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Ferdinand's Flowers by c0_0ry

Adds Flowers & Vanilla Block Lights


This is an example mod

Ferret Shinies by Caigan

Various Adventure and HQM assets made primarily for The Ferret Business


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Fertilization by BlayTheNinth

Adds additional variants of bone meal for all your fertilization needs.

Fex's Random Stuff Mod by FEX___96

A Mod adding some stuff to Minecraft

Fex's Small Money Mod by FEX___96

A Small Mod adding Moeny Item to Minecraft

Fex's Vehicle and Transportation Mod by FEX___96

< - todo - >

Fex's Vehicle and Transportation Mod by FEX___96

< - todo - >

Fiat Lux 0.5 by ssauer

Need more Light? - This version of Fiat Lux will give you 4 new light types. - Icon (light bulb) by Yusuke Kamiyamane ( (CC-BY)

Fiatlux Sound Mod by Fiatlux

Be happy

Fidelis by UnderMybrella

Soulbind items to you.





FightArena by MrAmericanMike

FightArena Mod.


This is a sword made up by Christian.

Fill Blank TNT

Fill Blank TNT

Fill Tool

Adds a terraforming tool.

FillBlankTNT by ecru



Filled ores mod lite version 8


This is a Filllykung mod :)

Final Kill Message by OrangeMarshall

Changes the Final Kill Message in Mega Walls ( to "FINAL KILL <name>" and adds back the old pop / burp sound!


The ultimate copy!


FinalFrontier Space Mod

Find The Mobs by Ktos94852

Find entities easily with a radar!

FindIt! by Zeitheron

Search inventory for an item easily!

FindMe by Buuz135

Searching nearby inventories for you!

Finder Compass

Make the vanilla Compass point on new and exciting Things! Diamonds! Strongholds! Any Block!

Finder Mod

Finds stuff.

Fine Stuff by Alexiy

Adds useful blocks, items, enchantments

Fine Technology by Alexiy

Some useful blocks and items

FingerInTheWind by Konlii

Finndus Fillies by Myrathi

Provides horsemeat, cleverly disguised as beef. Also, glue (slime balls).

Fire Mod by ElFrostburnMC, MCreator

Adds Fire Armors, Tools & Blocks

Fire Peripherals by FireHead996

Various peripherals for ComputerCraft.

Fire's Currency by Firestarme

Simple currency mod for the official cauldron server

Fire's Random Things by The_Fireplace

A mod that adds lots of random and useful content.

Fire's Survival Tweaks by The_Fireplace

Making balance changes to survival.


This mod adds a recipe for [Leather] and [Fire].


FireBallsForPlayers Makes It Easier To Take Down Flying Mobs Like For A Example: Ghasts, Blazes, Bats, ETC.

FireGrass by hendyzone


FireSquared Core

A required library for all FireSquared Mods, providing rich, dynamic, skinable GUIs, smoother handling of art assets, and assorted boilerplate code.


This mod adds a fire stick


FireZonbie By Kaito


This is an example mod

Firefighting Mod by Samba999, MCreator

Firefighting in Minecraft

Firelockmod by Nolife_M

A battle expand for TFC

Fireman by tattyseal

The Fireman Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

Fireplace Mod by NGPhoenix

Allows the player to craft fireplaces, chimneys, and more!

First Aid by TechnikforLife, ichttt

First Aid is a mod that expands the vanilla health system to respect the different parts of your body

First Mod Every by Michaelrgamer20, MCreator

Mod Made BY Michaelrgamer20

First Mod made by Vova by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

FirstMod by Qu Xiangxuan

Just a test!

Fish Armor

A mod that adds fish armor to Minecraft. Based entirely on an inside joke from ProfMobius' patreon server.

Fish Ocelot by Meow J

Bring a cute ocelot to minecraft.:3


This is an example mod


Add A Fish In Minecraft Using This Mod

Fishdog5000's Baking Mod by FishDog5000

This mod makes it so you have to bake things like cake and bread instead of craft them.

Fishdog5000's Core by FishDog5000

This mod is required for all of FishDog5000's mods. It has some basic code that is used in all of FishDog5000's mods

Fishing Net Mod by Zacomat

A new way to fish!

Fishing Net Mod by Zacomat

A new way to fish!