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Ringky Dinks by MattDahEpic

Combine a ring and an ability dink and get a ability ring.

Rip Main by Ripbandit

Classes I use in most of my mods.


[Early Alpha] Being worked on

Risky Biome by FireCubex

This mod adds a dangerous biome to your world where you can find a strong element known as Darkium.

Risky Ken's Utilities by RiskyKen

Adds utility blocks and items.

RiteClicker Mod by OCDiary

This mod add the functionality originally introduced by Vazkii in Garden Of Glass, where right clicking dirt or grass will drop stones.

Ritual Enchanting by Watkins577

This mod modifies the functionality of the enchantment table and anvil to be less random, but still provide some challenge


Complete rituals and risk your life to gain special abilities.

Rival Rebels by rodolphito

Rival Rebels is a PvP war mod with powerful weapons

Rival Rebels by rodolphito

Rival Rebels is a PvP war mod with powerful weapons

Rivvest's Enhancements to Villager and Mob Performance by Rivvest

Configurable render & tracking distances; better villager door selection; prevents clumping of mobs; villagers climb ladders and avoid zombies better.

RoMiMoCo-Ores by the_rooster

Add JSON Defined ores, and associated items

Road Block by TheSgtPunishment

Inspired by the upcoming 1.9 feature

Road Blocks by GreenConsole

Adds blocks with a speed boost. Boosts NPCs and players

Road Mod by Papertazer

Roads in Minecraft

Road Runner by Thretcha

Move faster on Road Blocks that you define in the config!

Road Stuff by KillerMapper

Road Stuff brings everything you needs for your road dreams in Minecraft.

RoadWorks by Jonathan

This mod adds in tar blocks and different paints

Roadblocks by TheSgtPunishment

Inspired by the upcoming 1.9 feature

Roadworks by WThieves, The Minecraft Community

Giving minecraft some detail by creating more realistic streets!


Uses for much seeds

Rob Utils by Venrob

Mod of utilities I wanted to include for my server

Rob's Stuff by Venrob

Mod for misc things

Robbi Blechdose Mod

The first Mod of Robbi Blechdose. New ores, tools, a new dimension and other things.

RoboEye by Calisbeast

Adds two robotic 'eyes,' inspired by docm77's skin, that give night vision effect, and two helmets with toggleable night vision, so kinda like a less cheaty fullbright :P Toggle with 'V' by default.

Robot by Dom Amato

A Python Programmable Robot Avatar

Roboticraft by Dom Amato

A Python Programmable Robot Avatar

RoboticsCraft by MrSwerveio


Qusta mod aggiunge molto cibo

Rock Crusher Metal Dusts Add-On by wha-ha-ha

Adds metal dust recipes to the Railcraft Rock Crusher without the IC2 dependency, circumvents GregTech TiC ignorance, and more!

Rock Digger

Adds rocks to worldgen by the use of json files.

Rock Grinder by IndieMod

This mod allows you to grind cobblestone into gravel into sand.

Rock-Be-Gone by Yvesm

Gets rid of stone layers in Extreme Hills.

Rocket Squids by FredTargaryen

They're not the squids you think they are at home. Oh, no no no.

Rocket Sword Mod by biggles2206

Chuck Mobs Everywere!

Rockhounding by globbypotato

Adds into the game several rocks from which to obtain additional construction material.

Rockhounding Mod: Core by GlobbyPotato

This mod contains the common class for all the Rockhounding modules.

Rockhounding: Chemistry by GlobbyPotato

Chemistry tries to run through the processes which bring a mined mineral to become chemical elements and alloys.

Rockhounding: Ore Tiers by GlobbyPotato

Turns the vanilla ores into tiers of them for a less cheaper and more challenging access to resources.

Rockhounding: Rocks by GlobbyPotato

A wide collection of decorative rocks with a reasonable realistic depiction. Building blocks included.

Rockhounding: Surface by GlobbyPotato

A collection of features nature and geology resources.

Roguelike Dungeons by Greymerk

A mod that adds random dungeon complexes to the world


Mod Offciel de Role Craft


The Role Play Mod Adds Various Items For Your Roleplays

Rolik Core by Rolik

Main core for all Rolik's mods.

Rollercoaster Mod by roboyobo, modmuss50

Adding the ability to create roller coaster tracks into minecraft!

Romaji Search by BRE

Enable romaji search on NEI/JEI. migemo-dict is required to use.


The Roman Mod version 0.1.1

Roost by Tim Wood

A place for chickens to rest

RootMod by Minecraft Name : Drag0SEaters, RootSlayers

This mod is in Alpha.

Roots by Elucent, werty1124, AlexisMachina, SirShadow

Druidic Magic Mod

Roots Classic by Elucent, Lothrazar

Classic port of Roots, the Druidic Magic Mod

Rope Box mod by thomassu

Adds the Rope Box, where you can make ropes vertical and horizontal!

Rope Bridge by czechmate777

A mod that adds rope bridges to Minecraft. Craft the grappling gun and shoot it over a gap large or small to build a rope bridge across it.

Rope Exploration Pack Mod by HyagoSanter

This exploration themed expansion pack adds ropes to Minecraft.

Rope Ladders by Selim_042

Adds rope ladders that can be dropped from above.

Rose Mod by Tyler Arbon

Adds rose moss stone


Adds a single flower, sort of.

RotaryCraft by Reika

RotaryCraft is a large 'industrial-style' mod, akin to the likes of BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft, ThermalExpansion, and Minefactory Reloaded.

Rotateable Blocks

A mod which lets you rotate almost any opaque block any way you want to.


Wohohohoho new version

Rotten Fleash To Leather Mod

Burn Rotten Flesh To Leather Easily!

Rotten Flesh Mod by IvanTur

Useless to Useful.

Rotten Flesh To Leather Mod by Ayano Keiko (AyanoKeikoDev)

Copyright by Ayano Keiko!

Rotten Flesh to Leather

This mod turns rotten flesh to leather in a furnace

Rotten Flesh to Leather by DeltaGeek

Convert your stacks of rotten flesh to something useful!