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Ender-Rift by gigaherz

The Powered Bottomless Storage System

Ender-Sausages by Janus122333

This mod adds ender-sausages. WIP

Ender-Thermic Pump Mod by Zandra

A pump that mimics Extra Utilitie's Ender-Thermic Pump

EnderBags by Gigabit101


This is a mod that adds a new plant, bucket and foods to minecraft


EnderBone Mod


This is an example mod


New world idea

EnderClock by mDiyo

Testing in progress!




Library mod used by EnderIO, EnderZoo, and others

EnderDragon Tools by nokturnusmf

A mod that adds a much greater reward for defeating the EnderDragon!

EnderExpand by bunnyvodkahunter, MCreator

A W.I.P. minecraft mod with a lot of items around th end theme.

EnderGlove by warlordjones, Surseance, Rongmario, Snurly

The power of the End in your fist.

EnderGloves by warlordjones, Surseance, Rongmario, Snurly

The power of the End in your fist.


EnderGun Mod

EnderHunter919's Random Stuff by enderhunter919, MCreator

Thank you for installing the mod, please enjoy it.


This is an example mod

EnderNet by asie

opensource addon tech


Adds mineable ender pearls!


The end is near...



EnderPay by kamildanak

Adds Economy to your Forge server.



EnderProof by FyberOptic

Prevents Endermen from picking up blocks.


Random Recipe I came up with

EnderStorage by ChickenBones

Stores your stuff in the END! Credits: Ecu - original idea, design, chest and pouch texture Rosethorns - tank model Soaryn - tank texture


EnderStuff+ Mod by SanAndreasP

A mod which adds a bunch of stuff into the End, ranging from mobs over ores to functional blocks and tools.

EnderTech by drayshak

Ender themed technological expansion.

EnderTweaker by Shadows_of_Fire

CraftTweaker + EnderIO


This is a mod that adds in ender-related items


Enter short description here

Endercows Mod by MineHe

Endercows 2.0!!


This is an example mod

Enderfragments by Janek

The Enderfragments Mod adds Ender Ores which spawn below layer 40 and drop Ender fragments. It adds two new tiers of tools, the Ender Tools and the Ultimate Ender Tools. Ender Tools are as good as Diamond Tools, but have much less durability. They are crafted using Ender fragments. Ultimate Ender Tools are double as fast as Diamond Tools and deal more damage, but are also really expensive.

Enderfuge by TheMasterGeneral

Increased output from smelting vanilla armor/weapons.

Endergetic by SnappyDragon64 (Pengu61151), Camcamcamcam

This mod aims to expands upon The End by adding a variety of features to the barren landscape along with alien flora and fauna to make it livelier.

Endergizer by Shadowfacts

Wireless Tesla batteries!


This is an example mod

Enderium Power Armor by tterrag

opensource armor tech

Enderium Tools by Assassin00

Adds Enderium tools. #BlameAce


Use the power of the end for strange uses! From mining to a mob farm, the power of the end can complete these tasks!

Enderman Evolution by TheRealp455w0rd

Adds Frienderman and Evolved Enderman

Enderman No Pickup Blocks by Me

Enderman No Pickup Blocks.

Endermanage by FyberOptic

Allows you to control which blocks Endermen can carry.

Enderthing by gigaherz

Shared inventories with chests and keys

Endgame by Alz454

Endless City by Julian Hyde

Creates a vast empty city, to be explored and destroyed. Explore and city and try to return life to this ravaged land

Endless Dungeons by guhenry3

A mod where you explore The Dungeons, until you reach the non-existent end

Endless Traverse by MysticalHerobine

A one-of-a-kind unique experience that builds on the long loved vanilla style of minecraft.

EndlessDragons by Yoogain, NihilistDandy, Foxxmike11

Let's add a bunch of terrible things to the end.


This is an example mod



Endthereal by SnappyDragon64

This mod expands upon The End.

EnemyReachDisplay by VopEx

Display the potential reach of your enemy. NOT 100% ACCURATE

EnergeticSheep by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Sheep that generate energy

Energy Arsenal by knoxhack

Tesla Arsenal adds tools and weapons that use the energy of Tesla, the energy system added by the Tesla API.

Energy Converters by xalcon

A mod to freely convert between IC2 EU and RF power

Energy Drinks Mod by KeeperofMee

Simply a mod that adds energy drinks!

Energy From Matter by RedmenNL

Use EMC for other things than transmutation!

Energy Manipulator by Graknol

Turn matter into other kinds of matter!


Energy Matter(s) by shadow578

Energy Meter by orblazer

Socket IO and other CC peripherals

Energy Shields by leety4

A mod that adds energy shielding to minecraft.

Energy Sphere

Adds an item that can be used to store and retrieve experience levels.

Energy To Food by TheUnderTaker11

Adds a ring to turn RF into food.

EnergyAdditions by Thunderbird(Thunder), SylCode

Energy shields, sabers, updaters and more


This is power


This is the energy swords mod (WIP)

EnergySynergy by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Transparent conversion of energy

EnetBridge by Player

IC2-x Energy Net Bridge.

Engination by Falkreon

FANCY creative blocks for the Discerning Lazor Enthusiast

Engineer's Decor by wile

Adds cosmetic blocks for the engineer's workshop, factory and home.

Engineer's Doors by Nihiltres

Adds doors and trapdoors made from treated wood and steel.

Engineer's Toolbox

Engineer's Toolbox is a tech mod with a focus on customization. It's based around blocks called sockets which can have modules installed on their sides to serve various functions. Different modules can do everything from simple redstone logic, to generating energy

opensource tech

Engineering mod by Phyn

Engineering mod seed