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Custom Mob Drops by wildbill22

A mod for Minecraft that allows you to configure custom drops for vanilla Minecraft mobs.

Custom Music Discs by pifou92000

Add your own music discs to Minecraft !

Custom NEI Plugins by GWYOG

A forge mod which allows players to make custom NEI plugins by writing json files.

Custom NPC Spawner by Jaredlll08

copies folders.

Custom NPC Tweaks by austinv11

A tweak mod for CustomNPCs

Custom Ore Generation by JRoush, noogenesis

Allows the player to customize how ore is generated.

Custom Ore Generation: First Revival by JRoush, noogenesis

Allows the player to customize how ore is generated.

Custom Paintings by MrDimkas_Studio

Allows players to draw custom paintings.

Custom Pets by A_villager, Capn_Kirok

Make your own Custom Inventory Pets! Choose your own name, abilities, ability levels, foods, textures, colors, and sounds. Level up your pets and learn new abilities.

Custom RPG by Gink

Custom RPG.

Custom Recipes by anti344, TheBoo

Create your own recipes without any coding knowledge!

Custom Server Items by olee, ForgeEssentials

Allows to create custom items on a running server

Custom Sky Mod by canelex

Allows you to quickly and easily switch your skybox.

Custom Sounds by zoonie

Play your own sounds for almost anything that happens in Minecraft.

Custom Stuff 2

Create your own items, blocks, recipes and more.

Custom Stuff 4 by CubeX2

Add content to Minecraft

Custom Sword By Kelco_K22

Customize your sword using 21 blades, 21 hilts and 3 gems

Custom Talisman by GamingUniverse6981

Example placeholder mod.

Custom Tinkerer by Stacra

Adds a variety of new modifiers to Tinkers' Construct.

Custom Tools Mod by BronzeBee

This mod allows you to craft pickaxes, swords, axes, hoes & shovels from ANY block

Custom Trades Mod by supercat765

A Mod That Allows Map/MiniGame Makers in game custom trade generation.

Custom Trees by Phobophobe

Adds a sapling which lets you infinitely customize your trees

Custom Trees by ljfa

A mod that lets you make a tree with custom logs.

Custom Tweaks by Darkhax

A serries of tools to customize a Minecraft instance

Custom UUM Values by mak326428

Adds config for every single IC2 UUM recipe.

Custom XP by SuperJedi224

Allows configuration of mob XP values.


Adds user-configurable commands for different chat formats.

CustomClient 2 by ExampleDude


CustomCubicTCFix by CursedFlames

Small mod to fix thaumcraft vis not generating in custom cubic worlds

CustomDrones by WilliamEze

Add customizable and fully functioning drones into the game

CustomItems by InfinityRaider

Add your own custom items and blocks (use with Minetweaker for maximum profit)

CustomLAN Reborn by Sqeegie

A remake of the CustomLAN mod by CptHunter.

CustomLanPort Mod by wwrpg

Sets LAN port to a configurable number, 54321 default.

CustomNpcs by Noppes DarkSignal

The Custom Npcs mod lets you create your own npcs and lets you customize them how you want

CustomPort by afdw

Mod that adds LAN server port select box.


Fancy Selection boxes!

CustomSkinLoader by xfl03

Custom Skin Loader for Minecraft

CustomSkinModFix by xfl03

Mod fix for CustomSkinLoader.


This is a awesome mod for crafting spawn eggs and spawners

CustomTAG Mod by RankTW

Custom TAG mod.

CustomTaskBar Mod by runescapejon

CustomTaskBar mod. Made by ModdedNetwork Developers

CustomUI by Turkey2349

Provides small tweaks to UI features

CustomWorldStart by carliman

Customgen by mickelus

Allows users to build so called 'gens' to add custom made features to the world generation. Gens may be shared with others.

Customizable Armors Mod by V3thos

Customizable Armors Mod is a mod that gives futuristic armors and items ranging from cores upgrade and many other customizable options.

Customizable Spawners by nickfromgreek

I like to spawn it, spawn it

CustomizableRings by Asatsuki256

Let's construct your own ring.

Cut by loukl

a loukl mod

Cute Hamster Mod by manmaed

Adds Cute Hamsters To the game!

Cute Mob Models by _jx, SCMowns, yarrmateys

remake of the abandoned japanese mod, with all new models by me.


Mod dos youtubers da ADR

CutePuppyMod by manmaed


Cutting Edge by TTFTCUTS

A compilation of small mods in one place.

CvC Plus Mod by Notoh, MrHesus, OrangeMarshall

Improves the CvC experience!

Cwelth Double Trouble tweaks by ZigTheHedge

Additional tweaks for CwelthDT modpack

Cyancraft by Cyan_, JJ, Widdle, Xander_Kann, Presto575, and Potato_4

Linking the future to the past!

Cyanide v1.0 by dewgs

Dewgs cheaterinos.


This is an example mod