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OTG: Dimensions

This worldpack demonstrates the multi-dimension features of OTG (Forge only). It requires the Flatlands, Skylands and Void worlds and places each world in its own dimension. You can construct a portal made of quartz or glowstone to travel between OTG dimensions and use the /otg dim console commands to manage dimensions.

OTG: Flatlands

A superflat world with many different biomes and super sized villages

OTG: Skylands

A Skylands world generator with interconnected floating islands and void below. Watch your step!

OTG: Tutorial World

A tutorial world for OpenTerrainGenerator content creators. This simple world shows you how to use OTG's settings to create basic realistic terrain.

OTG: Void

A void world with a single floating island at spawn


The OTISI Modpack Mod

OWO by Javlin

have fun uwu

Obelisk by The_Icy_One

Sometimes a slightly glassy lavarock is magical. Sometimes it isn't.


A large database with armor weapons and misc items.

Oblivion Fields II

Adds a humid, cold sky dimension with colourful trees, islands floating on clouds, portal beacons and more!

ObsAoA by Jim MiningWorm

Addon for Advent of Ascension

ObsTrophies by Jim MiningWorm

Trophies for Mobs

Obsdian Arcane Patch by Xesar_Zk

More uses for the Obsidian.

Obsideanshard by GalaxyNuke, MCreator

Enter short description here

Obsidian Buster by Exo594

Adds a special pickaxe, capable of breaking only obsidian, but at an accelerated rate!

Obsidian Expanded by Lunchington

Obsidian stuff and things...

Obsidian Glass by flup52

More types of glass.

Obsidian Ingots by aidancbrady

Energy, Armor, Tools, Weapons, Machines, Magic.

Obsidian Items by CoolioSauce

Create tools, weapons, armor and more with obsidian.

Obsidian Mod by megamite

Adds obsidian tools and armor!

Obsidian Ores by ArloTheEpic, MCreator

Adds Obsidan Ore

Obsidian Ores Mod by TheMChewy

Mod of obsidian

Obsidian Pressure Plates by Myrathi

Provides pressure plates that can only be activated by players (plus NPC, quiet and shrouded variants).

Obsidian Utilities by JGSBroadcast

A mod that adds in Obsidian Tools and Armor


Makes Obsidian material useful


This is an example mod

ObsidianBreaker by RHazDev

Make obsidian blocks damageable


Obsidian Crafting


The Better World.


This is an example mod


A HITC universe Mod


This is an example mod



ObsidianPack by Nelvik

Adds obsidian tools and armor to the game.


Obsidian Pickaxe


Gives More Recipies For Obsidian


Adds Obsidian PreasurePlates


The Obsidian Realm Mod is a dimension mod that adds new blocks, items, food, mobs and worlds to vanilla Minecraft.


This is a mod which adds Obsidian Tools and armour




Batuhan Celik'e aittir.


This mod adds to Minecraft some things made of obsidian.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod


This is an example mod


Obszidian cuccok...

Occult Whispers by vulturefire/Corrupted Smoker

Enhancing Minecraft with Ancient Mythologies.

Ocean Adventures

Ocean world with cozy little islands and lots of adventures!

Oceancraft by thomassu

A minecraft mod made by thomassu, with many fishy, blocks and items.

Oceany Mod by CatDany

Technomagic in Depths of the Oceans

Ocelot5836's Craytunes Mod by Ocelot5836

A mod that adds a basic application that can play every registered sound event.

OcoMod by McJararaca

Press L and feel the oco.


completely revamped!

Odds And Ends by SirSmashy

Odds And Ends for Minecraft, mostly centered around IC2, BuildCraft and Railcraft

Odds&Ends by yunori2011

Just a small mod to add some thingajiggers.

Odioita Mod! by TOMOKO_JSV, MCreator

OdogMod by Odog_Plays_MC, MCreator

A mod about dogs, cool!

Ofalen Mod

This MOD adds a new ore Ofalen, to add a new such as tools, swords, armors, balls using it.

Off! The Mod by bafomdad

Spray off!

Offhand Torcher by kegare

Player can place torch automatically while held torch on offhand.

Official MapleCrafted Mod by JayGhoul, and CicilStory

The Official MapleCrafted Mod adds in a variety of items to the minecraft world inspired by MapleStory.

Official Sword Craft Online Mod by JayGhoul

Custom mod made exclusively for the Official Sword Craft Online Modpack

Offline Skins by WGOS

This mod get custom skins even in offline mode servers

OfflineSkins by zlainsama

made it possible to cache your skins/capes for offline use