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Adds cuddly teddy bears.

Pirate Route by GLizxc2



Oot kuin tulva!


LOL, I fully faild...

Piston Expansion by UpcraftLP

extend the push limit of pistons with a game rule!

PistonCompression by Joseph C. Sible

Allows pistons to compress blocks into other blocks or items.

Pistronics by Letiu

Adds expandable Pistons to the Game.

Pistronics2 by Letiu

Beta Version, Adds Pistons, Rotators and more.


This mod includes 4 Pit Spikes, Wood Pit Spike, CobbleStone Pit Spike, Iron Pit Spike, Diamond Pit Spike.

PitchFix by SinKillerJ

A fix for resource packs, removes variable pitch from sounds.

Pixel Art by ButterCheetah266

All the colours of the rainbow and more!

Pixel Galaxy by RamiLego4Game

Galacticraft 3 add-on that adds new galaxy (Pixel Galaxy).

Pixel Sauce Mod by Taker, Jonas Reidel

A Mod with Ideas from the Pixel Sauce Server

PixelAutoMessages by FabioZumbi12

A plugin to send automatic and scheduled messages to chat.

PixelCam by CrushedPixel

A cinematic tool to create smooth camera movements along a path.

PixelChecker by MoeBoy76

Nature and Ability checker, just point and command

PixelCraft by JoseluMinecraft

Example placeholder mod.

PixelCraft by PixeelGaming

This mod is just a mod

PixelPlus by KevyPorter

Enhances the Hypixel player's gameplay.

PixelPowers2 by ShetiPhian

PixelUtilities by AnDwHaT5

A mod that adds Pokemon blocks and items into Pixelmon

PixelVip by FabioZumbi12

Plugin to give VIP to your players.


This mod adds in many things from the universe of Doctor Who, including Regeneration, Time Travel, Planets, Sonic Screwdrivers, the TARDIS itself and Time Lords!

Pixelmon by Pixelmon Development Team

Pokemon, in Minecraft!

Pixelmon Friends by Nguyen Quy Hy

Get progress updates from your friends in Pixelmon.

Pixelmon Go by Jaredlll08

Pokestops and eggs in minecraft.

Pixelmon TCG by Pixelmon Development Team, Pixelmon Modelling Team, Waterdude, Hy, Isi

Trade cards and do battle!

Pixelmon Trainer Commands by Rhonim

Trainer commands in Pixelmon!


This is an addon for PixelmonMod

PixelmonArmorsMod by BaX

This is pixelmon armors mod.

PixelmonCheck by Cocanuta

A mod to check if Pixelmon is installed.

PixelmonCore Server Mod

Exclusively for the PixelmonCore server, this mod adds over 400 new ores, weapons, armours, terrain, foods, building blocks, crafting items and quest/event items.


A plugin to overlay Pixelmon currency with SpongeAPI economy

PixelmonIC2 by Gunkame

Enables the use of IndustrialCraft 2 machines for Pixelmon ores and items.

Pixelnauts by Reddeh

Mercenaries join the fight, take it star by star!

Pixels by Grodax

Add a currency to your game


Add pixyte in your world !

PizzaCraft by Tiviacz1337

Mod, which adds pizza to your Minecraft!

PizzaMod by xanplayzgamez and MinecraftWero

A mod that adds edible pizza.


This is pizzarulle


This is an example mod

Pl3xRubies by BillyGalbreath

§c§o§lRubies! :O

Placable Milk by SlimeyFellow, MCreator


Placbo by Sk1er

This mod is not a placebo.

Placeable Gunpowder

This small mod lets you place down gunpowder, which you can ignite with flint and steel.


Place your tools in the world!

Placebo by Shadows_of_Fire

1 library boi

PlaceholderAPI by rojo8399, Wundero

An API for all of your placeholders.

Placement Preview by masa

Shows a preview of the block that will be placed

Placemod by Ternsip

This mod spawns various structures taken from schematics during world generation.


Enter short description here

Plain Blocks by Wavebrother

Just blocks with one color.

Plan by Rsl1122

Player Analytics Plugin by Rsl1122


This adds a new crafting recipe

Plans API by gottsch

API to enable drafting and building of Plans structures.

PlansPlacer 1.7.2 by gottsch

Plant Drops by JamiesWhiteShirt

Allows control of plant drops by requiring the use of clippers or shears to harvest items from plants.

Plant Growth Accelerator by UntouchedWagons

Accelerates plant growth by sending random ticks upwards.

Plant Mega Pack

Adds over 400 plants to your worlds


For 1.7.10 by ModDevJ ver4

Planter Helper by portablejim

Also known as VeinPlanter. Helps plant crops.

Plants by Shadows_of_Fire

Various plants for various mods

Plants 2 by Shadows_of_Fire

Every plant known to man. Well, almost.

Plants Plus

Plants Plus adds a whole bunch of new plants, fruits, and vegetables to the world!

Planttech by Kaneka

Mixing the best of plants and machines to create a whole new experience


Das ist das originale Plantunium Mod von XxJHKanalxX

Plasmatic Space by ItakPC

New awsome technical mod. BUT! In WIP :P


Decorative Halftimber Blocks