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ClientVersion by xjboss

Example fucking mod.

Climate Control

Climate Zone Size Reducer


Allow Climate Control generation in Mystcraft ages

Climb Fix by Rivvest

Fixes visual glitches due to climbing, primarily with spiders

Climbing Claw by Bloopers

Climbing claw.

Climbing Glove by MrArcane111

Adds many items that are both useful and creative.

Clipboard by Shadowfacts

A simple clipboard for keeping track of your todo list.

Cloak by Wyn Price

A mod used to combine block models and other block textures

Cloche Call by mallrat208

Immersive Engineering Integration for Crops that may not fit with the default implementation

Clock HUD by QKninja

A simple clock GUI to check the time.

Clock Mod by MrCrayfish

A mod developed during Mod Week Season 2. <description>


This is an example mod

Clockwork Phase by Lumaceon

Adding time magic to Minecraft since 1979.

Clockwork Phase 2 by Lumaceon

Adding time magic to Minecraft since tomorrow.

Clogin Client MOD by Herobrine, Xlch, Baleine_2000

Clogin Client MOD, Modified from BeeLogin, But beelogin author is a ⑨.

Clone Land by its_meow

This mod adds another dimension to Minecraft, but a complete clone of the one you're in... Imagine, just swapping dimensions instantly by clicking on an item... spooky.

CloneWarsMod by CloneWarsStarWars

Eine All-in-1-Mod: Das heisst: alles moegliche ist drinn!


This is a working progress mod.

Closed Caption by GenuineSounds

Closed Caption is a client mod that adds in-world closed captions. Tons of beautiful features.

ClosedCaptions by GenuineSounds

ClosedCaptions is a client mod that adds in-world closed captions.


This is a clothMOD


Say YEY to no naked bodies!

ClothingCraft by KittyReverant

ClothingCraft allows you to create custom-colored clothing by using a large array of colored fabric to achieve your ultimate outfit. It allows you to make many combinations and is great for any Minecraft play time.


This is an example mod

Cloud Control by Luwin (/u/seneschal_luwin)

Allows you to configure the vertical height of the cloud layer

Cloud Storage by immibis

Totally not overpowered.

CloudCity by WangJiarun



This mod adds all kinds of cloud things

CloudMaster by CovertJaguar

Adjust the Cloud Height


Update Changes.

Club Penguin Mod by LucasOfficialMC

The Club Penguin Mod!

Clumps by Jaredlll08

Clumps xp orbs together .


Automatic Command Scheduler - Developed by Simon_Flash

CmdControl by Simon_Flash

CmdUI Mod

cmd ui mod.

CoFH Core by CoFH

CoFH Core Module


CoFH: Vanilla+ Satchels by Team CoFH

A Vanilla Enhancement mod which adds bags which hold and can automatically collect items - in various vanilla materials.

Coal 2 Charcoal

Convert to your hearts intent.

Coal Conversion Mod by ExampleDude

Convert Char Coal to coal



CoalGen by lavX64

Adds coal blocks generation in nether

CoalMkTwo by , MCreator



Adds an expansion of cool, crazy, and twisted mobs!


This is an example mod

Cobalt Craft

Cobalt Craft Revived!

Cobalt Mod by Dragonisser

Adds the ore Cobalt and many other things.

Cobalt Pack + by CGTech97

Ever Wanted New Ores? Well Here You Go A Fully Functioning Cobalt Pack With Weapons/Tools/Armor/Ores! Many More Updates On The Way So Keep Updated By My Website


This is Cobalt MOD!!

CobaltWithToby by TobyTadGames, MCreator

Cobalt is cool kids


Ony 8 attack damage!

Cobble Breakdown by Beast351x

Cobble Popper by Thor12022

A Simply-Complicated Cobble Generator

CobbleDrops by dakaratekid11

A mod made specifically for Skyblock and other hardcore survival maps, enabling the player to get ores and other valuable materials.


Generates Cobblestone!

CobbleWorks by DarkTemplarX AKA Curtis

Adds a single block with a single mission: To generate all the (basic) things!

Cobblerock by d4rkstar00

A simple mod that adds different dense cobblestone blocks that can be used to make bedrock and a hammer to remove bedrock with.

Cobbletogravel by , MCreator

This is an obblemod


This is an example mod

Cock-an-ore-doo by JoseluGames

Chickens with ore eggs!


Mod create for my friend

CocoaCraft by Reaper

Adds cocoa trees and coffee plants. Cocoa trees drop cocoa and cocoa saplings so you can grow your own trees. You can also craft mugs for milk, cocoa and coffee


Adds cocoa trees and coffee plants. Cocoa trees drop cocoa and cocoa saplings so you can grow your own trees. You can also craft mugs for milk, cocoa and coffee

CocoaInput by Axeryok

fix input bugs.


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