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Get A Job by Palaster

Get A Job. Get a job in magical or non-magical career.

Get Off My Tardis by Black_Ace2004

Example placeholder mod.


This is an example mod

Ghast Skin by Zr2

A mod that adds ghgast skin and early-game armor.

Ghost's Explosives Mod by GhostGaming_HD

Adds various different & new TNTs to Minecraft!

GhostUtils by Tictim

Useful shits 4 u


Who you gonna call? With this mod, you can not only becone one of the Ghost-Busting crew but also relive their greatest adventure as you hunt ghosts throughout your world and even fight the infamous Gozer the Gozerian and Mr. Stay Puft!

Ghostly by ZombieEnderman5

Adds ghost-themed mobs to the game.

Ghostwatch by Watschman

Watschmans Ghostwatch Mod for a server project.


Utility for dealing with books (backup, restore, copy, paste, etc.).


A mod based on Ghost Rider



Giacomo's Bookshelves Mod by Zacomat

More slots for books and maps!

Giacomo's Farmland Mod by Giacomo

Use wet sponges to moisten the farmlands.

Giacomo's Foundry by Zacomat

Burn that stuff!!!

Giacomo's Map Merging Mod by Giacomo

Merge two or more maps!

Giacomo's Teleport Mod by Giacomo

Enchant maps and compasses to reach your destination!

Giacomo's compass by Zacomat

Bind your compass to wherever you want!

Giacomo's maps by Giacomo

The mushroom seeker left his map somewhere. Find it!

Giacomo’s Travelogue by Zacomat

Keep track of explored biomes in your travelogue.

Giant Swords Mod by xFloarian, MCreator

Giant Swords

Giant Tools Mod by The_Chipmunk

Adds more tools, sticks, ladders, and torches. Adds NEW machines and batteries!


The Final Update


Based on the 1.5 mod, Asgard Shield. Adds giant swords to the game.

Giantorcsmod by donn plague, MCreator

a mod about the mythical giant orcs from the north and the materials they used


My mod for microtrees and other useful stuff

GiftWrap by DemoXin

Send your Minecraft best wishes with a lovely Wrapped Gift! * 1.0.1 * Repackaged ZIP archive. Should be running on Macs now.

Giftaddon by Mephen

Gift addon for Pixelmon!

Gilded Games Utility by Gilded Games

A module which supports several major systems that are used between different Gilded Games projects.

Gilded Games Utility (Unofficial Update) by Gilded Games

A module which supports several major systems that are used between different Gilded Games projects.

GimmeNBT by iTitus

Adds useful information to the the tooltip and adds a /dump_inv command

GimmeTime by iTitus

Adds an ingame clock and an alarm system

Gingerbread by Trikzon, Lukas2811

My Submission for 2018 MMD Winter Jam

Gingerbread Mod by TheMobiusArchives

Gingerbread and festive decorations

GitWeb by GradedWarrior (Web Browser Programming), itay2805 (Creating BlueJ source)

Visit WebSites in minecraft!



GivingItem by kegare

Player can give the held item to someone.


Crush your enemies with Glacia!

Glacidus by 115kino, KingPhygieBoo, xJonL

A frozen alien world on top, but underground... lies a different story.

Glacier Ice by fisherman77

The speed of awesome. Glacier Ice adds Blue and Green Glacier Ice that give different effects to players.

Gladius by momnop/Zundrel

Gladius improves upon the Minecraft combat system.

GlareTorch by Guriguri

This torch illuminates a wider area than a normal torch.


Obsidian + Glass!

Glass Bottles to Glass by �8Shadow_Mods

Turn your Glass Bottles back into Glass Blocks

Glass Hurts You Now - GHYN by derkalaender

Well... you know

Glass Jaw by Falkreon

Makes sure armor-piercing effects pierce armor

Glass Pane

Glass Pane is a common open source API allowing mods to create appealing UIs with very little code. If this mod appeared without you installing it, then you must have installed a mod that uses it.

Glass Shards by ljfa

Adds glass shards dropped when breaking glass

Glass to Dirt Light Opacity by Mareckoo01

Glass to Dirt Light Opacity mod.

Glass-Tools Mod by Cre3peYsTim3ouTs, User

Tools of Glass Material

GlassStairs by eyeq


GlassWorks by oitsjustjose

oitsjustjose's GlassWorks mod, adding various Connected Texture glass blocks, pillars, and more!

Glasscraft by Blubbeltasche

Only Glass


This is a mod about glass swords.

Glazed Terracotta for 1.11.2 by morsmage, MCreator

Glazed Terracotta for 1.11.2

Glenn's Gases

Glenn's Gases introduces gases into the Minecraft world. In real life mining, gases can be extremely dangerous. Without doubt, it will be a challenge in Minecraft too. Glenn's Gases adds problems to make mining much harder, as well as solutions to these problems. Will you stand up to the challenge?

Gliby's Physics by Gliby

Early access physics mod.

Gliby's Voice Chat Mod

Gliby's Voice Chat mod enables in-game voice communication, as well as support for 3D positional audio, global, region chat.

Gliby's Voice Chat Mod by Gliby A.K.A MG211

Gliby's Voice Chat mod allows you to speak in minecraft, no longer do you have to type to communicate!

Glistre Mod by Glistre

A mod about all things that glistre: wolves, armor, new metals. Your greed can corrupt the world!

Glitch Core by Adubbz, Forstride

Utilities used by our mods to abstract Minecraft versions and reduce redundancy

GlitchFix by Calenria

Fixes some Dupe Bugs.

Global GameRules by Gory_Moon

A mod that allows for global gamerules when a world is loaded

GlobalChat by Moritz30, sokratis12GR

A global chat.

GlobalSettings by DoubleDoorDev, Claycorp, Dries007

GlobalTweaks by Zero Point

GlobalTweaks core module

Globe by iChun

Globe - verb - form (something) into a globe


Adds glockite stuff and applewood bread

GloryMod by Fleey

Too young too naive

Glove by shadowfacts

A glove/empty-hand mod

Glow by Duke605

Adds in new ways to light up your world and make your life just a little brighter. Part of the Micro Series.


This mod adds a glowing flower!

Glowing Cocoa MiniMod by @Leopardengruen

Adds a new kind of Cocoa to the Jungle: the Glowing Cocoa! It lights up the night.