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Ex Nihilo Creatio by Insaneau, OhYea777, Jacky1356400, BloodWorkXGaming

"From nothing, with progression"

Ex Nihilo NEI Add-on by Red Rock Fowl

NEI Add-on for Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo Omnia by Raven2396

Everything from nothing.

Ex Omnia by squ1b3r

Additional compatibility for Ex Nihilo and other mods.

Ex Parvis by VpzomTrrfrt

Useful things for a skyblock world.


An mod for SkyAcademy


Adds more buckets to the game

ExFoods by Andante

Adds more foods to the game

food potion

ExGregilo by Quantum64

GregTech addon for Ex Nihlo

ExNihilo (for 1.7.2) by Erasmus_Crowley

A mod designed specifically for skyblock maps

survival skyblock

ExPContainerMod by clocka

[1.6.4] 経験値を保管するブロックを追加するMOD

ExPConverterMod by clocka

[1.6.4] 不要なブロックやアイテムを経験値に変換するMOD

ExTools by Andante

Various tools and armors

tools util

ExU2 - CER by LethalRes

Adds cursed earth ritual

ExVanilla by SlimeNamedJerry (SNJ)

Heres Some Extra Tools And Handy Gadgets To Make This Already Cool Game Interesting! If Your Reading This You Probably Have Downloaded The Mod, I Hope You Like It, And Thanks For The Support. Leave A Comment On The Forums!

ExWeaponsMod by ExcitedName

This is supposed to be a weapons mod. Right now it's a Sulfur Powder Mod.

Ex_Nihilo-Reika Bridge by Rivaryn

Small bridge mod to allow for some Reika's resources to be gathered via Ex Nihilo.

Example Mod by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

Example Mod by Lucas_gamer13

Mod de dar /tag automaticamente!

Example Mod by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

Example Mod by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

Example for JourneyMap API by TechBrew

Example mod showing how to write a plugin for the JourneyMap API.



Excalibur DayZ

Survival mod to Minecraft

Excalibur EnderBag by Fargry

Bag mod to Minecraft

Excalibur STALKER by Xssnick, Fargry, lokamp

Survival mod to Minecraft

Excalibur SoundSystem by Xssnick

Sound mod to Minecraft

ExcavationMod by hotrodman106, MCreator

This adds a wand of excavation

Exchange Orb by MattDahEpic

Simple mod for converting various vanilla resources.

Exchangers by Jacky1356400, Turkey2349

Block Exchangers.


This is a mod that contains alota stuff! And trust me it's Epic!


Mod creer par ExiLon2400


This is an example mod

ExitBook by yamato(waco)

ExlineCraft by Exline

ExlineCraft adds over 100 new items including, sandwiches, sushi, pizza, candy, new armors and tools. Also, new rare mobs to find including Bigfoot, Yeti, Albino Bat and a Nice Creeper! There are also some new crafting and furnace recipes.

ExlineCraft: Exline Tweaks by Exline

Part of ExlineCraft. Villagers drop emeralds on death, craft saddles and more!

Exotic Birds by Pavocado

The Fowlest Mod Around! Adds beautiful birds to the game, such as peacocks, woodpeckers and hummingbirds.


Bringing back the Derp Crew with other Players!

Exp Bank Mod by kanomiya

Exp Chest by jamolnng

Adds a new chest to store your experience away from mobs. Great for adventuring. Special thanks to: ess3 team, GiveMeMinecart

Exp Seedling Mod by Zacomat

Literally farm your experience!

Exp Seedling Mod by Zacomat

Literally farm your experience!


Mine and Craft Experience


Simple mini-mod which displays the current xp above the levels.

ExpPack by Darkyoooooo

Add an useful pack for you to save your xp!

Expandable Backpacks by Lellson

Small mod which adds upgradeable backpacks to the game!

Expanded Armory by mallrat208

Expanded Armory is an add-on for Balkon's WeaponMod that increases the number of materials that can be made into weapons

Expanded Enchants by Captain_Admiral

Adds a variety of new enchantments to the vanilla enchanting system

Expanded Industry by Draco18s

Adds a handful of broadly useful tools for basic industry.

Expanded Mining by reteo

Rearranges harvest levels to approximate Moh's Scale of Hardness. Conflicts with both Common Ores and Tool Repair, but provides the features of both. Also provides obsidian tools and armor. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader

Expanded Rails Mod by Smokesick, BlazeAxtrius

Adds a whole bunch of new rails included all-coloured standard rails as well as monorails, most of which specifically created to be crafted in the very new Rails Crafting Table! Enjoy :)

Expanded recipes by 1craftymamma, MCreator

Better recipes for common things

ExpandedBonemeal by Joseph C. Sible

Adds a lot of new uses for bone meal


Expanding the amount of food in Minecraft while adding realism.

ExpandedRedstone by Reika

Expanded Redstone adds a few machines and tools that make redstone more useful and powerful. They are designed to 'feel' like vanilla, but work just as well in a heavily modded environment.


This mod adds some strange string related items.


Adding just a bit more to vanilla Minecraft

Experience Cache by Wazmaster_Jastin

Store your XP in gems!

Experience Ore by MrTrollNugNug

This mod adds an ore that drops a configurable amount of experience!.

Experience Rings by MrComputerGhost

Simple Experience Rings.

Experience Store - Your safe experience bank by Valgard Trontheim (a.k.a Sven Pöche)

These modification adds a new block to save your experience points in the world. The experience points are stored separately for each player.

Experience Tools by Duggles

Things that run on Experience

ExperienceApple by Otamusan

Magic MOD!


This mod changes the experience of minecraft.

ExplansBoxxyMod by Explanationator, MCreator


Explodables by Fearitude

This mod adds many new Explosives. These are designed to be much safer and much more flexible, allowing you to control what is destroyed by the explosion.


This is an example modgrg

Exploding Chickens

Don't kill a chicken. You have been warned.

Exploding Mobs by CodeShaper

A perfect addon for any hack-n-slash map or surivial map, mobs just blow up! BOOM!

ExplorerCraft by Zeno410

ExplorerCraft allows aligning maps for display and copying overlapping sections between maps.