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Plasmatic Space by ItakPC

New awsome technical mod. BUT! In WIP :P


Decorative Halftimber Blocks

PlastiTech by Meelock

PlastiTech is a reimagining of sorts of the old mod Plasticraft.


Adds a mystical plastic


Welcome to the Plastic Dimension Mods! I hope you enjoy it!

PlateableItems Mod by MrTutankhamun

This is a simple mod that adds plates to the game! Yay! And you can place items/blocks/food on them aswell! :D (More stuff will be added in future updates!) Hope you like my mod!

Plates by brudin

brudin is king

Platforms by ShetiPhian


Platinum Mod by EnderStar101

Mod that adds Platinum to Minecraft


A way to get platinum for TinkersConstruct!

Play AutoComplete by Tireless, 2Pi

Makes hypixel play and queue commands easier to use by having auto complete.

PlayBlock by sk89q, Joe12o, yofreke, tonius11

Video player and other display mechanics for Minecraft.

PlayCmds by CoderPixels

PlayCmds is a mod that makes joining games on the Hypixel network easier.


Simple Tools, Simple Items, Adv.Power System.

PlayPower Core

Core mod for PlayPower team mods.

Player Beacons by Kihira, Nexans20

Tap into the power of the end to enhance yourself

magic opensource

Player Glow by HDR

Allows Players to Glow

Player Interface by SteGr99

This Mod adds a Block from with you can access a player's inventory.

Player Name History Checker by Whodundid

Check a player's previous name history in game!

Player Progression by 115kino

A mod in which tools, weapons and armor are upgradeable.

Player Rugs by Kihira

Player Shops

Allows players to create shops

Player Skin Mobs by GenDeathrow

Adds a mob that has other players skins.

Player Sounds by DoomFruit

Plays sounds from Quake and C&C whenever players jump, take damage or die.

Player Stats by MrDimkas_Studio, xMrVizzy

Player Stats 2 by MrDimkas_Studio

Lets players upgrade themselves using XP

Player Tracker by Denney

Track Various Player Data

Player's Choice by Vazkii

Allows modpack players to pick which mods they want on first load.

PlayerProfile by Semx11

If you are on Hypixel, Sneak+Right Click on players in lobbies to view their profile!

PlayerSeen by Pixtar

Displays the last time a player was seen.


A region-based player shop plugin.

PlayerTrans by Jannis234

Adds blocks that can teleport players

PlayersDropHeads by Joseph C. Sible

Makes players drop their heads when they die.

Playing Around by

My first mod so it's going to be a bunch of random basic stuff.

Playtime Logger by Tschipp

Keeps track of the time you spent on a world/server


Russian mod by Shurikman

Pleasure Island

Experience Minecraft with new items, people and great pleasure!

Plena Inanis by Dagarath

Full on Empty

Plethora by SquidDev

Adds gameplay related items to Plethora

Plethora Core by SquidDev

Peripheral provider for ComputerCraft


Easy, yet powerful Plot World generation and management.

PluckableChickens by Agadar

This mod makes chickens pluckable, allowing you to farm them for feathers.

Plugin Messages Mod by xIGBClutchIx

Plugin Messages Mod

PluginCrops Debugger by Mirrgie Riana

Debuggers for IC2Crops.

Plumbob by kjmaster1

Places a plumbob above player heads

PlusFPS by Estiv

With more, with better.


2 nuove spade per gli staffer

PlusTiC by Landmaster (phuong0429)

Integrate various mods with Tinker's Construct

Plushie Wrapper by RiskyKen

Adds a soft plushie wrapper to Minecraft!

Pneumatic Cooking by J3FF97

Adds cooking with Pneumatics, addon to PneumaticCraft

PneumaticCompressing by hedgehogpie12

An addon for PneumaticCraft that adds new recipes and items etc.

PneumaticCraft by MineMaarten

A technical mod all about pneumatics!

PneumaticCraft by MineMaarten

A technical mod all about pneumatics!


PneumaticCraft Popcorn by J3FF97

Adds Popcorn to Minecraft, addon to PneumaticCraft

PneumaticCrap by MineMaarten, AnodeCathode

High pressure version of the PneumaticCraft Gas Lift


Pneumaticraft adds a bunch of new Blocks, Items and other Stuff!

Pocket Angel by Wixey99

Adds a pocket angel, and a pocket devil. The first cancels negative status effects, and the second positive.

Pocket Apocalypse Mod by Enderman_of_D00M

Create your own custom apocalypse for any hostile mob, from Zombies to Withers!

Pocket Blocks by Drullkus

Pocket Blocks!

Pocket Dimension by Nokiyen

adds a tiny tiny dimension.