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MorePicks Mod by Werns

Adds in various pickaxes made from sturdier materials.

MorePlayerModels by Noppes

More player models lets you edit your player model to your hearts content


This adds a variety of new Realms!


More recipes!

MoreRecipes by eyeq



This mod adds many new recipes to Minecraft! (This is a pre-release!) New Versions on my homepage!


This mod adds new shovels and items.


This mod adds new shovels and items.


This mod adds in many different tools, food, and mobs, (and a boss!) for many different materials!

MoreStorage by NGPhoenix

Adds various storage blocks.


This is my mod


This mod simply adds more stuff to Minecraft ! From Emerald stuff to new bows and more !


Live to fight, Fight to live

MoreSwordOnline by _xXMiguelGamesXx_, MCreator


Want more swords? Here's a mod for you.


The Useful Update


Lo mismo peroen multiuso

MoreTotems by Ch1a

Add More Totems


Adds more ores and tools to your minecraft world

MoreUniversalBlock by Redsword

Add different barrier, gate, and slab that does not exist in minecraft


More Uses For Gold (Better Gold Tools/Armor)

MoreUtils by kegare

Adds more utility items.

MoreVanilla 1.7.10 by RCGamerYT

Adds in many more vanilla based tools and items to minecraft

MoreWandCap by WangJiarun

More Wand Caps!


This is mod for builders and people that don't like exploring and getting all kinds of materials in the open world. Enjoy!

MoreWolvesMod by SimJoo

12 new really cute wolves!


This modification adds some new types of zombies!


Thank you for you playing this mod!This mod is my firstmod! This mod add some coolthing,and some armor,some tools, add 1 food.


This mod add some cool thing, some ores.




This mod add some tools, some useful combat,some useful sword...and....some....


This mod add some cool things,cool tools,cool armor.


This is an example mod


adds many new dimensions


More guns mod is BACK!!! :)


Este mod te permite actualizar y mejorar tus herramientas!

Mores by iconmaster



This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Morph by iChun

Morph mod, made for ModJam 2. Allows players to acquire the morph skill and turn into other mobs.

random mobs

Morph Command Adder by Oxyorum

Morph mod patch which allows the adding of morphs to players via command.

Morph Tweaks by TheRealp455w0rd

Tweaks for the Morpheus1101's 1.12+ mod packs

Morph-o-Tool by Vazkii

The wrench to end all wrenches.


MorphAdditions' intention is to create abilities for morphed players to trigger, up until the time comes when Morph inherently provides this functionality.

MorphCore by MorpheusZero

Required dependency for all mods by MorpheusZero. **NOTE:** This edition has the updater disabled until I have time to fix the bugs.

Morpheus by Quetzi

Morpheus is a server-only mod that adds sleep voting to a forge based server. When a player sleeps, all other players in the same dimension are notified so it is easier to coordinate.

serverside survival

Mortar and Pestle Mod by LordDan1989

A simple mod that adds a Mortar and Pestle that is used to increase the output when used with Dyes, Lilypads, Sugarcanes, Melons, Pumpkins and Blazerods.


Enter short description heres

Moses Mod by Hunternif

Introduces the item "Staff of Moses", which can be obtained with the help of a burning bush. With the staff equipped, right-click in the direction of water will create a passage; right-click in any other direction will close all passages. Hit stone to create a source of water. Hit water to turn it into blood. The staff can be upgraded if it meets lava, then it will be able to part lava too.

Mossy Planks by AfoninZ

Adding some green to the planks family since 2017.

Motion Capture by EchebKeso

The Mocap mod is a mod aimed at film-makers who wish to record the motion of their character and replay it back via a scripted entity. It allows you to create a whole series of composite characters for use in your own videos without having to splash out on extra accounts or enlist help.

util recording

MotionBlurMod by Fyu

adds blur to your motion xddddddddddddd

MotionTracker by MamiyaOtaru

MotionTracker is an aliens inspired motion tracker -Audio and Visual alerts for nearby enemies -Press "K" to bring up the tracker menu


Segunda generacion del Motwi Mod

Mountain Generator by Maxx1101

A mod that generates a mountain based on a height map image file.

Mounted Pearl by Lothrazar

When you throw an ender pearl while mounted, you now bring your mount with you.

Mouse Tweaks by YaLTeR

Have you ever been tired of right clicking while crafting furnaces, chests or whatever? My client-side mod solves this problem! Just hold your right mouse button in one inventory slot and drag your mouse toward another. Also works with left mouse button! Credits: LiteLoader and some mods' source code, which I used as a reference to how to do certain stuff when I was unsure.

Moustaches and More

Adds Moustaches, and other accessories to mine craft.

Move Plus by Corosus

Adds dodging, double jumping, fall damage reduction, knockback resistance

Move Your Mobs by Cannibalvox

A pokeball-like item for moving around mobs.

Movement Assistant by tinysnake

It helps you to free your hands while you're walking, swimming or climbing ladder, and auto follow any player!

Moving Box by okome


Mowzie's Mobs by BobMowzie, iLexiconn

Mowzie's Mobs adds a variety of high-quality fantasy creatures to your Minecraft world. Currently, Mowzie's Mobs adds only one mob, the foliaath, but this number will grow soon.


This is an example mod


Enter short description here

Mr Fusion by mengy007

RF from EMC and junk

Mr G Reapers twisted mod by Mr G Reaper AKA mrgreaper

a twisted mod with stuff that i wanted to add to the game enjoy and try not to be offended!

Mr G Reapers twisted mod 2

a twisted mod with stuff that i wanted to add to the game enjoy and try not to be offended! (this is Dark humour)

Mr. Crayfish Vehicle Spawner by VicoLee, MCreator

Adds Items to spawn Mr. Crayfish's Vehicles!

Mr. Lumpkins Decorations Mod by mr.lumpkins, MCreator

Lets have a party!

MrBreach's Furnishings by MrBreach

Adds Furniture Into Minecraft!

MrCrayfish's Construction Mod

§eAllows you to construct awesome buildings without being good at designing.

MrCrayfish's Dab Mod by MrCrayfish

Allows players to Dab. Created as a part of Mod Week

MrCrayfish's Device Mod by MrCrayfish

Adds things

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod by MrCrayfish

Adds over 30 pieces of furniture to the game!