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FireMod200 by Marfin, MCreator

Enter short description here

FireSquared Core

A required library for all FireSquared Mods, providing rich, dynamic, skinable GUIs, smoother handling of art assets, and assorted boilerplate code.


This mod adds a fire stick


FireZonbie By Kaito


This is an example mod

Firefighting Mod by Samba999, MCreator

Firefighting in Minecraft

Firelockmod by Nolife_M

A battle expand for TFC

Fireman by tattyseal

The Fireman Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

Fireplace Mod by NGPhoenix

Allows the player to craft fireplaces, chimneys, and more!

First Aid by TechnikforLife, ichttt

First Aid is a mod that expands the vanilla health system to respect the different parts of your body

First Mod Every by Michaelrgamer20, MCreator

Mod Made BY Michaelrgamer20

First Mod made by Vova by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

FirstMod by Qu Xiangxuan

Just a test!

Fish Armor

A mod that adds fish armor to Minecraft. Based entirely on an inside joke from ProfMobius' patreon server.

Fish Ocelot by Meow J

Bring a cute ocelot to minecraft.:3


This is an example mod


Add A Fish In Minecraft Using This Mod

Fishaxe by SilverBranch

Fishaxe best Axe

Fishdog5000's Baking Mod by FishDog5000

This mod makes it so you have to bake things like cake and bread instead of craft them.

Fishdog5000's Core by FishDog5000

This mod is required for all of FishDog5000's mods. It has some basic code that is used in all of FishDog5000's mods

Fishing Made Better by TheAwesomeGem

Fishing is now more better.

Fishing Net Mod by Zacomat

A new way to fish!

Fishing Net Mod by Zacomat

A new way to fish!

Fisk's Superheroes by FiskFille

Adds a variety of Superheroes, primarily from the DCTV shared universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Dependency for all FiskFille mods.

Fission Warfare by Calemi, Kryto627, Flakeybisquik

Adds custom missile crafting and launching into the game. ┬žbSpecial thanks to our supporters! Kalel

Fists of Flesh by Idris Qe, alcatrazEscapee

Stops you from harvesting most blocks with your hand. Contains configuration options that allow you to set the speed of harvesting blocks with the wrong tools, and the opt-out ability to harvest early-game shovel-harvestable blocks with your hands at a slower rate.

Five nights at Freddy's V3 Mod by T0psid3 (Coder), CuchoTheSpanishman (Modeler), and iLexiconn (LLibrary)


Its a W.I.P mod

FiveNightsAtFreddy'sMod by Wolfie_Kingdom, MCreator

This Mod Is Based Off Of A Game Series Created By Scott Cawthon


Putting The Animatronic's Into Minecraft


This is an example mod




Five Nights At Freddy's 1/2/(WIP 3) All animatronics from 1 ame, all withered ones, and toy versions! Shadow versions are included! Purple man and second one! And as reminder don't forget to wind up the box! (jk)

Fix Chisel Stone Gen by connorrowe

Implements the natural generation of Chisel's stones.

Fix Chromaticraft Mod by azenet

Fix Chromaticraft NEI.

Fix It

Custom fixes for the server


Fixes things.

Fixable Slots by canitzp

Set your inventory slots, so that only one item can be put into it.

Fixelmon by zetaPRIME

Improves rendering of some Pixelmon blocks; makes apricorn farms not lag you out!

FizzyDrinks Mod by mateu9999



This mod includes loads of new flag blocks into your minecraft game!



Flagged by GenDeathrow

Flags, Flags, Flags!!!!

Flame Gear by kg6jay

Flame Based gear stuff

FlamethrowerMod by defeatedcrow

Burn your heart!

Flann Core Mod

The Flann Core mod, not required, but recommended for the Flann's mods

Flans Mod by jamioflan

Guns, planes and other vehicles in Minecraft

Flat Biome Mod by polyfiller

A flat biome for base building.

Flat Colored Blocks by AlgorithmX2

A Minecraft mod about building with vast quantities of colored blocks.

Flat Love: Caves And Ravines

Adds Caves and Ravines options to the features

Flat Signs by Myrathi

FlatSigns provides new sign functionality allowing signs to be placed flat on the ceiling or the floor (via sneak click). You can also make sponges to edit existing signs.

FlatBedrock by gigabit101

Bedrock Is Flat


FlatWorld by Ch1a

Flattens World More Easily. Configuration is available on config/com.ch1a.flatworld.cfg. If you have any issues or requests, Please let me know with Twitter@Ch1a_lee. Also source code is available on Github from URL.

Flatten Me by abused_master

A Mod with constant flat world generation.

FlawlessNick by SimplyRin,SiroQ

Flawless Nick Mod!

Flax by talons1337

A mod that adds flax.

Flen's Mod by Flenix

The BEST Vehicle Mod.

Flenix's Skills by Flenix

Additional skills for RPGCore.