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Moon Mod by nanorover59

Based on sutr90's Moon Mod.

Moon's Core by SoggyMustache

Core Mod For SoggyMustache's Mods

MoonOfMining by Bennyboy1695

Creates a moon as a mining dimension for the galactic science 2 official server!

MoonTools by Moonpaw, Kerocat

Some nice tools, drinks, recipes and flowers for MC 1.7.10


My first mod with techne blocks and more stuff.

More Alloy Mod by Danielshe

This Mod adds a lot of different alloys to find and craft!

More Anvils by The_Fireplace

Adds more anvils

More Armor by BSteurful

This mod adds armor for all the minable valuables in MineCraft.

More Armor and Tools Mod by Seanboyy

Adds new upgraded diamond, emerald, obsidian, and hybrid type tools and armor.

More Avaritia by TheUnderTaker11

Adds recipes for more creative items to avaritia, as well as a few new ones. Mass compatibility attempt.

More Bees by lach_01298

Adds more bees to forestry

More Biomes by RollingThunder, Aoku, MCreator

Adds Biomes to the Overworld and a New Dimension

More Blocks Please by Acness

Many new blocks.

More Bores! by Flenix

6 new bores for Railcraft's Tunnel Bore

More Buckets by BlakeBr0

Adds a bunch of new buckets.

More Cauldrons by Mrbysco

Adds more cauldrons to the game.

More Chickens by GenDeathrow

Adds Tinkers Construct and Draconic Evolution chickens for Chickens Mod

More Chinese Minecraft by shp241

A Minecraft 1.10.2 Forge Mod that makes your minecraft much like China(in many ways)

More Chisels by TehNut

More chisels for Chisel-2

More Colors by Cato, MCreator

A little mod about colors

More Commands by MrNobody98

Mod to extend Minecraft Commands

More Crafting

Adds crafting recipes for uncraftable items and blocks.

More Crafting Recipes Mod by Manslaughter777

This mod adds more crafting recipes in Minecraft. This mod also enables you to craft things that are creative only, items you can't obtain in survival, items which require silk touch and much more.

More Crafting Recipies by Sachro, MCreator

adds recipies for uncraftable items

More Creeps And Weirdos Reborn by RickWeek

A Reborn of More Creeps And Weirdos

More Creeps And Weirdos Unofficial by Astromojang, elias54

The unoffical update to More Creeps and Weirdos is finally here!

More Custom Ores and Other Stuff by guekho64

Just add more fun to your Minecraft World!

More Deadly Mobs by Clintonio, GotoLink

More Desserts Mod by avocadojoe

Adds more desserts to minecraft

More Discs Mod by arttupoika12

Add more music discs to the game.

More Drinks Mod

This mod makes more drinks in the game sucks af cocacola and monster enegy, but this mod is currently in beta and i haven't created recipes yet so the only way to get the cocacola and all the other drinks is by getting them from creative or getting them from the humans that are spawned in the world.

More Dyeable Armors by SinaMegapolis

Adds a Dyeable Version of Armors!

More EMC by MalangBaram, hasunwoo

EE3 Addon which adds bunch of useful transmutation recipes and commands.

More Emerald by Kalicliq

More emerald stuff

More Enchantments by Lithial

Adds new Enchantments to the Game

More Enchantments by Lithial

Adds new Enchantments to the Game

More Explosives by NikolaiTheEpicGenius

This mod adds many new explosives to minecraft!

More FOV settings by Hellsing

(A bit) More FOV settings (check config for them)

More Fences by Kerberos


More Fences Mod (FORGE) by Lightspot812

More wooden fences. // Mehr hölzerne Zäune.

More Fish by virysD

The modification adds a different kind of fish, get the scales of these fish, and in the future be used to create tools, but not all of the scales is simple, if you ovldaite Art skill you will be able to create a variety of artifacts using fish scales, scales for regular course this will not work.

More Flesh by LeyxorCheysen

Do not you think that the ways of applying rotten flesh is somehow not enough? This modification will fix it! With rotten flesh, you will be able to get not only the skin as in the well-known YALSM fashion, but also meat that is good for eating and even call-up eggs!

More Food Pls by OIWeirdo


More Fuel by Nivioun

More Fuels Mod by boredherobrine13

A mod that makes more items usable as fuel.

More Fun Quicksand Mod by MrBlackGoo, CrishNate

This mod adds many types of Quicksands to Minecraft

More Gadgets by black_dog20

More Gems + Mod by Cannibal321

So far this mod adds four gems with different tools and armor. I hope you have fun playing with this mod!!! -Cannibal321

More Gems Mod by TamableCookie, MCreator

This mod adds multiple gems to the game. This includes Amethyst, Citrine and Bloodstone. Each of these Gems has it's very own set of tools and armor.

More Items In Creative

A simple mod, adding more items in the creative menu.

More Items Mod by LazyCow1120

Adding Things To Minecraft Like Any Other Mod! :D

More Lanterns by StealthLava

This mod adds more craftable lanterns to Minecraft.

More Layers by MCrafterzz

Adds more layers

More Leather by Tminor1

Makes cows drop at least 1 leather every time a cow dies.

More Leathers by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

More Libs by PanSzelescik

Library mod for PanSzelescik's mods

More Lights by Redstoneguy129

A simple mod that adds new coloured lights.

More Loading Info Mod by CJ Burkey

Shows more information while the game is loading

More Loot Stuff by Leviathan143

Adds more loot conditions, loot functions and loot entry types

More Loot Tables by masa

Adds Loot Tables to some entities that in vanilla don't have them