguy

Ever wanted to be a voidwalker?

The Void

Adds the Void dimension.