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mod_MatojejeDragonFighter by Matojeje / Matuli Yoshi

mod_MatojejeLK by Matojeje / Matuli Yoshi

Adds two ligtning keybinds.

mod_MatojejeMorphCreeper by Matojeje


mod_MedievalWeaponsMod by MatusMak, MCreator

Are you bored of normal Minecraft weapons? Then this modification is what you need! It adding weapons, tools, tools & food - everything you need to stay in fight alive. More to come in next updates!

mod_Mettallia by Harvster2500, MCreator


mod_MexicanMod by MX Mod Team, MCreator

Un Mod de la RAZITA para la RAZITA!

mod_MineBank by SPAZ97, MCreator

Adds a simple, XP-based currency system.

mod_MinecraftMoreCoal by samppa128, MCreator

adds more powerful coal to minecraft

mod_Minema by Barracuda

This mod allows you to record jerk-free movies in Minecraft, no matter how slow your PC or how complex the scenery is. This is made possible by a temporary modification of the game timer that ensures a constant game time passed between each frame, disabling any synchronization with the actual time. In other words: performance doesn't matter for smooth videos anymore!

mod_MobSpawner by Bil0203

Simply spawn mobs without mob spawner or egg. You can make it on survival.

mod_ModDosYoutubers by Dark Gamer Youtuber Utezang, MCreator

É Um Mundo Aonde Qua Add Youtubers

mod_ModKram by S_pongiBOB, MCreator

mod_MoonMod by blackopsIIbo2, MCreator


mod_MoreArmorMod by BucaFan3, MCreator


mod_MoreBricksMod by _kuba288_, MCreator

More bricks mods add a variety of bricks to Minecraft

mod_MoreCombat by GamerDaily, MCreator

This mod is WIP

mod_MoreCowsMod by GalsukPlayMC, MCreator

Cows, cows and cows!

mod_MoreCreepsAndWeirdos by FREAKSTRITCH

More Creeps and Weirdos expands your Minecraft world with an amazing amount of creatures, friends, items, structures and challenges, all in the name of pure FUN!

mod_MoreRecipesMod by Eric Amato (Craft_Logic/Stantreac), MCreator

Craft items you've always wanted to, in single player with NO cheats!

mod_Mortalcraft by carlos2002, MCreator

mod_MouseTweaks by YaLTeR

Have you ever been tired of right clicking while crafting furnaces, chests or whatever? My client-side mod solves this problem! Just hold your right mouse button in one inventory slot and drag your mouse toward another. Also works with left mouse button! Credits: LiteLoader and some mods' source code, which I used as a reference to how to do certain stuff when I was unsure


mod_MuffinCraft by EpicPieSlap, MCreator

Muffin Mod

mod_MultiCraft by _MasterAlex_, MCreator

Questa mod aggiunge più items e mobs

mod_MultiplayerProfiles by jrtc27, Cory_

Organize your servers by group, and have the profiles update automatically.

mod_Multitool by Barack Obama aka 9ReMiX9, MCreator

Don't be a scrub

mod_MumbleLink by zsawyer

A client-side Mod so that Minecraft now natively supports Mumble's positional audio feature. This means: Directional and positionally attenuated VOIP in relation to the game world. This is the Risugami ModLoader based version. Uses JNA (

mod_MythicalCraftV3 by JakeGaming, MCreator

mod_NT by htiger, MCreator

Love symbol of Taiwan

mod_NameTag by Kumkwat488, MCreator

This adds a recipe for a name tag

mod_NarutoCraftppuden by Tailsthefox1129, MCreator

A Naruto Shippuden based mod!

mod_NarwhalMod by BlackopsIIbo2, MCreator


mod_Nassbrock by Nassbrock, MCreator


mod_Nassbrocker by Nassbrock, MCreator

My Mod

mod_Necrounicorn by KillerUnicorns, MCreator

Add a few cool things ingame!

mod_NeonWeaponsMod by Idea: Johnx15x Mod: kenkojuko, MCreator

Are You A Pro At Minecraft Who Wants Some Awesome Weapons and Awesome Looking Items? Well This Mod Is It!