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Simply displays coordinates.

SimpleCraft by McKiller5252

This Mod Adds Recipes That Arent already ingame


This Mod Will make crafting recipies that should be added into the game. Will Update


Simple recipes for simple things


Craft the Uncraftable!


3 new types of coins

SimpleFluids by Gigabit101, Mj11jM

Adds Simple Fluids

SimpleGraves by TehNut


SimpleGuns by nerdboy64

A gun mod designed and balanced around survival mode. Has 10 guns, 12 throwable bombs, gun racks, and a gunsmithing workbench.

SimpleInventoryStarter by MrAmericanMike

Simple Inventory Starter Mod.

SimpleMultiFarm by LosJustos

Shear all sheeps, feed all animals, turn all dirt to farmland and plant all seeds around you.


SimpleOres 2 by AleXndrTheGr8st

SimpleOres 2 is a more-ores mod with a surprising amount of effort put into balance.


Objects for your party in Minecraft !!


A very simple basic permissions plugin


Adds craftable redstone armor and tools into Minecraft!


Simple sirens, alarms and Bells

SimpleSkyBlock by Adversarius13293

Vanilla-close Skyblock experience.


Craft for slimeball

SimpleSurvival1.12.2v2.5 by RobhighpreistofDagon, MCreator

SimpleTags by TrenTech

Add custom tags to player chat

Simplified Horses by Fusseel

A small mod to bring the 1.13 horse model to legacy versions.


Make life easier in Minecraft!

Simplistic Super Swords by GGCrosby, MCreator


Simply Acceleration by xt9 (IterationFunk)

Adds the Accelerator, a machine that can increase the tickrate for bound tile entities.

Simply Arrows by Darkhax

Simply adds arrows.

Simply Backup by Sima214

A simple mod for backing up world data

Simply Caterpillar by The_Fireplace

Adds a caterpillar drill to Minecraft.

Simply Chess by Freestyle Coder

A very simple chess mod :3

Simply Coffee by VicoLee2000, MCreator

Adds Coffee to Minecraft!

Simply Cup Cakes

Don't want to have to place down a cake others can steal? Well The Cup Cake Mod is for you!

Simply Daggers by JustusFT

Simply adds daggers.

Simply Enchanting by Dyonovan

Create Enchanting Books.

Simply Gems by AmazigJj, Wolferain, ThanasiShadoW

Gems For All Your ModPacking Needs!

Simply Hammer by LionZXY

Mod add hammer

Simply Jetpacks by tonius11

A mod that adds jetpacks that work on Redstone Flux, and only that.

addon armor tech

Simply Juices by Baijson

Bushes, Berries, Juices!

Simply Light by Flanks255

Simple light for a complicated world.

Simply Paths by momnop

Simply Paths is a mod which adds many types of paths to Minecraft based on both Custom and Vanilla blocks.

Simply Platinum by IntFox

Adds a tier between Iron and Diamond

Simply Roads by MCManuelLP


Simply Stone by TheDoctorSoda

Adds a stone torch and stone sticks.

Simply Tea by Elucent

Simply Tea!

Simply Titanium by Yarwoo, MCreator

Enter short description here

Simply Tokens by GameGunner5

A token mod created for DIGITAL REALITY: HARDWIRED. These tokens are UNCRAFTABLE.

Simply Transmogrification by smbarbour

Transmutation without everything else

Simply more Mod by

Eine Mod, wo man halt mehr sachen hat, vor allem Rezepte

SimplyAutoSwitch by Gods



Can't go to the nether? No probem! Install this and you won't need to go to the nether again!


This Mod adds lots of Improvements and a new dimension


Pot brownies, blunts, and, simply, marijuana farming!

Simulated Nights by Phylogeny

Simulates the passage of time when sleeping through the night by ticking tile entities and randomly ticking blocks proportional to the amount of time skipped. Also adds a command to simulate (and optionally set/add) time.

Single Player Commands by sijobe, q3hardcore, Lamp-Post, aucguy

Adds various commands to minecraft


This is anSingular mod

Singularities by Shadows_of_Fire

Extreme compression

Sinhika's Bark by Sinhika

Adding harvestable tree bark, tools, and recipes that use it.

Sink or Swim by Alsender

Disables swimming in Minecraft


This is an example mod

SioulMod by SioulZockt, MCreator

Enter short description here

Sir's Mod by SirNiloc

Adds 12 ores, 13 armor sets, 12 tool sets, more blocks, and food!

Siren Mod by mcrafter

Sirens galore!

Sirius MC

New blocks, materials, and fuel for your industry.


This is an example mod