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Enhanced Server Moderation by Mysticdrew

Create commands and assign them to users.


Improved Minecraft Vanilla Armors

EnhancedChat by CoolSquid

EnhancedCore by Alz454

A set of essential functions for Alz454's suite of mods.

EnhancedPortals by Alz454

An advanced technological portal teleportation system

EnhancedPortals by Alz454

Enhanced Portals 3 is a mod in which you craft portals that are similar to nether portals, which allow you to link two points of your choice.

EnhancedPortals 2 by Alz454

Create any size and shape portals you want!

EnhancedShears by NurseAngel, kaida


EnhancedShears by NurseAngel, kaida(texture)

EnhancedSnowman by maxanier

Makes snowmen deal a tiny amount of damage

Enhancer by Kazimut

Useful modifiers to make life more interesting

Enigma by McJty



This is an example mod

EnkiTools by LatvianModder, Baphometis

Enrich your game


Enriched Obsidian Mod by Cameron Low

This mod adds a new ore: enriched obsidian. It also add new tools and armour that can be crafted using this new ore.


This is an example mod


OverWatch Inspired stuff, biomes, new ore

Entity Disguise

Disguise in to any mob

Entity Hoppers by Wyn Price

Adds a type of hopper that takes items from entities

Entity Id Checker by Nforce Unil Makto

Asigne to Void entity , id who crash the game

Entity Spring by jglrxavpok

Link entities together with springs!

EntityModeFarmer by skydark

port farmer mode from 1.8

EntityModeSmith by skydark

maids can repair your tools now

EntityModeSugarBiome by yamato(waco)

EntityModeSugarBiome by yamato(waco)

Entropy Craft by codycode, codebycody

Makes torches burn out, and things break.

EnviroFix by TwentyOneZ

A quick fix for status values reset after death on Cauldron servers using Enviromine Mod.

EnviroMine by Funwayguy, TimbuckTato, GenDeathrow

Adds a little bit more realism to minecraft with environmental effects and physics.

Environmental Creepers by masa

Allows tweaking Creeper (and other) explosions, for example to always drop all blocks as items

Environmental Materials by ValkyrieofNight

Environmental Materials is a mod inspired by the original Environmental Tech mod containing a vast selection of materials to build with. This mod also gives the void miners more resources to mine.

Environmental Tech by ValkyrieofNight

Environmental Tech is a mod containing a vast selection of multiblock machines. Ranging from multiblock solar panels, lightning rods to multiblock Void mining machines. This mod is still in the very early stages and has a lot more to come.

EnvironmentalGrimoires by KewaiiGamer, sokratis12GR, ImmortalPharaoh7, C2W_Alex

A mod based around the environmental. Your actions will have impact on your progress

Eonaut's Natural Woods Mod by Eonaut, MCreator

MAJOR update! Slabs, Slices, andof coarse, more woods. Thanks to Gaansey for all the help.

Epic Armor! by Dereliktt

This mod brings new sets of armor with custom models to Minecraft because generic armor is boring.

Epic Mod by ferdyferdy

A Mod that brings Epic into minecraft, kinda.

Epic Siege Mod by Funwayguy

Makes Minecraft's mobs extremely difficult and dangerous with an unending lust for death and destruction. One might even say it's just down right unfair

Epic Siege Mod by Funwayguy

Makes Minecraft's Mobs Extremely difficult and dangerous.


Are you ready for BACON??


A diamond Broadsword!


Eat food that is available AROUND THE WORLD!!!


This is a mod that adds guns!


This is an epic iron mod.


Adds more life to minecraft


Great mod for speed


This mod adds EPIC THINGS!!!


This adds some epic swords and armor


Plz don't crash!


This is a diamond mod in minecraft.


Diamantes son buenos!


Official release!




Epictonium !!!


Get more of an item, and triple it!

EqualDragons by TechnicianLP

All Dragons are created equal ...

EqualDragons by TechnicianLP

All Dragons are created equal ...


many many things...

Equestrian Fixes by Inky Quill

Some fixes for my modpack

EquineMagic by yariplus, cocopenguin

A magic mod based on Equestrian lore.

Equipment - The World Explorer by Winter_Grave

Traveling equipment for the World Explorer mod

Equipment Tooltips

Stat icons for equipment tooltips

Equivalence by Gigabit101

Add Basic Recipes to the PhiloStone from EE3

Equivalency by Lomeli12

More to Transmute! Works with IC2, Thermal Expansion, and Forestry!

Equivalent Energistics by Mordenkainen

AE2 autocrafting with EE3 and ProjectE EMC

Equivalent Exchange 2 by x3n0ph0b3, pahimar, NickNusgart

Transmute stuff into other stuff! Become a Minecraft God!.

Equivalent Exchange 3 by pahimar, x3n0ph0b3

Transmute stuff into other stuff! Become a Minecraft God!