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adding objects

EIORecipesTEInductionSmelter by XFactHD

This mod/addon adds the ability to create EIO alloys in the TE Induction Smelter.


This is a mod that adds a lot of tools, armors and other things!


more to come, but lots now!

EMC Condenser Mod by LatvianModder

This mod adds EMC Condenser, that you can use to transmutate items

EMC Condenser Mod by LatvianModder

This mod adds EMC Condenser, that you can use to transmutate items

EMC Shop Locator by Giselbaer

Locate shop signs on Empire Minecraft, and keep a database of them

EMCValuesDump by FTB_lag

Simple mod for dump EMC values.



EMOD by flame_tuner

Mod para HardcoreGames MCPVP

EMP Append by leety4

A mod that makes androids not immune to EMP strikes.



EP Detector by RagequitByMichel

A mod with some detector features for bedwars.

EPS Mod by MysteriousHacks

Zeigt dir EP Staerke an

EPicSword by smartmachine, EPicSword

This is a good mod!

ET Lunar by ValkyrieofNight

ET Lunar is an addon for Environmental Tech adding some lunar themed multiblocks.


By Mojang Tnx For Download

EU - RF Crossover by tloader11, mijmezelfenik

Finally, the long awaited crossover mod by the PowerMon team!

EU slashblade by KevinWalker

EU slashblade

EU-MJ Engine by Chocohead

Provides conversion between IndustrialCraft and BuildCraft energy

EU/MFR Integration by bdew

opensource tech addon


With this mod, conqure villages!



EXBot by Redstoneberater


EXCore by Elix_x

Elix'x Core

EXP Ore Mod

The ore which can obtain EXP, the Block using EXP, an Item, a Tool, etc. are added


Linkseyi's ModMaker


Create By JacketCh


This is mod adds new sword features to the game.



EZ Extended by sblectric

Useful additions to EZStorage

EZ Storage by zerofall

Storage: Simplified.


EZBlocks adds more blocks to Minecraft!

EZGapples by IWillRekU3206

EZer Gapples

EZHud by KodingKing1

A mod that will let you render custom text to the screen!


EZTools adds tools to minecraft!


Adds tool to Minecraft!


This mod adds cool things to your game

Eagle Factions by Aquerr

A factions plugin that will make managing your battle-server easier. :)


This mod adds armor you can get in early game.

Earth Life by Betkekk

This mod adds new animals to the game

Earth Stones 1.12.2 beta by Linarite Software, Pylo

Collect them all!


A mod to celebrate earth day


This is an example mod

Earthcomputer's Client Command Mod by Earthcomputer

Commands for the client

Earthworks by Alsender

Adds a small variety of earthen based building blocks.

Easier Villager Trading by Giselbaer

Less clicks to trade with villagers

EasierChests by Giselbaer

Some Mod

EasierCrafting by Giselbaer

Show possible recipes and make crafting easier


Find blaze and diamonds easier!


This is a mod that makes skyfactory easier!!

Easter Mod by SoggyMustache

Easter Things


This is an example mod

Easy Armors by Evan Rains

Get armor fast with Easy Armors

Easy Books Mod by MetaTresch

Make it easier to craft paper and books.

Easy Colored Glass by CptSpaceToaster

Because Who Doesn't Like Colors!?!

Easy Colored Lights

Because Who Doesn't Like Colors!?!


Easy Commands by Tinsley_

Simplifying and adding many commands to Minecraft Vanilla!

Easy Crafting by Lepko

Easily craft items that you have the materials for with just a click of a button!

Easy Gunpowder 2 by SomeMaineBrony (MuscleMan1234)

Tired of having to kill creepers to get TNT?

Easy Home by uno

set home or spawn point (SSP/SMP)

Easy Items by Phobophobe

Adds recipes to make some of the rarer mine craft items, slightly easier to obtain.

Easy Mining Mod by thvardhan

A Mod Which Is Still WIP But Have Some Ways To Make Your Mining Life Easier There Are Still Lots Of Things I Have Planned For This Mod.

Easy Multiblock by SeiA

Mod about easy making a multiblock structures.

Easy Nether Stars by CynicalRoses

A simple 1.12 mod that allows Nether Stars to be crafted.

Easy Pickings by The_Icy_One

Returning that which was lost.

Easy Retrogen by cpw, KitsuneAlex

A fork of cpw's simpleretrogen mod.

Easy Scoreboards

A plugin to easily create scoreboards for lobbys


This mod add an easy recipe for crafting Blaze Rod


Smelt wheat into Bread

EasyConfigButton by Shnupbups100

makes the Mod Options button in the pause menu lead to the Mod List GUI.


Makes Minecraft better!

EasyF5 by Tomochie

Thank you for downloading. Enjoy :D