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Real Stone Tools by The_Fireplace

Fixes the recipes for Stone Tools.

Real Survivor by noung

This is mod for hard suvivor dude.

Real Time by artman41

Makes Minecraft take place in Real Time.

Real Time Clock by Xilef11

Adds a clock with the System Time to the HUD

Real Train Mod by ngt5479

Real Utilities by IvanSteklow

Adds some realistic things

Real-time translation mod by Ringosham

This mod translate your Minecraft chat in real time! Translation results are powered by Yandex Translation API. The Java wrapper of the API is powered by Robert Theis. DISCLAIMER: This is using a web translation service. Translation error is to be expected.

RealCore by Zoomiti, ytrl

Core mod for RealMods

RealGWPTeam's Cheese Mod by RealGWPTeam

This Brings CHEESE(I LOVE CHEESE) To Minecraft Tools,Armour,And CHEESE Included.


RealRobots adds interfaces to different computer and robotic systems in real life. LEGO® Mindstorms and WeDo are registered trademarks of the LEGO® Group which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse my work.

RealWorld by 10paktimbits

Add realistic features to Minecraft.

Realistic Animal Products and Drops Mod by sargeant789575, LeonelSaberTooth, The_Last_Dovahkiin

Makes animal drops more realistic and adds new armor, items, and tools based on these new drops.

Realistic Armor Tiers by Mentits, PocketStealer

Makes low-tier armor more interesting and high-tier armor less op.

Realistic Bread by Chris Bright(redstonecrafter2)

Bread. The recipe seems too easy so here's a small mod to fix that small feature

Realistic Brewing Stand by MJaroslav

Little logical fix (in render) of the brewing stand.

Realistic Chat by olafher

Chat like in real life, not everyone can hear you (clearly)!

Realistic Cobwebs Mod by UpcraftLP

Make them cobwebs burn!

Realistic Energy Systems by MineSpeed200

Realistic Energy Systems is a Mod wich adds a lot of Technology with realistic Energy Calculations and things wich is possible in the Reality

Realistic First Person Render by kenijey, Wyn Price

Allows you see your body in FPS mode

Realistic First-Person Render by kenijey, Wyn Price

Allows you see your body in FPS mode

Realistic Item Drops by Funwayguy

Renders 3D items flat on the ground and disables auto-pickup

Realistic Pain

Adds visual effects to the world


Realistic Processing by Mowmaster

Process Ores in a Bloomery

Realistic Terrain Generation by WhichOnesPink

Adds a new world type which generates realistic terrain.

Realistic Torches by ChaosTheDude

A lightweight mod that adds some realism to torches, increasing the difficulty of the early game.

Realistic World Gen by ted80

Adds a new realistic worldtype


Enter short description here


Enter short description here


The paper has become realistic!


adds alternate ways to get vanilla hostile mob drops

Really Disturbing Tank Engines Mod by CHAMCHI

Thomas The Train and his friends. Implements the disturbing side of thomas and his friends.

Realm Of Yendor's Artifacts of the Lost by machinespray

Add's items inspired by NetHack and other various rogulikes, along with a (WIP) deity system.

Realms of Chaos by Eternaldoom (Doomturd), LegoShokwave123

Create New and Original Weapons to Conquer New Worlds, Build Beautiful Castles and Houses, and Explore the Depths. Realms of Chaos is a Mod Like no Other.


Adds new quests after the end

Realtech by __WildWolf_, lawl281

'Realistic' technology, ores, elements and more

Reap Mod by Max Henkel

RearCam by asbyth, KodingKing

Port of Hyperium's RearCam into a Forge mod, asked for by Purpled

Rearview by crikents

Minecraft Rearview Mirror.

RebellionMod by Rebellion


Rebind Narrator by quaternary

Rebind the narrator key!

Rebirth 3 Content Mod by CrankySupertoon, MCreator

A custom mod for the Rebirth 3 modpack. Adds some items to the modpack because the dev doesnt like Content Tweaker

RebornCore by modmuss50, Gigabit101

RebornCore, A core set of classes.

RebornStorage by Gigabit101

RecStat by iTitus

Recording status tracker.

Recall by Trevi Awater

A easy way to get to your spawn location

Recall Resurrection

A balanced personal teleportation mod.

Recall Stones

Mod that adds different types of Recall Stones for teleporting around the place


This is an example mod

Recipe Blocker by JOO200

Ein Mod, welcher diese nervigen Rezepte rechts oben blockt.

Recipe Book Nullifier by Squirtle8459

Removes That Pointless Recipe Book.

Recipe Expansion Pack by RichardPlaysMC

Adds new items and recipes to minecraft. The focus is to add logical recipes that minecraft lacks. Such as the ability to make mossy cobblestone with a vine and cobblestone, or the ability to make a wooden bucket and to make compost. The new version adds compatibility with 1.6.4 and adds new items such as quivers, white fences and clear glass

Recipe Image Generator by tattyseal

A mod to allow mod authors to easily generate recipe images for their mod pages.

Recipe Tweaking Core by tterrag

Library mod for screwing around with recipes

Recipe Unlocker

For challenge maps


Items to combine recipes with Minetweaker


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

RecipeJSON by Petitsurume


RecipeResearch by Funwayguy, Darkosto

Nobody is spontaneously perfect at crafting so why should you be in Minecraft. Practice makes perfect

RecipeStages by Jared

Stages recpe

RecipeTooltips by superckl

Quickly find and view recipes for items and blocks.

Recipear2 by Silentspy

Removes Recipes


Adds missing and useful recipes to Minecraft.

Recipes For All by mallrat208

Unlocks all recipes in the Vanilla Crafting Book

Recipes+V2 by r�mling, MCreator

Adds new recipes for unobtainable/hard to obtain items!

RecipesPlus by DragonX

This mod adds recipes that are supposed to have been added to the game, but they are not for some obscure reasons.


Adds More Recipes To Minecraft

Reconstructor by smbarbour

Repair your stuff using Buildcraft power

Record FPS by maru

This mod records FPS!

Recording Status Mod by fuj1n

Record/Stream status in the players list, /rec <r/s> to toggle


This is a crafting recipe mod

Recsyscletem by iTNTPiston

A mod by iTNTPiston

Recurrent Complex by Ivorius

Adds structures to worldgen, handles exporting and importing structures, and provides build tools.

Recycle Iron Mod by Exline

Allows you to smelt down items crafted from iron or gold back into their metal ingr

Recycle Iron Mod by Exline

Exline's mod.