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Fragile Armors

Added Paper, Wool and Wooden Armors.

Fragile Glass by FredTargaryen

Thank you for using Fragile Glass! This mod adds a new type of glass - made from sugar water - which shatters on impact!

Fragile Torches by Lothrazar

Torches have a chance to break when passed through by any living entity (unless it is a sneaking player).


This mod adds packages containing special items and a parody of's store.


This is an example mod

Frames by WiNeTel, MetaDark, Kaevator

Timber framing allows you to decorate your outside walls with different wooden frames and to make wooden structures such as bridges and barns.


Framez is a mod that re-implements frames from RedPower 2

Francis Rabbit by GodRabbit

Francis Rabbit mod.

Frankenstein Mod by Gigan2005 - Head Developer, Tihyo - Co-Developer

Are you bored of vanilla Minecraft? Do you enjoy the classic movie monsters? Well have no fear Frankenstein is here! This mod adds in the classic movie monster we all know and some love. FRANKENSTEIN!

Frankenstein Pickaxes

Mix and match vanilla pickaxes!


This is an example mod


this mod adds a little bit more food in the game : slices of bread,nutella etc.


adds in a lot of cool stuff in to the game


This is the official mod

Free Runner Mod by balkondeuralpha, GotoLink

FreeCam by kapiteon

FreeCam. Like spectrator mode.


U Get Free Diamond or at least very very cheap


Just A Freeeze Mod!

Frequently Asked Quests by Zavvias

Simple quest from JSON files.

Fried Chicken Mod

The Fried Chicken mod adds 2 different fryers and a whole bunch of fryable stuff


Add good food


Eating fried potato in Minecraft!

Friend Mod by ludde1337

Add friends so you can't attack them.

Friend Namer by Cyb3rwarri0r8

A Mod that you can use to add custom names to your friends

Friend Tools by Rab, Pau101

Friend Tools Plugin For Hypixel.

FriendAddAll by CoolStudiosHD

Doing /friendaddall will add everyone in your lobby as a friend

FriendCategories Mod by RankTW

FriendCategories mod.

Friendly Friends by Gamer43251, MCreator

Enter short description here

FriendlyMobs by kegare

Mobs can become everyone friendly.


Mobs can become everyone friendly.

Friendlyfier by patrick96

Make your hostiles friendly.

Friendplay Mod by netease

Friend play mod for 1.7.10.


FriendsForMinecraft makes it easy to find, join, chat and share with your Minecraft friends regardless of what server they are on. Share, vote and comment on images, servers and cool places.

FriendsMod by russjr08, mac889

Gives frands special sekrats


FriendsOverlay socializes your minecraft.

Fringe Amber Mod by killerwaddledee

Adds Amber from the television show Fringe.

FrogCraft by M3gaFr3ak

FrogCraft: Rebirth by FrogCraftRebirth Dev. Team

Taking back the chemical industry to Minecraft world!

Frogzers Magma Mod by Frogzer

Still being developed but this is a stable build!

From The Depths by WuestMan, Kaojinn

This mod includes a way for custom bosses to be generated in a lair to fight.

From the Ground Up by TheRActivator, Thaumatarge

A mod which adds research to Minecraft.


Frostcraft is a mod that adds some new machines, equipment, mobs and a new worldtype to extend you gameplay experience to a new level have fun!!


This is a small mod but is cool is COOL!

Frostwave Client [Private] by 2VeryIcey_Gaming // Zach

A Forge Based Client Designed By The User 2VeryIcey_Gaming, It Is Fully Optimized For 2b2t, And Is Currently A Private Client!

FroyoYOLO by Murdy007

A Minecraft Mod For SAMe Bae's Froyo Resturant

Frozen Mod

This mod brings Frozen the Movie to Minecraft!

FrozenCraft by Wuppy29

FrozenCraft is a mod which adds everything about the movie Frozen to Minecraft.

Frozenland by kegare

Adding the Frozenland dimension.

Fruit Charcoal by MinecraftDevin11

Quote: burn everything into fuel. Parcel31u (maker of ME^3,4,-1) wanted this mod. So here you go, Parcel.

Fruit Phone by Aesen 'unascribed' Vismea

Waila-compatible immersive block information.


lots of fruits for the cubic world.


This is an example mod

Fruits by abused_master

A mod that adds Fruits to the game that give you abilities

Frustration Edits by Yoogain, NihilistDandy, Foxxmike11

Various edits for the Frustration Modpack by Yoogain, Foxxmike11, and NihilistDandy

Fuck Herobrine by oran_ge

Fucking Herobrine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FuckMod by thefucker

A fucking mod

Fuel Backport by TheMasterGeneral

Backports the additional fuel items from 1.11 to 1.10.2

Fuel Current by ueyudiud

Added many kinds of fuel~

Fuel-Resourceful by GamersMods

Advanced Fuel System, With Machines!


Fuel minecraft with more!


Fuerza en minecraft?

FukaFukaPan by Ezsk

add a pot for testing for making puff-puff bread.

Full Power by tayjay

Straight Up

FullThrottle Alchemist by bluedart

Alchemy is the science of understanding, deconstructing, and reconstructing matter. However, it is not an all-powerful art. It is impossible to create something out of nothing. Turning eggs into diamonds, however, is entirely possible.

FullThrottle NEI by matthew_117

Additional NEI addons for FullThrottle Alchemist.

Fullbright by ExampleDude

Simple fullbright mod for Minecraft Forge 1.7

Fullcolor Blocks by Kerberos


Fullscreen Popup Mod by never

Fullscreen Popup mod provides supports in Minecraft China.

Fullscreen Windowed by Hancin

Activates fullscreen windowed mode for Minecraft

Fun Ores by SilentChaos512

You might need them eventually!

Fun TNT by NicosaurusRex99

this mod add new TNT types