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With the Scenter mod you can easily find nearby ores, like coal, iron, diamond, and more.


§e§oDer erste gute und oeffentliche Schaftimer fuer CW Spieler!

Schematic Meta-Blocks

Tools for making schematics more useful for modders

Schematica by Lunatrius

Import and export Minecraft schematic files in Minecraft!


Schematics by Dom Amato

A simple item for rendering schematics

School Mod by Endernoobs314owen

Craft Amazing Textbooks That Grant Amazing Abilities

SchopCraft by Schoperation, See README for full list

SchopCraft is a mod influenced heavily by the EnviroMine mod, the Tough As Nails mod, and the external game Don't Starve. It's intended to make Minecraft harder, cooler, and... something in-between.

Schr0's Cleaver by Schr0

Take It Easy !!!

Schr0's Ninja Weapon by Schr0


Schr0s Material Scan by Schr0

Take It Easy !!!

SciCraft 2 by Richard311102

A mod that's main goal is to industrialize the world of Minecraft.

SciMCLib by sci4me

A powerful Minecraft modding framework!

SciMachinery by sci4me

Some small, useful pieces of machinery.

ScienceCraft Beta v0.1

Brings science to minecraft.

Scientific Craft by twilight_ape, African_monkey

Scientific Craft

ScientificArmor by loukl

a loukl mod

Scorched World by Cerulan

Adds a "Scorched" world type, which is completely free of natural resources and bounded by lava.

ScoreboardMod by M4ssivo

ScoreboardMod v1.0 - Created by: M4ssivo!

Scott's Blocks by ScottKillen

Blocks that should be in the game.

Scott's Blocks by ScottKillen

Scott's Extra Blocks

Scott's Tweaks by ScottKillen

A Minecraft mod that adds a few small tweaks to the game.

Scrap by mallrat208

Adds Piles of Scrap

Scrap World by fabricator77



Screenshot Browser by Zeitheron

View and manage screenshots within the game.

Screenshot Diary by a3626a, Abastro

Can edit screenshot with texts and notes.

Screenshot Gallery by LatvianModder

Screenshot Mod by canelex

Allows you to upload a screenshot to imgur directly from in-game.

Screenshots Enhanced by UndoRedo

Enhances the behavior of screenshots and adds new functionalities to your ingame experience.

Scroll Mod by BelloDarco and DarkGun1

Powerful scrolls

Scuba Diving by q3hardcore

A continuation of Nandonalt's Scuba Diving.

SculpyCraft by HundredsAnd100s

Design and use your own blocks inside Minecraft. Make everything awesome!

Sea of Plunders by SkullHuntah55

Experience The Pirate Life Like Never Before!


The mo that shows the true power of the sea...

Sealed Glowstone by daPoseidonGuy

This mod adds a glowstone that drops as a block and not dust

Search Commands by Lothrazar

New commands: home, gethome, worldhome, enderchest, searchtrade, searchitem. Check the config file for details.

Seasons API by EdwinMindcraft

Add a season system to minecraft

Seccade Mod by Hasan_Efe_Real, Despacito

Enables Seccade

Secret Bookshelf

Adding bookshelves acting as levers and rotating blocks around when activated.

Secret Mod by Daedricbunny


SecretRoomsMod by AbrarSyed, Wyn Price, alexbegt

This mod adds a variety of cool blocks that camouflage themselves to the surrounding world. All of these blocks have extremely useful functions that allow you to simply hide your diamonds, or punish all who dare try to get to them. Hidden doors, pressure plates, hidden levers and more!



Adds some, well- stuff.

Secretly Private by Davie



Secure Contain Protect themed mod

Securecraft by LordBlackHole

Securecraft is a mod that adds a few blocks focused mainly on protecting your home and your belongings from hostile mobs and other players


Security Craft by bztatman

Adds more ways to feel safe and secure

SecurityCraft by Geforce

Adds a load of new content to secure your house with.


Seed Mods by Ema, MCreator

No Recipe

Seed Protect by VsnGamer

Protects farmland from beeing trampled

SeedCopy by SatanicSanta

Copy your world seeds with a simple command!

SeedDrop by EwyBoy

Customize your seed drops!

SeedManager by FunnyMan3595, narc0tiq

Adds a static (block form) seed analyzer and storage facility for IC2 seed bags.


Stuff and nthings

Seeds For Electroblob's Wizardry by TheTornadoTitan

Adds a seed that will produce a crop which yields magic crystals.

Seeds Hidden in Things by DaemonUmbra

A semi-joke mod centered around getting seeds.... from throwing poop...

Seetem by Ema, MCreator


SeigneurNecron's Mod Core by Seigneur Necron

A mod which adds no content but a lot of modding tools.

SeigneurNecron's Stargate Mod

A mod which adds Naquadah in the word, with which you can build Stargates, teleporters, detectors, mobs generators...

Seika Creative Mod

Seika Creative Mod

Seika Mod

Seika Mod

Seiti Tools by maru

Seiti tools mod!

SekC Physics by sekwah41

Adding realistic physics to mc

Selectable Paintings by Kerberos


Selfie Mod by ZeuX

Simple mod that allows you to take selfies and uploads them to

Selim Backpacks by Selim_042

Example placeholder mod.