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mod_OrePlus by Balla, MCreator

mod_Oredimensions by The_kurta3

mod_OreoMod by donJOE2000, MCreator

Oreos and Chocolate.

mod_OresPlus by Detuit, MCreator

Added Pickaxes, ruby and quick crafting table!!!

mod_Others by Phuck_Yu_Too, TheDarkKnight

This is an extension os the SCPCraft mod used for keybounds, entity renders and other stuff. The content of this mod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License which can be read here: The atuhors of the SCPs can be found here:

mod_PartyOre by Klemen, Idea: Albus, MCreator


mod_PercyJackson by matt8tnt, MCreator

mod_PicconediRedstone by DavideAge, MCreator


mod_Pigs by alcide6, MCreator

Just Pigs OR IS IT......

mod_PizzaMod by TeamFordDkPlayer

Pizza mod by TeamFordDkPlayer hope you like it!:D

mod_PorkchopLand by The Pink Pig Porkchop, MCreator

Creates a dimension with blocks that spawn pigs.

mod_RWBY by Tb7, MCreator

mod_RainbowLand by, MCreator


mod_RandomItemsandBlocks by PioPiki2, MCreator

Random shizzvizz!

mod_RecyclerV by Valares

This Mod will insert a new block, the Recycler. The Recycler slowly recycle blocks and items to those original materials. This allows to retrieve material from unused items/blocks.

mod_RedMod by By: lololle098 And SwedenSnake (minecraft Names), MCreator

Check It Out!

mod_Red_emerald_mod by ., MCreator

Red emerald mod By: CHgeri100

mod_ReiMonkey by TekkifyLife, JonaK, minecraftmonkey, and others

Mod to forcibly allow toggle of Rei's Minimap's entity radar and cave mapping features on multiplayer. Make sure to enable those features in the menu to use them.

mod_ResidentEvELLE by Smacktalks, MCreator

mod_ResidentEvELLE1 by Smacktalks, MCreator

mod_RottonFleshToLeather by GamermadHD, MCreator

Turn your unwanted rotten flesh into leather

mod_STools by nickolas755, MCreator

mod_SacodeTinta by Hawk, MCreator

mod_Saddle_Recipe by Dragasen, MCreator

Simple Recipe for crafting saddles