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Bedrock-B-Gone by Karjah

Make the bedrock layer flat


Bedrock Armor!




Breakable bedrock and bedrock tools!

BedrockLayer by kegare

Flatten uneven bedrock layers.


Flatten uneven bedrock layers.


Este mod trae cosas de bedrock


We can build a lot of items in bedrock with tis mod...

Bedwars HUD by Reflxction

A Hypixel mod which helps in tracking different statistics in bedwars.

Bedwars Item Generator by Kreezxil

Generate items into your world with blocks like in Bedwars!

Bedwars Resource Display Mod by Sk1er

Displays resources and items for Hypixel Bedwars

Bedwars Star Checker by ExampleDude

Bedwars Star Checker for SHGG's Guild member, Friends!

Bee Specific by Vexatos

An addon for Hardcore Questing Mode.

Bee Utilities by KryptonCaptain

Add more utility to your bees.

BeeBarker by iChun

Oh yeah, what are you gonna do? Release the dogs? Or the bees? Or the dogs with bees in their mouth and when they bark they shoot bees at you?

BeeBetterAtBees by HellFirePvP

ClientSide NEI Addon to make bees a little less painful

BeeLoginClientSide by Baleine_2000

BeeLogin Client Side Mod


Add Bee Mod

BeeSwitch by Baleine_2000

BeeSwitch, switch server easily!

Beef Jerky Mod by jjpotatoes49

This mod Is For Beef Jerky Lovers


take cars of your bees

Beer Brewing Simulator by rafacost3d

Simulate before you brew

Beer Mod by Ketlark77

Add alcool and more in Minecraft

Beer Mod by Runegentleman

This mod is a very very bare-bones way of adding beer. You can plant hops on farmland or grass and harvest them to get more hops. Hops + water bottle = potion of Strength I. Wheat + sugar = hops.

Bees? by Peffern

Not the Bees!

Beezig Forge Expansion by RoccoDev, ItsNiklass

Expands the Beezig 5zig plugin to use some Forge features.


Enter short description here

Beheaded by MrSourceCoded

Just in case you wanted more Heads in Minecraft


Enter short description here


Guns, Camo, and more!!

Ben's Player ESP

A modification to the game which will make the user able to see lines and/or boxes to other players.

BendyCraft by NightmareByDesign, MCreator

The mod of Bendy And The Ink Machine

BendyCraftUpdate4 by NightmareByDesign, MCreator

The Mod Of The Game. Bendy And The Ink Machine by theMeatly. Support him on Gamejolt.


Adds several Crops to IndustrialCraft�


Berry mod

BestMazes by Gabriele Maurina, ArmaDio

New 3D mazes! Different types of mazes, each with different loots


This is an example mod

Beta Days by 115kino

A simplistic mod which brings back old aspects of beta back into Minecraft.

Beta Health by Lemons

Brings back the health system from beta

Beta Terrain Plus by mrburgerUS

Generates Beta Terrain with a modern population method, modern structure rules, and modern Biomes. Check out your favorite seeds!

Better Agriculture by Knoxhack

Better Agriculture is a companion mod of Forestry and Pam's Harvestcraft, it adds 40 new animals to Minecraft, 10 each of cows, pigs, sheep and chickens, all different breeds and colours. Also included is farming based blocks, armor and decor so now you can build your perfect farm!

Better Animals Mod by Hypeirochus

A mod to improve the vanilla animals in Minecraft.

Better Animals+ by cybetcat5555, its_meow (hiotewdew)

Companion mod to Better Animals adding new creatures with the Better Animals art style.

Better Anvils by vdvman1

This is a small mod that just removes the anvil XP limit.


Better Aquatics Mod by MiningMark48, Codyrule040

A mod that adds better aquatic related items for a more enjoyable time with aquatic activities in Minecraft.

Better Auto Jump by oldjunyi

A mod provides a better configuration for the auto-jump behavior.

Better Beginnings Mod by einsteinsci, iLiminate

Rebalances early stages of Minecraft, and creates alternatives to the typical vanilla grind.

Better Biomes by SMEZ1234

Adds new biomes and world types

Better Biomes by SMEZ1234

Adds new biomes and world types

Better Boat by SanAndreasP

This mod fixes several issues with vanilla boats.

Better Breeds by Fir3will

Giving players a more realistic experience about farming with animals. Introduces genders, the animal's mood, health, and even tons of different textures!

Better Brightness by Cblair91

Make all your base be merry and bright.

Better Chat by APengu

Improved PMs, Voice Calls and more!

Better Chat Mod by Sk1er

Better chat on hypixel.

Better Combat by Ironfists

Enables dual wielding combat and add combat gameplay options

Better Compass by Lemons

Settable Compasses

Better Creepers by KitsuneAlex

Thanks joppa...

Better Deco by enwash

Adds some useful things! And some useless things. Actually, like, a lot of useless things.

Better Deco by enwash, beeshroom, Merlijn (DutchM/merren2306)

Adds some useful things! And some useless things. Actually, like, a lot of useless things.

Better Drops Mod by SoggyMustache

Gives entitys better drops

Better Equipment Mod by Zzyxz

Balances the Equipment.

Better Fishing by TheAwesomeGem

Fishing is now more realistic.

Better Flint & Steels by TheOnePath

Since the release of EnderIO to 1.12, it has come to my attention that minecraft's flint & steel isn't the greatest. So to solve this little issue is a mod that adds different 'flint & steels' to the game. Have fun! NOTE: This mod does not promote arson.