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TF2 Dispenser by pitman-87

Adds TF2 Dispenser to Minecraft... yay!

TF2 Items by Teotw

Health and Ammo Pickups à la TF2 in Minecraft. Built: 12/12/13 05:06 PM

TF2 Mod

Adds TF2 Items to Minecraft

TF2 Sentry by pitman-87

Adds TF2 Sentry to Minecraft... yay!

TF2 Sentry by pitman-87

Adds a TF2 Sentry to minecraft

TF2 Stuff Mod by rafradek

Characters, weapons

TF2 TeamAddon by pitman-87

TF2 TeamAddon for Teleporter, Sentry and Dispenser... yay!

TF2 Teleporter by pitman-87

Adds TF2 Teleporter to Minecraft... yay!

TFC Animals Plus by ァ6Bletchァr

ァbThis mod adds the entities in the Animals Plus mod into TerraFirmaCraft ァa0.79.18.ァr

TFC Botania Compatibility by vidaj

Integrates Botania with TFC

TFC Crop Index by Peffern

This mod alters TFC's crops system to allow for easier extensibility

TFC Cupelling Mod by §6meltafire§r

§bThis mod adds additional refining by smelting recipies for use with TerraFirmaCraft §a79.20.§r

TFC Engineer by Fair

Terra firma craft engineer addon

TFC InGameWiki Addon by §6AnodeCathode§r

§bThis mod adds InGameWiki support for use with TerraFirmaCraft §a0.79.21.§r

TFC Metal Index by Peffern

Extend TFCs metal system for better extensibility

TFC Pewter by Peffern

This mod adds a Pewter alloy used in cookware to TerraFirmaCraft.

TFC Primitive Technology AddOn by Wahazar, aleksey

�bThis mod adds Slinghot and advanced leather and paper processing for use with TerraFirmaCraft �a0.79.29.�r

TFC Progressive Pack Helper Mod by �6Wahazar�r

�bThis mod is designed to work together with TerraFirmaCraft Progressive Pack �a0.79.29.�r

TFC Railcraft Compatibility by vidaj

Fixes recipes and makes Railcraft usable with TFC

TFC Scales by Chogata, AcidMaker

Scales for precise food dividing in TerraFirmaCraft

TFC Seasonal Events by Zero_ui9

Adds configurable seasonal mob events, based off Don't Starve

TFC Tweaker by JAWolfe

Provides Minetweaker support for Terrafirmacraft 0.79.28.

TFC Udary Mod by Udary, Bletch

This mod adds additional functionality for use with TerraFirmaCraft 79.

TFC Wells by Peffern

This mod adds Wells to TerraFirmaCraft that can be used to produce Fresh Water.

TFC-Additions by raymondbh

Additions to TerraFirmaCraft

TFC-Tweaks by Dries007

Some small tweaks to the vanilla TerraFirmaCraft gameplay

TFCNT by lipki

TerraFirmaCraft need that.

TFCWailaPlugin by

Waila plugin for TerraFirmaCraft

TFCWedge by Konlii

TFC_AdvancedBlueprint by anion155

TerraFirmaCraft add-on. The main purpose is to make blueprint item more flexible.

TFCsu by all

TFC.SU Server Addon for TerraFirmaCraft.

TFICore by fabbe50 aka Teemo

Base mod for all The Fifth Idiot mods.


The Mixer Mod add mixed swords that you can craft!

TIS-3D by Sangar

TIS-100 inspired low-tech computing for Minecraft.

TIXeno by Lyinginbedmon

To Infinity and secondary mouths!

TKO Cement by mitchytko

You want Cement? No? Oh well this is awkward...

TMD Mod by zeuslightning125

The Mining Dead Server's custom zombie mod & more.


Your favorite heros in a half shell in Minecraft


This is my mod

TNB Gilded Armor by TehNoiseBomb

Adds gilded versions of vanilla armors to Minecraft

TNT by SimJoo

More TNT in Minecraft! Who doesn't want that?

TNT Placer by Generic Slamwich, MCreator

Place TNT. That's all it does.


TNT drops all over the world!





TNTSchafTimer by MysteriousHacks

Zeigt dir einen Timer fuer TNT Schafe

TNTUtils by ljfa

More control over explosions




The official TNW cape mod

TODO List by tiffit

This mod allows you to create a TODO list that can store all of the tasks that you wish to do.

TOP Addons by DrManganese

TheOneProbe support for some mods.


This mod adds gems that give you tp for the DBC mod

TPPI Tweaks by tterrag, wha-ha-ha

Does some useful stuff for the TPPI modpack.


TRay by Tobolobo

Kind of an xray for the block you're holding. Hotkey is F7 :)

TSON Craft by Cobbs

For that hardcore survival experience

TSWM by Arcade_Fever & TSWM Modding Team, MCreator

The Star Wars Mod is in alpha. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE!

TTFMod by Attenboro


TTLIB by Tmzasz

Libary mod for my mods.

TTMPModCore by Tictim

Nice shit for you

TUMAT by canitzp

Tell us more about this.

TW-Info by BeefCoRE WorkSpace:TPCoRE, BeefCoRE WorkSpace:QEDflandre

Add info for minecraft

TYNKYN by DarKnighT_0_9

Things You Never Knew You Needed.

Tab Modifier

A Simple Tab Manager Plugin based on Luckperms

Tab Overlay by Arcaratus

Adds in an inventory overlay on when you press TAB