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MLG Bucket by Aycy

Automatically use water bucket to avoid fall damage.

MLGHelper by Oskaaar

Hilft dir beim MLG durch automatische H�henberechnung


Quick Scope Here :D

MLP Mythical Creatures Mod

Includes MLP Creatures, ponies and other things.

MLP Mythical Creatures Mod by Twilicorn(HurricaneSHLBHP)

Includes MLP Creatures and other things.


Some new blocks.

MMCLogger by Leelawd93

MMCReboot by Leelawd93

MMCRestrict by Leelawd93

A simple item restriction plugin


Force players to read and accept the rules.


A real time ticket system

MMD Buckets by dshadowwolf

Adds buckets of all materials registered with MMDLib


MMD in Minecraft!

MMDLib by TheCodedOne, DarkHax, Ferdinand (FEX___96)

MMEP by Dave40K

Mighty Muffin Expansion Pack


Extension for the MMM.


MMM's Library.

MMORPG MOD by robertx22

MMORPG for singleplayer

MMP by MC_PixelHD & BigHead98

This mod is still a work in progress :)


This is an example mod

MNU by abecderic

High-tech power generation

MOAR Stone Tools by Porkchop

Tools made of (MOAR) stone.

MOAT by SupGamer NL, MCreator

This mod adds tons of new things, new ores, blocks, amrour, tools and weapons! Even some food items, isn't that great?! In the latest version of the mod I've changed some things about the armour hitpoints and the swords, it's all balanced out now!


official group


This is an example mod


MODPACK2 By JacketCh

MODZOIC by Conquerorelmas

Mod rajoutant des dinosaures.


This is an example mod

MOMO Mod by MaXxPro, MCreator

El Mod de MOMO creado originalmente para AnthonyCraft y hecho por MaXxProYT

MOSPack Mod by TensorTime

A mod developed for the My Own Sink pack on Curse

MOre Beta 1.11.2 by KWaB90

Beta WARNING: Dimension and armor still WIP Texture may not load!!


Epopee Libre


Epopée Libre


This is an example modEL


Epopee Libre

MPGuardForMCEconomy2 by Azel

MP lost guard for MCEconomy2


Maximal Perception Mod+

MPSMods by Lucas_gamer13

Veja a sua velocidade em tempo real!

MPUtils by GenDeathrow, Darkosto

will add various tools for modpack developers

MR Mod by Thornbush42

Designed for use with Mystikal Revolution modpack, this mod adds Carbyne items and ores, as well as a few minecraft hot-fixes

MRK's Ranked Cosemtics Mod by MRKDaGods

Client sided ranked cosmetics

MS Utilities

underground shelters and starter kits

MSU: OpenBlocks Reborn by MSandro

OpenBlocks Reborn

MSU: OpenBlocks Stuff by MSandro

OpenBlocks Stuff

MT-Addon by The Phoenix Team

A Phoenix Team addon for MineTweaker

MT: Garden Arsenal by [Lezly_Gaming], MCreator

This mod adds a few weapons and guns, but not the average ones.

MTLib by Jaredlll08

MTS Caterpillar Pack

A Caterpillar Construction Pack for MTS!

MTS Heavy Industrial Pack by AdamRK

Official MTS cargo pack. Made for VERY heavy loads!

MTS Official Vehicle Pack

The Official Vehicle Pack for MTS!

MTS Trin part Pack

Trin car parts for MTS!

MTS civil Vehicle Pack

Civil Vehicles for MTS!

MTS military Vehicle Pack

Military Vehicles for MTS!

MTTM by MiningMark48

Custom blocks and items for the Masstech mod pack.

MTech by Yagoki

Science lost with the ancients

MUDCraft by 4f6f3b

A mod for 4f6f3b's Fossils and Archeology Server.


Enter short description here

MUTCD Signs Pack by imtheman100

Contains signs from the MUTCD in block form.

MWCooldowns by Disregard

Cooldown tracker for hypixel's Mega Walls

MY Commands

SMP Commands

MZTraders Mod

MZMod part - traders, for IMSR

Mac Mod by Macintoshuser_2

Adds in new stones, materials, weapons, tools and more!


Mod Machette

Machine Factory by zkiller20

New tech mods

Machine Power Craft by MrDimkas_Studio

This is a tech-bases mod. It adds loads of new machines and generators to Minecraft.

Machine Power Craft by Zeitheron

MachineMuse's Modular Powersuits by MachineMuse

A mod which adds modular power armor, power tool, and a tinker table to configure them. Uses UniversalElectricty or IC2 for energy.

MachineMuse's Modular Powersuits by MachineMuse

A mod which adds modular power armor, power tool, and a tinker table to configure them. Uses UniversalElectricty or IC2 for energy.

armor tech survival


Maquinaria para Minecraft


Maquinaria extra para Minecraft