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Desire Paths by Corosus

Wears down grass as its walked on to create naturally formed dirt paths

Desired Blocks by Phobophobe

Adds new blocks including, the Hay Bale, Sugar Cube, Redstone, Coal and Slime Blocks, and more. Also adds a few recipes not implemented in the game.

Desolate Wasteland Tweaks by Kashdeya

Tweaks for Desolate Wasteland Modpack.

Desolation by FlashFyre

A mod by FlashFyre.

Despawning Spawners by Buuz135

Limiting the amount of spawns a spawner can do in it's lifetime.


Allows you to cut yourself, and then eat the meat that comes off.


This is the DespicableSword Mod.


This mod add new biome and dimension.Added new cool and awesome stuff.


This is an example mod

Destroyed by aurilisdev

Destroyed is a minecraft mod that breaks minecraft for you

Destroyer256┬┤TNT mod by Destroyer256

This mod adds a lot of new Bombs. Some are extreme destructive, some useful. Thank you for downloading it. I hope you enjoy!

DestroyerBoat by defeatedcrow

Crush and Destroy!!



Detailed Death Messages by Mr. Metric

Includes more information in death messages.

DethKnights by MrAmericanMike

The Deth Knights Mod - Shogun Sword, Epic Sax, Knights Armor

Detrav Scanner Mod by Detrav

Example placeholder mod.

DevTooltips by goldenapple

A simple tool for mod(pack) developers that displays various info about items using tooltips.

Developer World by FireBall1725

Creates a quick dev world

Devon's Random Things by F1repl4ce

A mod adding random things that were requested by EnderDevon321. Some of the contents include Dirt Armor, Emerald Embedded Armor, Paxels, and Charged Coal.

DexUtils by Furt

A utility mod for Dextopia modpacks


This is needs bugfixes.

Diablo Theme [BQ] by Funwayguy

Custom Diablo 3 style theme renderer for Better Questing

Diaernum by MarcoPlay00

This mod adds new tools and armors

DialogsMod by Try4W aka sashabelii

Show some dialogs to player.


This is an `~*-/'?;,.@l mod

Diamond Buckets 0.95 by thorgot

Adds a whole bunch of new buckets which do a variety of things. But mostly they just hold lots of liquid.

Diamond Cookies

This mod provides a diamond-based alternative for the golden apple for playthroughs without the natural regeneration gamerule (also known as Ultra Hardcore)

Diamond Farm by ExampleDude

An Odd Farming Mod

Diamond Glass by Kreezxil, MCreator

Glass made with Diamond with the attributes of Obsidian

Diamond Lamps by blingsect, MCreator

Just a little decorative lamp.

Diamond Marker

Logs the position of mined ores

Diamond Meter by MCWizard111

Ore meter is a device that, when held in your quick-bar, will indicate if there is any ore based on the fuel you placed in it is near you.

Diamond Nugget by hellfire212

A diamond nugget.

Diamond Paxel Mod (Remake) by TheeAnonymousOne

This mod was basically a remake of the very old Diamond Paxel Mod by IWannaWin. I added a German name for it.

Diamond Tipped Steel Mod by TheModMonster

Allows the Player to craft Steel Blocks, Tools, and Armor. You can even plate your tools with diamonds!

Diamond Warriors Team MTS Pack

A content pack for MTS made by the Diamond Warriors Team, includes Diamond Vehicle Corporation (DVC)!


Diamond Bot Easy Recipe

DiamondCore by K_Sasha, Timeraa




This is an example mod


The DIamondDimension



DiamondFire Utilities by K_Sasha

This mod offers several handy utilities to use while on, do /dfutils for more info.


This is an example mod


Thank you for downloading my mod here is my website: Mod oage:!diamond-plate-mod/kh6g2 on the mod page is whare you can find recipes...


Mi Primer Mod


Epic uncraftable armor!

DiamondSwordHandBlender by Iunius118

Adds Diamond Sword Hand Blender.


This mod nerfs diamond swords


Whats to explain, its a world of diamonds!


Epic diamonds!



DiamondsEverywhere by egor1654, MCreator

Adds diamond-related things.


This is a strengthened mod.



Dice Roller by Anotherpug

Simple Dice Roller.

Dice Roller by cthompson

Simple dice roller for RPG.

Die Dye by IrresoluteArkia

Adds flowers that you crumple up to make Die Dye, which you throw at Zombies for an insta-kill. Why? Because my sister!


DieHardTeams Random Stuff

Diet Hopper by RWTema

Slims down the bounding box of hoppers to allow you to select objects behind it.

Different Things V1.0.1.1 by Kiryuninja, MCreator

Enter short description here

Different Utilities by Xsawor

Adds many Different Utilities.

Difficulty Locker by Matthew Smeets

Difficulty Locker allows you to lock the difficulty of multiple worlds separably in versions pre 1.8 where this functionality has been built into vanilla

Difficulty Tweaks by Lothrazar

Adds a bunch of small tweaks to the game that are all aimed at increasing the difficulty of the first few days. You cannot punch trees; you must turn saplings into sticks, and sticks into a damaged wooden axe. All stone tools require smoothstone instead of cobblestone. Furnace requires one coal in center to craft (so you may not get a furnace or stone tools on your first day; try making wooden tools and finding food first). You cannot gather dirt, grass, sand, clay, or gravel by hand (you can still break them by hand, but need a shovel to harvest the block). Sleeping in a bed will drain your hunger down and also gives you the rotten flesh hunger effect.

Dig by Macrophage

Dig through blocks for resources.


You can Dig Bedrocks using Diamond Pickaxe