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StackBan by TrenTech

Ban a variety of item actions, including crafting a configured item, placing or breaking and more

StackUp! by asiekierka

Because 64 just wasn't enough

Stackable by MrRiegel

Stack ingots in the world

Stackable Potions by Dark_Lizzy

Makes potions stackable by condensing them and putting them into more easily carried vials.

Stackable Stews by Dark_Lizzy

Makes Mushroom Stew and Rabbit Stew stackable.

StackerFix by williewillus

Fixes a strange stacking issue in williewillus's modpack

Stackie by Lunatrius

Stack entities into groups to decrease lag.


Stacks on Stacks! by PRIMETOXINZ

A mod that adds ingot piles like those of Terrafirmacraft

Stacksize Mod by wwrpg

Modifies most items to be stackable to 64.


Fun and a Awesome way to have Stacy in your world.

Staff O' Power by CoolioSauce

Stick go boom boom

Staffs by Ptolemy Hill, MCreator

Only adds 1 staff at the moment! More to come.

Stained Clay Bricks by LightningZBolt

Purely astetic and 100% Vanilla.

Stained Ender Tables by EruzaFlow

Adds Stained Ender Tables used for exploration and adventuring.

Stained Quartz

Adds colored versions of all quartz-based blocks

Stairs by BillyGalbreath

Yo dawg, I heard you like stairs...

Stairs++ by MrLiop

Add more stairs

Stairway to Aether by Epidra

The Road to Aether is paved with Slabs

StalCraft by stal111

Coming Soon

StalCraft2 by stal111

Coming Soon

StalCraft2 - Weapons by stal111

Coming Soon

StalCraft2 - Weapons by stal111

Coming Soon

StalkerMod Bushes by Semoro(XCodersTeam), Jeffor

StalkerMod Chests by Semoro(XCodersTeam), Dimach(XCodersTeam)

StalkerMod Weapon by Semoro(XCodersTeam), Dimach(XCodersTeam), Jeffor

Stamina Sleep

Sleep tweaks for the stamina of SextiarySector

StandInMod by culegooner


Standalone Actuator by laod

Definitely not an Autonomous Activator Knockoff

Standard Expansion by Funwayguy

Contains all the standard tasks, rewards, importers and themes for Better Questing

Stapleton's Ores by Stapleton

Gregtech's ore system without the rest of Gregtech.


This is an example mod

Star Crop by noung

This is seed and crop from game Stardew Valley.

Star Gate

SG-1 stargates.

Star Wars mod by Digital Dragon Studios

The whole StarWars universe in minecraft!

Star Wars: Galaxy by parzivail

Exploration. Adventure. Star Wars: Galaxy.


This mod add the StarDustOre and his derivatives


A vendor mod that adds a transmatter buy/sell interface, fully configurable by server owners.


Terraform your own tiny stars!! Have fun!! (It's not finished yet. It's an alpha version. Development is just in progress...)


this mod adds guns new mobs and soon generated structures this mod is based off of the game starWarfare 2


Star Wars in minecraft!


A Star Wars Mod by MaggiCraft.


A Star Wars Mod by MaggiCraft.

Starcraft Core by mattparks

Starcraft-2 addon adds all of our solar systems planets, and some moons soon! More info can be found at

StargateMC Core Mod

Provides a compatibility layer between the bukkit and forge sides of StargateMC

StargateTech 2 by LordFokas

Adds Stargate-themed technology to minecraft!



Recipe of nether star


Add a recipe