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mod_Dollarsmods by taze57050, MCreator

mod_DracusMod by TheFyox, MCreator

mod_DungeonsandWeapons by Xaron, MCreator

More Dungeons, Weapons and Mobs

mod_Easydiamond by Lam2041, MCreator

Make diamonds easier to get

mod_EatableMobDrops by , MCreator

Convert mob drops into edible foodstuffs

mod_EggSpawn by Filipe779, MCreator

Um mod onde você poderá criar os ovos de mobs!

mod_ElementalWarriors by Rpgpigs (Prince156), MCreator

mod_EllianDetector by EllianRahl

A mod displaying a minimap which enables you to detect any material within a given range (vertically or horizontally) configured in the menu using the V key by default. Using others keys (zoom, material switch, view switch), you can changed the information displayed in the minimap.

mod_Emarosia by MrIlelee, MCreator

Elves ??! Dwarf ??! :O

mod_EmeraldArmor by TjMEzZ, MCreator

mod_EmeraldToolsMod by TheExplodingArrow, MCreator

My First Mod!

mod_Emeraldtools by Modded Potato(roadyjr), MCreator

emerald tools and armour now in OP tools

mod_EndStarBlock by Brady Shober, MCreator

Adds a block textured with particle field image

mod_EnderGemsMod by , MCreator

mod_Enderminer by Fake_Life, MCreator

mod_Endermite by lovemooshroom1, MCreator

Add the Endermite from the new updates to the old game.

mod_EternalSwords by XxKazukixX, MCreator

mod_FTSPackMod by _Vulco_, MCreator

FTS Pack Mod

mod_FancyTasticMod by baumans, MCreator

For my Buddy Sorenus!

mod_FinalToolsMod by Antolo105, MCreator

mod_FireOremod by , MCreator

mod_FloatingRuins by DaftPVF, bspkrs

Floating islands taken from the ground with ruins on top.

mod_FoodOre by marcusstein, MCreator

Food Ores

mod_FoodPlus by sdvn, MCreator


mod_Freshblock by gggg, MCreator


mod_FriendlyAndHostileRA by rahr480, MCreator

A mod which adds in your minecraft world friendly and hostile mobs from vanilla minecraft. It also adds random additions

mod_FunnyBiomes by marcusstein, MCreator

More Biomes

mod_GPV3Mod by GPV 3 Production


mod_Gammabright by kymaster

Overhaul your in-game brightness!

mod_GarrysMod by Fast_Zombie12, MCreator

Adds New Mobs And New Weapon!

mod_GiantSwordRevived by MasterJebus (Porygon Gamer), MCreator

Giant Swords Revived is the return of the Giant Swords last seen in the Asgard Shields Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

mod_GlowBlocksandLights by Jeremy O'Hara, MCreator

Glow Blocks and Fluorescent Lights

mod_GravelToFlint by DynamoBlockHD, MCreator

Gravel To Flint Mod

mod_GunCraftMod by Modernman846, MCreator

mod_GunPowderOre by Sdouze, MCreator

Gun Powder Ore