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TYNKYN by DarKnighT_0_9

Things You Never Knew You Needed.

Tab Modifier

A Simple Tab Manager Plugin based on Luckperms

Tab Overlay by Arcaratus

Adds in an inventory overlay on when you press TAB

TabManager by Proxying, RandomByte

Customize your tab list in Sponge.

TabbyChat by RocketMan10404

SMP Chat Overhaul - Split chat into tabs - Custom filters w/ highlighting & sounds - Send multi-line messages - Add timestamps to chat - Log chat to file - Hide Spam - Customize chatbox size - Unread chat notifications - Force Unicode chat rendering


No info yet!

Tabula Rasa by King Lemming

Blank Slate - 1 Block and 1 Item. They do nothing, have no textures, and no recipes. Minetweak away.

Taco Tuesday by Kashdeya

Tacos, Need I say more?

TacoHut by Towsty

A Minecraft Mod with Tacos!.

TacticalFrame Mod by Sweetheart

War of Crafter and Machine.

TacticalFramesAddonTypeC by Azel

Addon for TacticalFrames.

Tails by Kihira

For all your taily needs


Private Mod

Tainted Magic by John Yorke

A thaumcraft addon in which you will use the evil magics such as flux and warp to your advantage...

Tainted Players by Icedice9, Talonos

Add-on for Thaumcraft. When the player dies from taint, a tainted player spawns!


Personal Mod


This is an private mod

Takasan Note Block Mod

Note Block as Taka-san.

TakeOutSpawner by ペコリン


TaleCraft by Longor1996, tiffit

The TaleCraft Mod.

Tales of MC by Ivan(Ix95)

Un mod tributo a la saga Tales of.

Talisman Craft

Adds magic talismans that give the player powers based on the elements.

Talismans by gigabit101, Mj11jM

Talismans 2 by Gigabit101, Mj11jM

Add Talismans that give you buffs when equipped

Talkative by ProfMobius

Who reads that anyway ?

TallGates by Gory_Moon

A mod that adds tall fence gates to the game

TallGlass by NicosaurusRex99, MCreator

Blame IChun

TamModized by Tamaized

Library mod for all of Tamaized's mods

Tamable Bears by dynaomi

Makes polar bears tamable and ridable

TameHumans by civilframe

Tame humans who fight and mine for you!

Tameable Creepers

Tame creepers with gunpowder.


Making Everything Tameable!

TameableArachneMod by Lilac

Tame the Arachne.


This is an example mod

Tanks by Jaredlll08

A simple Tank mod.

Tanpopo by Schr0

mod of the Tanpopo, by the Tanpopo, for the Tanpopo


Military Uniforms for All!


Tape + Mouse = TapeMouse

Tapuchips-1.2.0 by DoctorGrass, MCreator

This mod adds Tapuchips, The israeli Version of Lay's.



Tardis Mod by DarkholmeTenk

A mod which adds functional TARDISes to minecraft


Adds blocks for your own TARDIS

TargetMark by NurseAngel

TargetMark by NurseAngel

Target mark

Targeting API by Kovak

Mod for exposing a common targeting api.

Tartaros by Pyrofab, CobraDarkPoney

A mod aimed at making death more interesting


Enter unto your doom!

Tartheus by Arrowstorm606


This is an example mod


Wings, Pizza, Fries! This mod adds tasty foods into Minecraft! Experimental Version

Tatooine Craft by Apero, MCreator

TattleTail Craft by cubic_control

Welcome to TattleTail in Minecraft.

Taunts! by Azhdev

a mod that adds Garry's mod prophunt taunts into minecraft, default key is numpad_3


This is an example mod


The Official Mod of Youtube Channel... TAZERCRAFT!

TazerMod by Joshisfriends, MCreator

Tazing Mobs in Minecraft!

TbscClick by Tbsc

Tbsc's auto clicker mod!

TbscFPS by Tbsc

Simple FPS Counter! Configurable

TcpNoDelay by EXTAZZOU

Makes you have a better ping

TcrsCore2 by inaka, TcrsSoft

Tea And Biscuits

Adds tea and biscuits

Tea,the Story of a Leaf by LuoXiao_Wings

Tea,the story of a leaf. Appreciate tea culture in Minecraft!


This is a test

TeabagFood by mrepic, MCreator


Team Fortress 2 Mod

Adds TF2 Stuff to Minecraft

Team Islands by LatvianModder

Team Marker by Reflxction

A Minecraft mod which highlights your teammates