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This mod adds craft eggs the call and spawner

CraftingSlabs by shadowfacts

A simple mod to add slab versions of the crafting table


you Can Craft Spawneggs

CraftingTableEX by kegare

The CraftingTableEX mod.


Adds Crafting Table Recipe

Craftus Machinilorum by Trevi Awater

Extending minecraft with useful machines and tools!

CraftyTweaks by GGCrosby, MCreator

Adds crafting recipes.

CrammingPressurePlate by HoldYourWaffle

Ultra weighted pressure plate with a maximum weight of the current maxEntityCramming gamerule. Can be configured to only give out a redstone signal when the maximum cramming is reached (default) or to spread out the increase of the signal like the other pressure plates

Crankerer's Odyssey by Crankerer

Find and explor Shipwrecks!



Crappy Ores (?) by Ivorius, TripleHeadedSheep, diesieben07

Adding tons of Ores, potentially maybe not useful.

Crash by Noppes

Crash Arrow by ipipip0129

Crash Arrow Mods.

Crash Log Additions by Dyonovan

Allows pack makers to add addition information to crash logs.

Crash Reporter by big_Xplosion

Crash reporting server utility


Adds crash bandicoot boxes


N. Tropy is here with 1000 health! Can you beat him?

Crates Felt Blue by mangoose

A small mod to prevent Immersive Engineering's crates from keeping their inventory when broken.

Cravings by Darkhax

Adds cravings for random food items. Eating a desired food can give the player benefits.


Crafting recipe randomiser.

CrayTokens Lite by Paint_Ninja

A lightweight rewrite of CrayTokens by Mr_Crayfish for Minecraft 1.7.10

Craysoft Office Mod by Programmer1512

It is Microsoft Office 365 for Mr Crayfish's Device Mod

Crazy Bombs

A lot of crazy bombs.

Crazy animals by Radioactive llamas, MCreator


Crazy's Lightsabers by CrazyBroPlayz

Want some awesome starwars action then give this mod a try.

CrazyBloodwing's Nether Cows Mod by CrazyBloodwing

Have you been gotten bored of normal Minecraft with nothing new well not any more, this mod adds 4 new cows to the game and 1 new item.

CrazyFeetSponge by runescapejon

CrazyFeet Ported over to Sponge

CrazyItems by Khaled

This Is A Small But Crazy Mod

CrazyOres Core by Andy608, ISQUISHALL

CrazyOres Core acts as a base mod, that allows you to add different types of packs into your game. This opens up a variety of different gameplay depending on what packs you have installed!


This is an example mod

Creative Additions by SourceCoded

This is Creative Additions, a mod which helps you a whole bunch if you work on the creative side

opensource productivity creative lightweight

Creative Blocks by squeek

Allows specified blocks to be placed as if the player was in creative mode

Creative Cheats

Tools for creative.

Creative Tab Randomiser by Chocohead

The creative tab order is not terribly exciting. What would make it more exciting is change. Lots and lots of change.

Creative Tools by whitefang57

Useful creative tools for use in survival

Creative+ by Tschipp

Creative Plus adds a bunch of useful tools to creative mode. It also re-adds Items for Blocks that previously had none


Simple tool for modpacks creators

CreepGaming Mod by CreeperShift

Adds items needed for the HardPack to function.

CreepTech by A_Villager, Capn_Kirok

CreepTech is the name of advanced technology developed by Creepers, undiscovered until just recently by intrepid adventurers. Also includes the beautiful Quantum Dimension, filled with dangerous mobs bent on world domination. The only way to stop the spread of the Quantum Invasion is to enter this dangerous world, defeat the Quantum Crystal Monster, and save your planet from utter destruction!

Creeper Drops by zero4q, BunnYcilla4q

Adds some creeper drops

Creeper Queen Revived by Hawktalon

This mod adds the Creeper Queen, a giant creeper boss who spawns in creepers to defend herself.

Creeper Spores by garndesh

Creepers are worse than ever

Creeper Temper by Vazkii

Creepers turn red as they start to ignite, if they're too far to ignite they'll always be green. Stay safe!


Are creepers to easy for you? If they are this mod is for you adding more creepers such as firecreepers and lightning creepers

Creeper-Spider Mod by Icedice9

This mod adds a new scary monster to Minecraft. The mutated creeper-spider!

CreeperChicks by DoctorWiggles

Bread and raise Creeper infused Chickens.

CreeperCollateral by denoflions

Creeper Collateral exposes the rate at which explosions drop block items in a config file. Vanilla minecraft is 0.3. This mod sets the default to 1.0 so no block is ever completely destroyed by a creeper.



This mod add random and realistic things into minecraft


Disfruta de una creeper energy y de muchas mas cosas!

CreeperHost by Ellpeck, Cloudhunter, K4Unl

Mod which allows you to purchase a server in game, and view server stats!

CreeperHost by Ellpeck, Cloudhunter

Mod which allows you to purchase a server in game

CreeperHostServer by Cloudhunter

Companion server side mod to allow you to pregen chunks


ADDS CREEPER RAP~!!!!!!!!!!!!!~WOW

Creeperade by elias54

A mod that will allow you to use Creepers as ammo to your grenade launcher !


Creeperland adds new a new dimension, tools, ores, weapons and a new boss


An alternative to endermites, tiny little creeper demons!


this is still work in progres. I will update shortley


Brand new creepers to make your world more explode-y!

CreepersNoCreeping by MorpheusZero

Creepers burn in the sun, can't swim and explode in water, and are afraid of snowmen


Along Came Josh Creepy Mobs


This is an example mod

CreepyPastaCraft by Phuck_Yu_too, The_NetZ

Player beware, you're in for a scare!