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Configurable Health by kandivia

Adjust Player and Mob Health Via Config File

Configurable Lever by SkySom

Mod which adds Configurable Lever

Conflux Cubes by Jaredlll08, Darkhax

Adds blocks with randomized effects. Has Twitch integration!

ConfusionCanceller by Ferne

Built against Forge

Conglomerate by SnappyDragon (Pengu61151), Judacraz

This KAGIC add-on adds in a variety of new gems.

Connected Glass

Connected textures for glass blocks and panes (clear and stained).

Conquest Reforged by Leondonis/Origines, CreativeRealmsMC, JD95, Flynthe, Jugbot, Monsterfish

Adding over 800 new blocks, and more!


Enter short description here

Consecration by C4

Makes the undead unkillable except through fire and holy damage

Consensus by pie_flavor

Allows players to vote for things to happen.

Console Filter by ChaosTheDude

Keeps your console looking fresh.

Console HUD by Fuzs

Bringing over HUD features from Console Edition.

Console locker by Xakep_SDK

Locks console with specific password

ConstantE by MaxterDesigner, MCreator

Machine Upgrade

Construct's Armory by C4

A Tinkers' Construct add-on for those looking to enter the world of armor

Container by snowstep115

Simple Infinite Storage.

Container capture

Can capturing containers by the Silk touch tools.

ContainerFix by Ferne

ContainerFix by Tschipp

Fixes Containers not closing properly when TileEntities are destroyed

ContentTweaker by Jaredlll08

Allows you to create items, blocks and Tinkers construct materials via ZenScript.

Continous Music by Frinn

A mod to listen what music you want

Contraptions by Vanhal

Minecraft mod that provides various contraptions

ControlCraft by Stjubit

The official ControlCraft Mod

Controllable by MrCrayfish

Controlled Burn by Laike_Endaril

Fast fire, slow fire, much fire, no fire! Control fire spread speeds and conditions!

Controller Block by Controller Block Mod Team

Controls Saved by Le Duy Quang

Save Minecraft controls as presets for quick setting.

Convenient Additions by Necro

Convenient Additions is a utility mod that aims to improve the vanilla Minecraft experience by adding a multitude of quality of life items and blocks.

Convenient Clay by UntouchedWagons

Make crafting stained clay easier!

Convenient Glass

Make crafting stained glass easier!

Convenient Items by HellerTech

A mod for storing items and speeding up smelting

Conventional Chat by asiekierka, Vexatos

Chat tweaks that may be familiar to you.

Conversion Mod by Andreas Hiller

A mod that converts some items and blocks into another item or block like the Minium Stone in Equivalent Exchange 3 but with a conversion table.

Cooked Flesh Mod by WesleySnipes

A simple little mod to put all that rotten flesh to use.

Cookie Clicker

A mod that adds Cookie Clicker to Minecraft! (And a few easter eggs... ;)

Cookie Core by Ephys

Libs for my mods.

Cookie Mod - All about Cookies by letsplayer007 (letsi)

More Cookies in Minecraft. Make a Pickaxe and mine Cookie Ore to craft a Cookie Block in a Cookie Biome or many many more Things. Changelog: [alpha v0.4] - Added new Block Cookie Stair - Added new Block Cookie Trapdoor - Added new Block Cookie Door - Added new Block Cookie Fence Gate - Added new Block Cookie Ladder - Added new Block Cookie Fence - Added new Block Cookie Button - Added new Block Cookie PresurePlate - Added new Item Cookie Stick - Added new Tool Cookie Ender Stick - Added new Food Ender Cookie - Added new Food Ender Chocolate Sprinkles

Cookie Obsession Mod by GameGunner5

Cookies? COOKIES!

Cookie-Cat by Tymgus 45, MCreator

Adds Cookie Cat from popular show called Steven Universe


This mod implements the delicious treat known as cookie cat from steven universe... he left his family behind


Mod dodajacy ciasteczka


Cookie Mod: the sequel


this mod is breathed in God cookie then you are as a mod in alpha want to say at the beginning

Cookies And Cream

Adds a few tool types and materials. Also adds a super sword. Has a few instant structure blocks and easter eggs, too. Might update. It is called cookies and cream because of an analogy. Vanilla is to unmodded as Chocolate is to modded. See if you can figure it out!:)

Cookies+ by manmaed, Loneztar, UnRealDinnerbone


Cooking Unlimited by Janpoizz

Extra food for Minecraft 1.12.2

Cooking for Blockheads by BlayTheNinth

Cooking for Blockheads by BlayTheNinth

Adds a cooking book and multiblock kitchens that only shows recipes you can make with what you currently have in your inventory.

Cooking with TFC by StrayWolfe

Extends the diversity of cooking with TerraFirmaCraft 0.79.29.

Cool Creatures 1.1 by Gamer43, MCreator

Enter short description here

Cool Gadgets by PanSzelescik

This mod adds a few gadgets


Adds a ton of new mobs!

CoolTech by MCAdventureCity

An Awesome Tech Mod


Adds new weapons.

Coolbiomes by Gameplayer86371

A Mod that adds cool new biomes.

Cooldowns by canelex

Parses scoreboard values and displays them on your screen.


Coolers to feed you.

Coolers by gudenau, shadowreaperx

Adds coolers that feed you!

Coords Tracker by nbcss

Track Coord

Coper's Menu Mod by Coper

Changes main menu and ingame menu.

Copious Dogs by Dramentiaras, Neko81795, Cryztal, wolfpupKG52

Copious Dogs adds a bunch of dogs in minecraft and new ways to interact with them!

Copper Tools by goldenapple

A mod that adds tools made out of copper and (soon) other crazy ingots!

CopperCoin Mobs Mod by Quieteroks

Sepicial for CopperCoin Mobs Mod.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Copy Folders in new Worlds by Filloax

Allows to automatically copy certain folders in new worlds.

Copy Multiplayer World by Knoxz, Idlehumor, Slind

This mod can be used to save a part of a Multiplayer world to a new Singleplayer World.

Copy Paste by joshiejack

Copies contents from config/copy to new or existing worlds.

Copy Wand by Julian M <jmeyer2k, SonicBoy2k>

Copies stuff.

CopyCoords by LCastr0

Simply copy your current location!


An example of the schematic API.


Enter short description here

Corail Pillar by §9Corail

§eAdd different kinds of pillar blocks.