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Just playing around making the gels from Portal 2 for fun.

Gem Tools by Mark680

this mod adds tools with special mining modes, armor with potion effects and ores

GemBlocksForGreg by UltraPeeks

Adds storage blocks for the gems used in gregtech. To be used with GregTech 5.07.07.

GemCraft by Sanguine045

Ever think that emeralds are a vastly underimplemented part of the game? well here you go! this mod adds two more types or gemstone (sapphire and ruby) as well as full tool and armor sets for all three types of gem.


GemCraft 1.2.2


Diamond Guy


Esta iva a aser la v2 Pero ubo algunos Bug en la primera version asi que ahora es la 1.1


This mod adds lots of gems.


Gems that you can make magical wands with.

Gemmary by SirBlobman

The Science of Gems


Enter short description here

Gems+ by RobZ51, microjunk, ahojkaj, Mitrix50, rolfXD, Torzel, Zealot067

Adds lots of gems which you can make tools and armor out of.

Gems++ by Trhod177

Adds lots of gems which you can make tools and armor out of.


Adds new gems to the game


Enter short description here


Enter short description here

Gemtastica/JAMM by TheErik557

Just another mineral mod, more than tools, some decorative blocks and items, and trades

Gemulation by ExampleDude

Extra uses for gems!

GenDustry by bdew

Advanced powered apiary with tons of upgrades, Genetic manipulation of bees, trees and butterflies, Forced mutation, Construction of new organisms from genetic templates

GenTech by GenDeathrow, Darkosto

GenTech Industries are the leading specialist in creating technology for your everyday needs.

Genarator by code: _Zixel_

Remove ocean biome

Gendustry JEI Addon by Ninjabrain1

Integrates Gendustry recipes with JEI.

Genera by bms_, Subaraki

Genera: Celtic magic for Minecraft

General Disasters by general223

Adds a range of natural disasters that can appear throughout your world by chance

GeneralLaymansAestheticSpyingScreen by iChun

Also known as GLASS


Linkseyi's ModMaker


Mineral Generator

Generators by JRGlitches, MCreator

Enter short description here


This is an example mod

GeneriTech by ExampleDude

A generic tech mod.

Generic Skills Pack by Paraknight, GotoLink

Generous Ores by NicosaurusRex99

This mod adds configurability to ore veins


This is an example mod

Genesis Core by GameGunner5

A core-style mod designed to simplify modding. Primarily designed so GameGunner5 can easily update all his mods at once.

Genetic Infusion by Seremis

A mod by Seremis

Genetics by Binnie

Adds genetic manipulation for bees, trees, butterflies and flowers.

Genetics Reborn by TheUnderTaker11

A genetics mod based on the 1.7.10 Advanced Genetics.

Gens by Pyrofab, JamiesWhiteShirt, RiverLeviathan

Modjam 5 submission adding various small pods of human and human like people for a more populated world, without saturating it.

Gentle Harvest by Domochevsky

Automatically replants crops.

GeoStrata by Reika

GeoStrata is a small mod to diversify underground world generation, making mining and caves more interesting, while simultaneously adding many aesthetic and functional building materials.

Geochite Mod by Trollzy, MCreator

Enter short description here

Geochite Mod 1.2.0 (1.12.2) by Trollzy, MCreator

Explore the world of Geochite


User config-based controls for geographical features, including land sizes, ocean amounts, climate sizes and incidences, biome sizes and incidences, and mountain chains

Geologia by Nucleria

A Botania addon about rocks and dirt!

Geologica by noogenesis

Adds realistic geology in the form of new types of rocks and ores. The distributions are completely customizable, either via the GUI during world creation, or by directly modifying the CustomOreGen config.


A Small Mod Adding Realistic Rocks To Spice Up Your Minecraft World N Stuff

Geolosys by oitsjustjose

Ores in Geological Systems added to Minecraft, logically!

Geomastery by Jay Avery

A mod for Minecraft survival mode which makes the early game harder and slower, while improving on the simulation of real-world ancient technology development.


Geometry Dash blocks, items, and more!

GeometryDashMod by JRmysteries, MCreator

A mod that includes many features from Geometry Dash!

George's Armor And Tools Mod by SoggyMustache

8 new types of armor, and 3 new tool sets


The hard metro dor (germa)

Get A Job by Palaster

Get A Job. Get a job in magical or non-magical career.

Get Off My Tardis by Black_Ace2004

Example placeholder mod.


This is an example mod

Ghast Skin by Zr2

A mod that adds ghgast skin and early-game armor.

Ghost's Explosives Mod by GhostGaming_HD

Adds various different & new TNTs to Minecraft!

GhostUtils by Tictim

Useful shits 4 u


Who you gonna call? With this mod, you can not only becone one of the Ghost-Busting crew but also relive their greatest adventure as you hunt ghosts throughout your world and even fight the infamous Gozer the Gozerian and Mr. Stay Puft!

Ghostly by ZombieEnderman5

Adds ghost-themed mobs to the game.

Ghostwatch by Watschman

Watschmans Ghostwatch Mod for a server project.


Utility for dealing with books (backup, restore, copy, paste, etc.).


A mod based on Ghost Rider



Giacomo's Bookshelves Mod by Zacomat

More slots for books and maps!

Giacomo's Farmland Mod by Giacomo

Use wet sponges to moisten the farmlands.

Giacomo's Foundry by Zacomat

Burn that stuff!!!

Giacomo's Map Merging Mod by Giacomo

Merge two or more maps!

Giacomo's Teleport Mod by Giacomo

Enchant maps and compasses to reach your destination!

Giacomo's compass by Zacomat

Bind your compass to wherever you want!

Giacomo's maps by Giacomo

The mushroom seeker left his map somewhere. Find it!

Giacomo’s Travelogue by Zacomat

Keep track of explored biomes in your travelogue.

Giant Tools Mod by The_Chipmunk

Adds more tools, sticks, ladders, and torches. Adds NEW machines and batteries!