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Primeval Forest by MinecraftPlaye

An big new forest dimension on a new planet and much more! Find it out!

Primeval Mod by 45_NICK_45,45_TOBI_45

This mod is dedicated to indescribable things - Anomaly


L'aube d'une ancienne ere

Primitive Crafting by Tschipp

Primitive Crafting adds a new way of crafting items.

Primitive Mobs Mod by Daveyx0

Adds many creatures which seem familiar to the player but actually are very different.

Primitive Mobs mod

This mod adds mobs which seem familar to the player while they totally aren't

PrimitiveTools by minaduki

Primitive Tools

Prince Of Persia Mod(Beta) by Hadoken501, MCreator


It's like paint in Minecraft... yay!

PrismPlus by LX_Gaming

Additional logging for Prism

Prismarine by Torquebolt

adding more to prismarine.


You can now craft prismarine stuff.

Prismatic by SkyHawkB, The_Stargazer


Prison Mod by FreakyFreakyNerd

Example placeholder mod.

PrisonCraft by allout58

Jail players - WITH FORGE!


A mod that will allow you to secure your containers, buildings and more

ProPixel by CoderPixels

Hypixel Enhancements Mod.

Proactive Mod by shu3

I Love, You Love, Proactive

Probably Not Wings by Kitten

A simple but effective transportation mod.

Probe by Yesterday17

Dump information to .zsrc file for future use.

Procander's Simple ToggleSprint by Procander

Check the controls!

Prodigy Tech by Lykrast

A tech mod that goes through various concepts.

Profile Mod by canelex

Easily change your options

Profiler Events

Library that intercepts profiling points and sends them as events to Forge's event bus.

Profiles by Lunatrius

Change client settings on the fly!

Progenitor by Arkan

Simple world pregeneration.

Programmable Command Blocks by MrDimkas_Studio

This mod allows you to program command blocks in another way you never saw!


This mod will help you throu the early game!


A mod that allows you to control the progression of individual players.

Progression Tweaks by Turkey2349

Mod to help tweak progression of Minecraft

Progressive Alchemy by zerofall

ProjectE Addon that allows you to customize progression.

Progressive Automation by Vanhal

A mod that adds automation that can be built in the early game and upgraded throughout late game. (Currently only adds a miner)

Progressive Boxes by Tiffit

Adds highly configurable/customizable loot boxes.

Progressive Core by Lellson

Core mod for the Progressive Ores series

Progressive Difficulty by Talandar

Highly configurable way to control mob difficulty.


Integrate ProjectRed with other mods you use


Construct mechanisms that interact with the world


Discover new world structures such as Volcanos and Marble caves


Light up your home in style. No need for ugly torches


Take huge redstone contraptions and squeeze them into a tiny logic gate


Turn redstone it into a wire that can be run up walls and hundreds of blocks away


Transport, organize, store your items, and even craft automatically with ease

Project Aide

Floating islands, and some more floating island.

Project Arcane

Adds armor, tools, energy, blocks, and much more!

Project Automation by TrenTech

Create commands using signs, buttons, schedulers etc...

Project Automation by TrenTech

Create commands using signs, buttons, schedulers etc...

Project Bench by bau5

Project Bench - for all those failed crafting attempts because of forgotten materials

Project Bench Updated by _bau5

Project Bench updated for 1.7.10.

Project Blue

Additional blocks and items for Project Red.

Project Core by TrenTech

Core Libraries

Project EX by LatvianModder

Project Fruit by TwistedCarny

Adding fruit to Minecraft!

Project Intelligence by brandon3055


Project Lambda by Melonslise

Project Lambda is an ambitious project aiming to re-create the classic shooter masterpiece, Half-Life, often debated to be the best game of all time that revolutionized its genre, in Minecraft.

Project Nova by ZollernWolf

To evolve, to explore - to go where no man has gone before.

Project Plastic by java_power

Plastic Craft Rebuilded !

Project Prism by KodingKing1

Adds new types of unique gear and weapons to your Minecraft world!

Project Spawn by Ugaps

Adds a simple vvay of getting spavvn eggs in survival!

Project Table by big_Xplosion

Project Table/Arcane Worktable Dupe bug fix by Xfel

Fix to make RedPower project tables useable by only one player at a time and denies destruction of arcane worktables if there are items inside.

Project42 by Buuz135

Everything is knowledge and knowledge is power, but just FE

Project: Vibrant Journeys by jt9

A mod that adds new things that spice up your game. Aimed at decorating the world while not being intrusive on gameplay.


Extends ProjectRed Transportation to handle Forestry Bees better.

ProjectBorders by TrenTech

World border management plugin

ProjectE Aether Addon by sinkillerj

Adds new content that bridges ProjectE and Aether 2.

ProjectE Integration by TagnumElite

Bringing ProjectE support to all your favorite or obscure mods!

ProjectE Plus by RoyalReject

Add-on to ProjectE

ProjectInventories by TrenTech

Multi world inventories

ProjectL by OrangeMarshall

Improved Minecraft combat: Updates head positioning immediately. Command: /projectl


This plugin is only used by MultiScripts.