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Sugar Infused Blocks by GreenConsole

Adds blocks that speed entities up. Can also be used for aesthetic purposes.

Suggestion by OBCLetter

Implements chosen suggestions from the minecraft forums


Adds the Sugi tree, and related blocks.

SugiForest by kegare

Adds the Sugi tree, related blocks, items, and the Sugi Forest biome.


Try the secret dimension


Simply Sulfur

Summon Sphere Mod by deenkayros

Summon your Brave Warriors by Spheres.

Summoning Table by JoshJ5Hawk

A mod that adds a summoning table to summon your favorite mobs!

Sumo HUD by Aycy, OFP

For the Sumo community. 1.8.9 version ported by OFP!

Sumsang by LX_Gaming

Sumsang is in no way affiliated with Samsung.

Sun Dial by draganz

A mod to change the sun

Sun's Son by branquinho_l0j aka ColdFox

Travel to the sun, craft carbon fiber and defeat the boss to come back.

SunStroke by TehNut

Brings out your vampiric side.


Glowstone growing

Sunburn by WalterWeight

Steve has developed photophobia


Sun Synthesiser

Sunset Staff Mod

Add a Sunset Staff , Sunset Ore and Sunset Gem.


This is an example mod

Suntorch by Jannis234

Torches that light mobs on fire!


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Super Alternative Recipes by Xesaniel

Provides several alternative ways to either enhance crafting recipes or gather normally unobtainable items.

Super Backpack by CubeX2

Adds a HUGE backpack.

Super Blocks 'n Buckets by The_Wabbit

Fit much more stuff in much less space! Store 64 blocks as one superblock. Fit 15 buckets into a BIG bucket! Compact 100's of items into packed items.

Super Crafting Frame by EdgarAllen

An item frame that can craft items when punched.

Super Diamond Tools by Alexcamostyle

Adds a ton of AWESOME tools to the game!

Super Ender Pearls

Ender pearl storage medium.

Super Heated Ceramic Tools. by Zebington, part of the Zebcoding team.

A Mod With Super Heated Ceramic Tools.

Super Hero Core

The Core Mod for the Super Hero series

Super Mario Mod by Jimboom7, LulzCop, branquinho_l0j

It´s a me, Mario!

Super Mario World by Ocelot5836

A mod that adds a Super Mario World application from the SNES into the device mod laptop as an application.

Super Massive Tech by tterrag

A mod all about stars, black holes, and all the powers and disasters that come with them.

Super Multi-Drills

Pickaxes are so last era.

Super Ores by abused_master

Much More Ores

Super Quantum Panels by OlegT

Super Quantum Panels mod.

Super Smash Bros Mod by pedobear_is_awesome

This Mod adds a bunch of armors of all your favorite SUPER SMASH BROS fighters! become the fighter and play survival! or have fun in creative mode! whatever you use it for this mod makes you kick butt while at the same time looking stylish!

Super Solar Panel by SeNtiMeL, Icedfire

Advanced solar panels is new generation of using solar power. This is addon for IndustrialCraft 2

Super Sound Muffler by EdgarAllen

A block that allows you to select which sounds to muffle.

Super Special Awesome Snowflake Mod by kosakriszi

Adds special effing snowflakes.

Super Swords by GGCrosby, MCreator

Adds various weapons and items to minecraft.

Super TNT

This mod adds MOAR TNT XD

Super Tech Tweaks by Oa10712

Tweaks and additions originally for the SuperTech Pack. Adds custom ore gen and materials.

Super Tools Mod by NickWilde992

Super tools!

Super Villain by colossali

Axis of Evil! Assemble!

Super tools

strong tools and happy weapon


Adds super block to Minecraft.

SuperCompressBlock by NurseAngel

SuperCore by SuperScary (ERBF)

Core mod for SuperScary's mods.


This is a derpy mod!


This is an example mod


La Actualización de laOrden

SuperFartMod by syoudai55551


SuperFlatCustomizer by [TxM] WARDOG

A mod that allows you to customize your SuperFlat type with ease.


Food is good



SuperGeniusZeb's �cC�6o�el�ao�9r�5e �rMod by SuperGeniusZeb

This mod adds new ores containing the essences of pure color, which can be smelted and crafted into colorful decorative blocks which you can use in pixel art, buildings, and anywhere you can imagine!

SuperGirlyGamer's World Mod by Mr.Chibi (Alvi32), MCreator

SuperGirlyGamer's World Mod is a dimensional mod.


This is the Super Hero Crusades Mod


This is the Super Hero Crusades Mod 2


adds Super Items to minecraft

SuperJedi's Obsidian Mod by SuperJedi224

Example placeholder mod.

SuperMiner by Riku17777

Super Miner is vein Mining mod. use forge oredict.

SuperMiner CORE by DuelMonsterMC

SuperMiner by DuelMonsterMC.

SuperMiner Captivator by DuelMonsterMC

SuperMiner Captivator by DuelMonsterMC.

SuperMiner Excavator by DuelMonsterMC

SuperMiner Excavator by DuelMonsterMC.

SuperMiner Illuminator by DuelMonster

SuperMiner Illuminator by DuelMonster.

SuperMiner Lumbinator by DuelMonsterMC

SuperMiner Lumbinator by DuelMonsterMC.

SuperMiner Shaftanator by DuelMonster

SuperMiner Shaftanator by DuelMonster.

SuperMiner Substitutor by DuelMonster

SuperMiner Substitutor by DuelMonster.

SuperMiner Veinator by DuelMonsterMC

SuperMiner Veinator by DuelMonsterMC.


This mod add all mob costumes and the powers in minecraft

SuperOres for Minecraft 1.12.2 by FireFox8821, MCreator

This mod adds a few blocks that increases ore drops!


Super Snel Mine


This is an example mod