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Village Info by Jiraiyah

A mod that will desplay many useful information for villages.

Village Info (SSP)

Village Info is a mod which shows some information about the village you're currently in. It also tells you if there's a village nearby. Doesn't work in multiplayer.

Village Mods by maexono

More Villages Everywhere!

Village Names by AstroTibs

Generates random names for villages and villagers.

Village Taverns by AngleWyrm, zebragrrl, Akjosch

Adds Tavens to your Minecraft Villages

Villager Drop by lusterofgem

Add some drops for villager!

Villager Guardian by yousui115

villager! guardian!

Villager Inventory Viewer by §7crazysnailboy

§7A GUI for editing Villager's inventories, and other things

Villager Mantle Fix by MJaroslav

A small modification that returns to villagers their mantles

Villager Market by Face_of_Cat

A villager market mod.

Villager Player by I don't think I have a nickname for myself

A mod that shows villagers as players

Villager Synchronizer by pekorin

for single play only

Villager Trade Tables by crazysnailboy

Like loot tables, but for villager trading

Villager Trading Info

Shows villager trading info without having to initiate a trade

Villager's Nose by StarSheep


VillagerBlock by alice

Make your auto-trading system!!


This is an example mod for my modpack


Brings you the excitment and glitchery of the Villager INC Dimensions from the modpack, into 1.10!

VillagerMOD by Yami_0625

Villager! Villager! Villager! FOOOOOOOOOOOO!

VillagerMetaFix by malte0811

A small core mod that makes villagers check that they are buying items with the correct metadata


This is an example mod


Thank you to download the module, the module was still in the testing stage, there are many not perfect, I hope you can understand! Thank you again for download

VillagerShops by DosMike

Set up Mobs of any type as admin shop. Shops will use a Inventory-Menu to buy/sell items

Villagers Need Emeralds!

Now villagers want your emeralds and follow you, if you hold some


SuperVillains in Minecraft!


Welcome to Villains Coming :D

Vindex Navigation by tmux

A utility mod for VindexCraft and it's Department of Defense (DoD) community.

Violet's Live Helper

Make it easier to post screenshot to Internet.

Vip by , MCreator

This is an example mod

Viral by Wurmatron

A mod about mobs that get infected. Viral makes them stronger and spreads along with hurting your animals.

Viridium & Ostrium

Adds two new ores to the game. Viridium spawns in the overworld, while Ostrium spawns in the nether. Scepters are crafted by placing a(n) Ostrium/Viridium block on top of two sticks.

Virtual Machines by Arcaratus

Virtual machines.

VirtualChest by ustc_zzzz

A sponge plugin providing virtual chest GUIs for menus.

VirtualCraft by pingoleon60

The virtual revolution. WORLD GEN ONLY

VirtualTool by POQDavid

A plugin to provide virtual gui for all possible items

Virus Mod

Nowhere is safe...

Visbiome by sk89q

Biome visualization.

Visible Armor Slots by sidben

Makes the armor and off-hand slots accessible on many inventories.

VisibleRayGenerator by takanasayo, A.K, Kamesuta

Add some visible ray energy generator to MC1.11.2

Visual Redstone by awweaver

It visualizes redstone

Visualize by Jaredlll08

Syncs video settings between packs.

Visuals by Zeitheron

Minecraft mod that aims at improving different graphical aspects of the game and filling the gaps and crushing some bugs.

Vitality by raphydaphy, Crowley723

Vitality is a magic/tech mod that adds new rituals, spells and gameplay to Survival Minecraft.

Vivecraft Forge Extensions by Techjar

Forge companion mod for Vivecraft which adds syncing of HMD and controller info, enabling you to see others' controllers.

Vivecraft Forge Extensions by Techjar

Forge companion mod for Vivecraft which handles packets and modifies base code for VR players.

Viveporter by Thorinair

Adds a special teleportation device called the Viveporter which lets you teleport when using your HTC Vive headset, replacing the default Minecrift functionality.

Vocaloid Core by WORMSTweaker

Core of the Vocaloid Mod. Needed for all the others expansions. Add Kaito and Meiko and some food! Musics added do not belong to me, and are not my creation. They may be Copyrighted to Yamaha Corp, or any other creator.

Vocaloid Mod by WORMSTweaker

Add your favorite Virtual Singer in your favorite blocky world! (Be careful, §bMiku§r has leeks) §rThe musics do not belong to me, and are not my creation. They may be Copyrighted to Yamaha Corp.

Vocation by Vazkii

Tutorial/voiceover thingy

Void Chat by VoidInVoid

A mod to improve chat on the Hypixel server (

Void Compression by Turkey2349

Compress any blocks in Minecraft

Void Fog by Tamaized

Brings back the old Void Fog

Void Island Control by Bartz24

Adds a world type for custom island generation for void worlds.

Void Lamp by Glasspelican

Adds a lamp that can clear away void fog

VoidCraft by Tamaized

Explore the Void

VoidDecay by Funwayguy

Slowly eats away at ones world with devastating effects


Enter the Void


This is an example mod


Enter short description here


Provides new tools and machines to IC2 and some cool tools powered by void energy!

Voidaic Arcania by Camellias_, ModMCdl, Deadlas

Voidcraft 2 by ACharLuk

Voidcraft 2


This World was Created by Voles

Voltz Utils by Kolatra

Voltz Utility Mod

VortexPower by appelgebakje22, sandvich2302, TeamS

New machines, tools, ores and more!

VortexUtilities by Luck9r

Adding stuff for VortexCraft server.

Vortexcraft by Goldengamer10 (Gold)

VoteRestart by SeraphJACK

Vote to restart.


This plugin enables server admins to give players rewards for voting for their server.


This plugin enables server admins to give players rewards for voting for their server.