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A Minecraft Twitch mod like for streaming platform


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Hive365 by JCBJoe, Electromuis

Listen to Hive365 within minecraft! Commands: /choon, /poon, /djftw, /request, /shoutout, /hive365, /tune


Created By MrEmixam


This is an example mod

Hlestakov's Screwdriver by nixhlestakov


Hobo's Dyeable Chickens by hoborific

Dyeable Chickens for your pleasure.


The grand expansion to 1.8


try to resolve compatibility

HoestryForMinecraft by eyeq

�ق����Ƃ�[�ӂ��[�܂��񂭂�ӂ�......Hoe Hoe and Hoe

Hollowing by Darkmainiac

Adds a Dark Souls inspired death penalty system to survival Minecraft.


Holographic inventory screens!

Holograms by RandomByte

HolographicVictoryMonument by abecderic

Display your achievments proudly.


Mod conçu pour Holyfire 7

Home Security by ExampleDude

A mod that adds in home security

HomeSweetHome by NanobotZ

NanobotZ's mod, which is adding home and sethome commands.

Homecraft Mineware by AtomicBlom, Rorax


This mod adds food and drinks to the game!

Homestead Companion by Wes Cook

An addon mod to bridge compatibility in the Homestead modpack.



Hookt by codetaylor

Configurable fishing drop rules.

Hopper Ducts by FyberOptic

Adds hopper ducts, which are item transport blocks functionally similar to hoppers, but capable of sending items in any direction.

Hopper Ducts by FyberOptic

Adds hopper ducts, which are item transport blocks functionally similar to hoppers, but capable of sending items in any direction.

Hopper Steel by Asatsuki

Cheaper Hopper.


Add more horror to Minecraft with the Horror Mod D:!


This mod adds in 7 new mobs, Freddy Kruger, Jason Voohres, Micheal Myers, Leatherface, a Vampire, Werewolf and Hellspawn mob. There are some awesome powerful weapons such as the CHAINSAW, Kruger Claws, Machete, or Micheal Myers Blade. This mod adds in three new ores Silver, Dead Mans Blood, and Salt. Two new armours have been added along with a Mask (Jasons). There are two new structures added, a cabin in the woods, and a gravestone with 6 different varients. This mod also adds in some candy, two versions. One which gives you a buff and other which just gives hunger back. There are three candys in total red (strength), Blue (speed) and Green (haste). This mod also adds in two guns. A pistol and a shotgun with a upgraded version. There are also two ambient songs, The Micheal Myers Theme and the Jaws theme. So i think that covers it. feel free to do mod spotlights on it or add into any modpack you dont need permission

Horse Color Wand by bjbinc

Change your horse's color with the wave of your magic wand

Horse Power by Gory_Moon

A mods that adds a horse powered grindstone.

Horse Stats by Mr_Little_Kitty

Shows the stats of horses

Horse Stats Jump&Speed Viewer by MasterBit

Shows jump and speed stats for horses

Horse Stats V1.11.2 by lothrazar, Geektor_

Show the statistics of the horse you ride in the F3.

Horse Tweaks by BlayTheNinth

Adds upgrades for horse saddles, such as frost walker and feather fall. Plus minor tweaks for convenience.

Horse Upgrade Food by Lothrazar

Carrots that upgrade your horses heath, speed, jump height, change its colour, and can transform it into a zombie or skeleton horse.

HorseAccessories by MorpheusZero

Adds recipes for horse armor, saddles, and nametags. Also spawns horses in more biomes.


Mod to add a recipe of Horse Armor.


let's you craft diamond horse armour


This mod add horse armor and saddle crafting recipies!


This mod adds some horse related items !

HorseInfo by rumickon

Show horses stats (health, jump strength, speed and owner nickname).


HorseInfoReloaded is inspired by HorseInfo(by TTTA2)

Horseplay by DrCeph

Tools for horses

HosCore by Hossam Mohsen

A required mod for all Hossam Mohsen (HosCraft-7osCraft) mods!


Enter short description here

Hostage Mod by Ry_dog101

A Hostage Mod

Hostile Drops by Barodas

Adds alternative crafting methods to obtain hostile mob drops.

Hostile Mobs and Girls

Added new Hostile Mobs and Girls!


This is an example mod

Hot Green Fire by TehSomeLuigi

A simple mod that adds a new Flint & Steel capable of creating Hot Green Fire, fire like it was in the olden days.

Hot Water Mod

Add more liquids and new fuel into the game

Hot-Swappable Armor by TheMattyBoy

A mod that allows you to at the click of a button switch between armor pieces without having to open your inventory.


Enjoy some of Grandma's delicious Hot Cocoa!


This Mod Adds Masks From Hotline Miami Game

HotOrNot by Buuz135

Is this hot?

Hotbar Changer by Aginsun

Change your hotbar instantly

Hotbar Tweaks by Zurrox

Adding extra slots to access your inventory via your Hotbar

Hotkey Ore Dictionary Converter by MattDahEpic

Converts specified ore dictionary items on keybinding.




HouseSpawnMod (Demo)

Housing Kick by Sk1er

You become god.

Housing Saver by bugfroggy

Mod that will watch for messages in your Housing chat in order to save their position.

Hoverboard Mod by Arkif by Arkif100

Experience futuristic hoverboards in Minecraft.

How to Train Your Minecraft Dragon by The HTTYMD Team, To Many People

The Mod based on How to Train your Dragon (movie) which adds everything from the franchise. From small daggers to Boss Dragons and everything in betweens. Try out Hiccups Glide Suit or the Crossbow, or you could fly your very own, loyal dragon named what you want them to.

Howling Moon by Raz

Unleash the beast inside.

Huaji Age by LH_Lshen

A Minecraft 1.8.9-1.10.2 Forge Mod Loader Tutorial by LH_Lshen.

HudPixel Mod by palechip

Unofficial Client Mod for the Hypixel Network.


A hud for playing MineZ!.

HuesoDeWiki by Xbony2

A small utility mod for editors of the Official FTB Wiki- automatically creates a base page in the clipboard from in-game items.

Huggable Cactuses by _Socol_

The easiest way to farm and hug cactuses!



HukidashiChat by anaso

Hukidashi Chat !