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Buildcraft Additions

Extending Buildcraft with Fluid Canisters, Kinetic Capsules, Power Tools and much more!

Buildcraft Tools by Maexx97

Adding chargeable tools and more to Buildcraft

Builder by Microjunk

A different kind of instant structure mod

Builder's Guides by Ipsis

Align All The Things!


This Mod Allows You To Craft a Block Which You Right Click And Gives You a House So You Can Survive You First Night In Minecraft!

Builders Dream

Builders Dream for flying, walking up blocks, ender chest command, and un-crafting.

Building Blocks

See the website for detailed information on this mod!

Building Blocks Mod Maker by Guff1118

A mod for making mods. Sort of like an API, but requires no Java knowledge to use!

Building Bricks by Hea3veN

A mod about building blocks and building tools.

Building Gadgets by Direwolf20

Adds some gadgets to help you build!

Building Kit by Stickxy

Improve the Minecraft building experience while adding new tools, blocks, items and changing some vanilla recipes. It's in early dev stage !

Building Rocks by globby

Adds into the game more rocks from which to obtain additional construction material.

Building Tools by Moonlight

A mod full of misc building tools

Building Tools by Silver_David

Introduces a few tools to make building easier.


This mod adds new building blocks to the game.


This is a mod with 30 colored full oak blocks, caution blocks u can go through, and ice with crosses through it. it also adds a redstone dimension, coal armor, redstone armor, emerald armor. You can find the recipes from the too many items mod or the not enough items mod.



Bulky by Know2Good

Bulky contains vanilla-like blocks and items that enhance and expand your Minecraft experience.

Bullet Time[Time Master]

A minecraft mod that allows you to control Minecraft's game speed



Bullseye by Forstride

Adds new arrows, including fire arrows, dye arrows, bomb arrows, and more!

Bums Crap by Bums735

Bunny Boots

Adds a new type of boots into the game that lets you jump 3 blocks high and run fast.

Bunny Tweaks by zfb

Various neat tweaks to spice up minecraft

BurCore by CJ Burkey

Core mod required by all of CJ Burkey's mods.

Burger Mod by MintyPlays

The Minecraft mod made by MintyPlays to add burgers into Minecraft.

Burkey's Mining Wells by CJ Burkey

A simple alternative/update of Buildcraft's amazing mining wells.

Burn Creeper Burn

Burns creepers if they see sunlight

BurnBabyBurn by Sewef

Make baby zombie burning

BurnedKirby's Turn-Based Minecraft

Puts RPG style turn-based combat into Minecraft!

Burning Sun by Nobody that care

Sun can now kill you

Burning Torch by DoubleDoorDev, Claycorp, Dries007

BurningMod by ExampleDude

made by arrogantesNick

BurpTech by RenEvo, Acatera, Maikar

BurpTech - it's what for dinner... Rather that noise after dinner

Bush Master Core by Face_of_Cat

Helper lib to integrated all the bushes out there!

But No One Came by bafomdad

But nobody came.

ButcherCraft by Lance5057

Indepth butchery mod

Butter Mod by ExampleDude

I like butter


Add Butter Cookie

Butterfly Mania by Tyron & Irena

Butterflies, Butterflies, Butterflies! Also Encyclopedias!

Butterfly Mania

Butterflies, Butterflies, Butterflies! Also Encyclopedias!

Buttons by TehNut

Adds buttons to the lefthand side of the screen.

By The Gods by shinoow

Maybe trying to summon a Great Old One isn't a very good idea...

Bygone Age by RafaMv

Have you ever imagine how would be if prehistoric animals were alive today? With this mod you can do it! Explore, collect, and create your unique prehistoric creatures.

Byte Drives by TheUnknownFew

Expansive and utility storage for chisels & bits using Applied Energistics 2

Byte's Tweaks by OneMoreByte

This mod was designed to re-do some other modders work and make things really freaking hard. Just kidding it's a vasemod... Or am I?


ByteCore is a mod for better game functionality.

C4Lib by TeamC4


Lasers, logic, automation, etc.


Compost, explosives, generated structures, etc.


CAJlOsRealism mod made by CAJlO with Zlobniy_seledka

CAO v4 by Forbidden_Gamer1, MCreator



+ Carrot block

CBB 1.1.3 by BlueWerewolf, MCreator


CC Held's Peripherals by heldplayer

CC Held's Peripherals adds some peripherals that extend the possibilities of ComputerCraft

CC's Factory Manager by Davenonymous

CC's house furnishing by CrazyCraft

CrazyCraft's mods-House Furnishing.

CC-Recipes by Lomeli12

Custom CC Recipes

CCAdvHTTP by Cameron MacFarland (distantcam)

Advanced HTTP Peripheral for ComputerCraft.

CCBarcodes by Tiin57

Adds barcode scanning to ComputerCraft.

CCHolographic by zeecant

Holograms for ComputerCraft.


CCLights add amazing RGB Lights and Light Grids to ComputerCraft.

CCLights 2 by ds84182, Alekso56

CCLights 2 adds very advanced monitors and tablets to minecraft.

CCTransport by ElvishJerricco

Adds some extra functionality


Random tweaks to Computer Craft

CD4017BE_lib by CD4017BE

Large collection of classes needed by my other mods

CDMLLoader by Jochem Broekhoff

CDML Loading utilities.


Vamos entrar um pouco no mundo dos cavaleiros do zodiaco.