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Uncrafting Mod by Ms_Raven

A simple mod that lets you convert items into the materials used to craft them.

Uncrafting Table by jglrxavpok

Did you ever want to uncraft an item (like your 5 hoes made by error) ? Now, you can do it against 5 levels of XP!


This is an example mod

Undead Crafting by Bjf1152

Adds many new things to the game to make use of bone, rotten flesh, and other hostile mob drops.

UndeadPlus by TechGuy543, GuitCube, RandumbDude, MrCompost, Tyler15555, Others

Undead+ adds a range of threatening new mobs to keep your Minecraft world alive and exciting during the night and while you're adventuring through caves.


Fruta da Imortalidade

Under The Sea by Kashdeya

Adds Rocks and Seaweed for the Void Island mod.


Ceci est le mod d'UnderCraft




Armor that goes under your players skin.

UndercastMod by skipperguy12, Genius_Fraser, GoldBattle, palechip, xIGBClutchIx, flv92, molenzwiebel

A custom made mod that tracks gameplay stats and has custom guis made for the servers

Undercraft by ThePsionic

Minecraft meets Undertale


This is still a demo but this is what I like to call the brother update

Underground Biomes by Exterminator Jeff, Grom PE

Adds underground biomes composed of layers of new rock types

Underground Ocean by Reoseah

Small mod that adds large caverns filled with water to world generation.

UnderlineFix by Axer

Fix the bug which has caused unable to type underline on OSX.

Underp Hangables by masa

Fixes the derpyness of the dropped items from Paintings and Item Frames when they are broken.



Underwater Chest Bubbles by Squirtle8459

Upon opening chests underwater.. creates bubbles..

Underwater Rails by Hennamann

Made for Modjam 5 adds 2 new rail types and tools intended for use underwater.

Underwater Utilities by Shadowfacts

Helpful utilities for working underwater.

Undestructible by The_Icy_One

Make your structures undestructible.

Unfathomed Depths Mod by Josh029

Ancient Technology of Mysterious Depth.

Unforgiving Void by The_Fireplace

Sends you to the Nether when you fall in the void.

Ungrab Mouse Mod by Jaideep Singh Heer

This is a simple mod to allow players to ungrab the mouse to do other things on their PCs while the game runs.

Ungui by Mrkol

Declaring a war on GUI screens! This was made as part of MODJAM3. If you are reading this in 2014, then I probably got into top 10. Otherwise I would totally be all sad and stop modding for a couple more months :(

Unhealthy Dying by Mrbysco

Losing health from dying.

UniDict by WanionCane

a mod about unifying all the things.

UniQ by domi1819

OreDict unifier

Unicode Font Extension by BRE

This mod allow you to read very small unicode fonts.

UnicodeFontFixer by oldjunyi

UnicornMod by SquidBananas

This is a Mod that adds Unicorns and a new Biom!!!

Unidye by LinusPhoenix

Makes Wool Dying and Dye obtaining much more convenient. Needs IC2.

Unified Items

Adds items and blocks like copper and tin so that we can have a more 'unified' playing experience

Unified Items by chazwarp923

Adds items and blocks like copper and tin so that we can have a more 'unified' playing experience

Unified Mode for In-game Account Switcher by The_Fireplace

The Unified Mode addon for In-Game Account Switcher

Unifier by grundyboy34

Item Unifier based on AutoUnify

Unify by Geoffrey McRae

Unifies Mod Item Types

Unikitty Mod by Pauls Mods

Adds Unikittys which can be tamed as pets & a very OP armor.


UnimCraft adds new Items and Blocks!

Unique Crops by bafomdad

Unique crops, unique growth, unique drops

Unique Ores

A mod that adds unique ores, items, and machines


Adds New Food Items

Unity by RandomByte

Universal Bestiary by Lykrast

Gather infos on all mobs in your modded instance.

Universal Currency by mariofish

Adds a physical form of currency into Minecraft!

Universal Electricity by Calclavia, DarkCow, tgame14, Maxwolf, Alex_Hawks

opensource tech

Universal Input Fix by Meow J, Brian 1461748123

Input fix for GNU/Linux Mac Windows.(Test)

Universal Ore Library by Enderger

A mod that adds ores. They ae meant to be used in place of writing your own ores for your mods.

Universal Remote by Clayborn

Ever want a wireless... crafting grid? chest? any block in the game? Now you can! Use Universal Remote to access all the things from anywhere.

Universal Singularities by Wealthyturtle, WanionCane

A Mod that Adds an Unending Amount of Singularities!

Universal Tools Mod by Rubik's

Mod add Universal tools.

Universal Weapons by Darty11

A weapons mod that adds weapons for modded materials!

Universal: Interdimensional Escape Singularities by Wealthyturtle

Customized Singularities for the Modpack, Universal: Interdimensional Escape. Do Not Use Without Permission.


Little utility mod

UniversalCore by UniversalRed, big_Xplosion, SeamusFD, AEnterprise

UniversalMarket by Xwaffle

A Universal Market



Universe Mod

Universe Mod adds 3 more universes(dimensions): -Land of the Spiders, Dark-realm, and the Unknown; -12 new ores: Land of the Spiders: ~ Sekiton, Aian, Gorudo, Daiyamondo, Emerarudo Dark-Realm: ~ Meitan, Tieding, Jin, Zuanshi, Cui The Unknown: ~ Symbols 1, Symbols 2 -2 new bosses(Names are a WIP): Tarantula (Land of the Spiders), Unknown (Unknown) -10 + new hostile mobs: Land of the Spiders: ~ Emerald-Cave Spider, Anchor Spider, Black Widow, Wolf Spider (Based on the actual wolf spider not a MC wolf) Dark-Realm: ~ (Grim) Reaper, Dark-Realm Villagers, Grinder, Ghoul The Unknown: ~ ?, ?!, !?, Cubes -New Villagers (just well without villages for now) found free roaming the Unknown

Unkitty's Minecraft Adventure by Elastico345, MCreator

Unkitty and it's crew finally crossover Minecraft for it's fans!

Unknown Ores

Useful Unknown Ores!

UnknownPlayer by �y�R����


Unlimited Colors by Veillardt

16 M Colors for your blocks !



Unlit Torches by pelep

Unlit torches! This mod adds unlit torches to the game and also modifies other vanilla behavior.

Unloader by Unnoen

Unload dimensions not in use.

UnlockCraft by Diadas

Locks all recipes to unlock during gameplay

UnlovedVanilla by Impelon

A Mod adding many, different features that got left behind in the development of Minecraft

Unmending by Vazkii

Nerfs mending while still keeping it usable.

Unnamed Dimension by Mr. Metric

Example placeholder mod.


Just some random stuff.


This is an example mod